HARDEN, William - Extra Data


(member of BAILIE's Party)


London Metropolitan Archives:


William HARDEN of the Liberty of Norton Folgate, bachelor, married Maria DARVILL of the same Liberty, spinster, on 11 June 1815 in St.Leonard's, Shoreditch.

William HARDEN (signed)


Witnesses: William ROBINSON and George LIMMING


Jane Maria, daughter of William and Maria HARDEN, Tabernacle Walk, cabinet maker, baptised 28 July 1816 in St.Luke, Old Street (born 5 May 1816)

Martha Ann, daughter of William and Maria HARDEN, Windsor Street, cabinet maker, baptised 18 October 1818 in St.Botolph, Bishopsgate


NB that settler lists show the children as Jane (4) and Maria (2). It seems clear that this was a misreading of Maria for Martha, and that Maria was in fact Jane's middle name.


See also Distressed Settler Report 1824 (CO48/63).