National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 540

Gorey, County of Wexford, Ireland

Sept 27 1819

My Lord,

I take the Liberty of addressing your Lordship for a grant or priviledge of bringing either ten or one hundred men with me with or without families to the Cape of Good Hope. And would be desirous to know from your Lordship what are the Priviledges that Government allows to Settlers in that country in going there. I think that less than 100 Settlers would not be advantageous to Government or even Settlers (from circumstances). I beg leave to inform your Lordship that I belong to the Establish Church of England and would wish to bring with me some of the same persuasion. I can be recommended by Lord COURTOWN, who is here at present and also several noblemen when required.

I beg your Lordships answer.

I am your Lordships obe. ser.