HALEY, Mary (wife of Michel HALEY), 1832

National Archives, Kew CO48/147, 345


No. 13 Carrier Street
Buckeridge St
3rd August 1832

My Lord,
          I hope your goodness will pardon me for taking the liberty of reminding your Lordship of the letter I had the honor of addressing you about four weeks since, with a letter of Major BIRNY's enclosed which he sent me from the Depot of the 75th Reg't of Bristol, respecting my being sent to the Cape of Good Hope, and I have never received any answer. I shall feel myself much obliged to your Lordship if you will have the goodness to return me Major BIRNY's letter, as it is my intention to go with my two children to the Depot, when he will expect me to produce his letter. Having no Parish Relief nor any means of getting my living in London, but what is given to me by the Charitable and Humane, mine and children's distress is indescribable, for we are almost famished. I am with one submission, my Lord
Your Lordship's most humble servant
Wife of Michel HALEY, Private of the 75th Reg't)
NB I am the Bearer hereof