BRANOR, Richard and Elizabeth

National Archives, Kew CO48/41

No.2 Salters Alley

Green Bank


Aug 30 1819

I am your humble servant Rich'd BRANOR and I hope you will excuse me taking the liberty of writing this letter to your Lordship conserning the Cape of Good Hope to which me and my familey would like to go if it meets with your Lordship's approbation.

I understand it is ten pounds for myself and my whife and five pounds for each child above fourteen. We have two children one eight years and five months and one three years and one month.

I wish to pay for us. I understand farming very well, I have been a soldier in the 12th Regiment of Light Dragoons and in the 7th Royal Veteran Battalion and discharged on the redusment and am out pensioner at 9p per day. I served in the two regiments 10 years.

Whe remain your humble servants

Rich'd and Eliz. BRANOR