GSSAThe 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

1820 Settler Correspondence before emigration

ALL the 1819 correspondence from CO48/41 through CO48/46 has been transcribed whether or not the writers emigrated to the Cape. Those written by people who did become settlers, as listed in "The Settler Handbook" by M.D. Nash (Chameleon Press 1987), are labelled 1820 Settler and the names of actual settlers in the text appear in red.


National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 388

Vicarage, Sandbach

August 3rd 1819

My Lord,

Not knowing the proper authority to address I hope your Lordship will excuse the trouble I may be giving in requesting the terms upon which the undermentioned persons will be taken out to the Cape by His Majesty's Government.

Robert JEPSON, farmer, 55 years

Hannah THUNNERLEY, widow, 50 years

George THUNNERLEY 17 } nephews to JEPSON

Robert THUNNERLEY 11 }

James TONGUE, weaver, 32

Sarah TONGUE, sister to JEPSON, 30

Edwin TONGUE 9 }

Harriet TONGUE 6 } nephews to JEPSON

William TONGUE 4 }

John SIDDALL, weaver, 28

Betty SIDDALL, 26


James SIDDALL, 4

JEPSON resides in this parish and has been engaged in farming all his life – the rest wish to go out with him as their head. I think him a very proper person to direct them in agricultural pursuits. An early answer will oblige

You Lordship's obedient servant

Rev'd R. BATTY




National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 387

Vicarage, Sandbach

August 14th 1819


In my letter of the 3rd inst you have a statement of the respective ages of three families that wish to emigrate to the Cape, but as there are not ten individuals above fifteen years of age I shall be glad to be informed whether you can attach them to any others that may be going out & under what conditions. An early answer will oblige Sir

Yours most respectfully


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