FRANCIS, Thomas - Extra Data


(member of WILLSON's Party)


London Metropolitan Archives


Thomas FRANCIS married Elizabeth JERDON by banns on 2 July 1810 in St.Marylebone

Thomas FRANCIS (signed)

Elizabeth JERDON (X)

Witnesses: John [surname too faint to read] and William ROBINSON


Thomas James, son of Thomas FRANCIS and Elizabeth his wife was baptised 25 August 1811 in St.Marylebone (born 25 February)

Amelia Jane Eliza, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth FRANCIS, St.Marylebone, Trade, was baptised 8 May 1814 in St.Marylebone (born 16 May 1813)


Westminster Archives


George Henry Isaac, son of Thomas and Elizabeth FRANCIS, Berwick St, Tailor, was baptised 27 July 1817 in St.James. Westminster (born 4 June)