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These publications are available at libraries (specially the depository libraries), private collectors and the library of the Genealogical Institute of South Africa (GISA) in Stellenbosch. Articles which were published in the GSSA quarterly Familia have not been included in this list. Readers who are aware of genealogical publications not included in this list are welcome to send the titles, authorís name and year of publication to the compiler Daan Hamman, at, or the GSSA at

Delville Wood.

Uys, I : ------

List of casualties - Natal Field Force, 1899-1900.

Sole, TE : ------

List of British and Colonial casualties - SA War.

Official Publication : ------

Military casualties of SA, The Vol 1, 1834-1878.

Sole, TE : ------

South African Forces in France.

Buchan, J. : ------

SA war casualties in German East Africa. (manuscript)

Hamman, D