National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 199/200

Mansion House

10 August 1819

Dear Sir,

In the event of forming your Establishment at the Cape of Good Hope you should require an experienced man of business I should be glad you would allow me to introduce to your notice and attention Mr. Wm. CAPE at present of Lombard Street. Mr. CAPE has been 25 years in a respectable Banking house and has been by that house placed in business which has not succeeded and from which he is about retiring provided he could obtain an appointment at the Cape. If you could lay his application before Lord BATHURST I should be obliged; He would be ready to embark at a very short notice. If this application in favor of Mr. CAPE should be successful I should put very greatly indebted.

CAPE I can add is a Man of good integrity, and a most loyal Man on all occasions.

I am Dear Sir,

Your very faithfull humble Servant,