DICKASON, Robert - Extra Data


(member of PARKER's Party)


(see correspondence of Thomas BAINBRIDGE and  Charles EVANS)


Death Notice (Cape Archives)

Born in Norfolk, son of William DICKASON. Gravestone in Seven Fountains says he died aged 77.


Original Norfolk Registers on Family Search:


William DICKERSON of the parish of Necton and Elizabeth MURRELL of this parish were married by banns on the 15 July 1765 in Holme Hale, Norfolk

William DICKASON (signed)

Elizabeth MURRELL (signed)

Witnesses: William DICKASON and the mark of Susanna DICKERSON 


Robert, son of William and Elizabeth DICKASON, baptised 29 November 1769 in Necton, Norfolk


London Metropolitan Archives:


Robert DICKASON, bachelor, married Mary CLAYBROOK, spinster, on 18 July 1802 in St.Mary, Newington.

Both signed their names.

Witnesses: B.E. BURLINGSON and Catherine HIGGINS.


Baptisms in St.Mary, Newington:

Amelia, daughter of Robert and Mary DICKINSON [sic] baptised 3 November 1805 (born 2 March)

Frederick, son of Robert and Mary DICKASON baptised 16 March 1808 (born 7 February)

Alfred, son of Robert and Mary DICKASON, baptised 11 November 1810 (born 12 October)