National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 154

The humble Petition of Rich. AINSWORTH, James HOLLINGSWORTH, Wm. PICKFORD and several other Familys are now wishing to Emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope but not having herewith the Deposit. We are now Addressing your Honourable Name for a speedy Answer what wourse to pursue but if Your Lordship Will condesend to Favour us with a letter of the proceeding of the Emigration there is now 10 Familys in a Society ready for Embarkation in 4 Days time the Deposit being upwards of 5 Pounds with the Agents here. We are Labours in Farmers Services and Others.

We remain Your Most Obedient and very Humble

Servants the Society

Direct Rich. AINSWORTH

At Willm. PICKFORDS Shoemaker

No. 5 Greyson Street