ASHE, Jonathan

National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 11

The Memorial of Jonathan ASHE D.D.

Curate of Stogumbar


Humbly Herewith,

That finding it mortifying and difficult to maintain a wife and two children on the Income of a village curate and conceiving that an additional minister of the Church of England may now be required for the Cape of Good Hope, he presumes to solicit as clerical mission to that Colony, or to be sent there, passage free, with instructions to His Excellency the Governor to appoint him to the first township or village which many require a Pastor of tried zeal, long experience, true piety, and unquestionable loyalty .

He has the honour of adding, that it is by the instructions of the Right Honourable Lord SIDMOUTH he addresses this memorial to the Right Honourable Earl BATHURST, and that as he annexes testimonials which go to prove that he has been always remarkable for his zeal in the promotion of Christian knowledge and for recommending religious life and moral rectitude both by the precepts of the Gospel and his own example, he dares to hope that his memorial may be acceded to, and as in duty bound he will ever pray

Jonathan ASHE D.D.

22 Church Street


July 28th 1819