National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 762

9th Sept 1819

Dear Sir,

I have been perusing your circular and should wish to embark for the Cape of Good Hope. I can produce a good character from the country where I was 11 years in place of Great [obscured] also another in London from Alderman WOOD and several other Aldermen. I am single man, 40 years of age in November next and my only Business was in the early part of my life Land Surveying, which I followed 17 or 18 years in many parts of England where open fields was inclosed. I find in your eighth resolution that the Land shall be measured at the expense of Government. I can produce 40 or 50£ of my own property and if you or Earl BATHURST on behalf of the Government will contract with me as to measuring and allotting out the different quantities &c &c I shall be happy to serve you and dare venture that you will find in me puctuallity and honesty. I can find plenty of sober, industrious, healthfull people [to take] with me and mostly people that have been brought up to Agriculture.

I am Sir your humble and obedient servant