DARBY, Edward (brother of John DARBY) 1835

National Archives, Kew, CO48.164, 89


18 March 1835

My Lord
          I have (unless he has fallen under the weapons of the Caffres) a Brother (John DARBY) settled on a Farm on the Konap River near the Winterberg District of Albany, Cape of Good Hope, respecting whom, owing to the irruption of the Caffres into that district, I am become exceedingly anxious, and as he is an unmarried man and has no relations in the Colony it is probable that without the assistance of Government I may if he is killed obtain no authentic information of the fact. Under these circumstances I venture most respectfully to ask if lists of the slain have yet been received by Your Lordship and whether my Brother's name is amongst them? And if no such lists have reached Your Lordship at present I beseech you when they do arrive that you will be pleased to permit the information to be communicated to me as regards the fate of my Brother. I must throw myself on Your Lordship's generosity to pardon a liberty I take in making this application, assuring Your Lordship of my profound respect, I have the honor to subscribe myself, My Lord
Your Lordship's most obedient & very humble servant
Edward DARBY