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These publications are available at libraries (specially the depository libraries), private collectors and the library of the Genealogical Institute of South Africa (GISA) in Stellenbosch. Articles which were published in the GSSA quarterly Familia have not been included in this list. Readers who are aware of genealogical publications not included in this list are welcome to send the titles, author’s name and year of publication to the compiler Daan Hamman, at, or the GSSA at

A bugle calls. The story of the Witwatersrand Rifles and its predecessors.

Monick, S : 1989

Captain of the Gordons in Somaliland, 1900-1909.

Miller, Margaret (Ed.) : 1907

Carbineer: The history of the Royal Natal Carbineers.

Hattersley, AF : 1950

Clear the way; The military heritage of the South African Irish, 1880-1990. Vol I.

Monick, S : 1991

Clear the way; The military heritage of the South Ariican Irish, 1880-1990. Vol II.

Monick, S : 1991

First City; A saga of service.

Griffiths, Reginald : 1970

Gunner’s of the Cape.

Orpen, Neil : 1965

History of the Natal Mounted Rifles.

Hurst, Colonel Godfrey Thos : 1935

History of Prince Alfred’s Guards.

Perridge, Frank : 1939

5,000 miles with the Cheshire Yeomanry in South Africa.

Cooke, John H : 1913-1914

Piet Kolonel and his men.

-------- : 1944

Prince Alfred’s Guards.

Orpen, Neil : 1967

Rand Light Infantry.

Simpkins : ------

Records of the Guard’s Brigade.

-------- : 1904

Records of the Rough Riders; XXth Battalion Imperial Yeomanry, Boer War 1899-1902.

McKenzie, Capt. HG : 1907

“Rough but Ready” An official history of the Natal Mounted Rifles and its Antecedent

and Associated Units 1854-1969.

Goetsch, E : 1969

Cape Town Ilighianders; 1885-1970, The

Orpen, Neil : 1970

Cape Town Highlanders; 1885-1985, The

Orpen, Neil : 1986

Durban Light Infantry; 1856-1934. The, Vol 1.

Martin, AC : 1969

Durban Light Infantry; 1856-1934. The, Vol 2.

Martin, AC : 1969

First City - Cape Town Highianders in Italy, The

Murray, Maj. CJ : 1945

History of the Kimberley Regiment, The

Curson, Dr. RH : 1963

18th Hussars in South Africa, The

Burnett, Major Charles : 1905

Saga of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment; 1932-1950, The

Birkby. Carel : 1950

Ultima Ratio Regum; Artillerie geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika.

Nöthling, CJ (Red) : 1987

With the Guard’s Brigade.

Lowry, Rev. EP : 1902

With the Eigth Division...

Moffett, EC : 1903