RALPH(S), Richard - Extra Data


(member of FORD's Party)


Born 30 January 1790 in Wiltshire. Brother of Joseph RALPH


Death Notice (Cape Archives) says he was born in Warminster, the son of Richard and Mary RALPHS


Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, Chippenham


Richard RALPHS of the parish of Westbury married Mary CROOM of this parish by banns on 4 October 1787 in St.Peter and St.Paul, Longbridge Devverill, Wiltshire

Richard RALPHS

Mary CROOM (X)

Witnesses: Jer. PAYNE and John CURTIS

Banns for this marriage the previous week in Westbury list Mary CROOM as a widow


Richard RALPHS of this parish married Elizabeth MILLS of Frome in the County of Somerset by banns on 27 October 1814 in St.Peter and St.Paul, Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire

Richard RALPHS

Elizabet MILLS (X)

Witnesses: Joseph RALPHS and Elizabeth WHILLARD


Baptisms of children, Harriet and Samuel, not found, but Death Notice (Cape Archives) for Harriet suggests she was born in Crockerton on 28 July 1815.


Westbury Vestry Minutes 548/2

£10 deposit paid for Joseph RALPHS and Richard RALPHS of Crockerton to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope.