National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 19

No. 12 Contentment Place

Turner Square

Hoxton Old Town

July 20th 1819


Having applied at the Secretary of State's office for information respecting the emigration of persons from England to the Cape of Good Hope, and being referred to you, I have taken the liberty to address you on the subject.

I am a young man, and have hitherto been employed in the printing business as compositor, but, from the later introduction of the steam engines and stereotype, the employment has so much decreased as not at present to furnish sufficient for much more than half of the persons now in the profession; under these circumstances, I have lately been endeavouring to find some way of ensuring a more certain livelihood, and seeing an account of the offer of Government to enable persons to settle at the Cape of Good Hope, I should be glad to be informed of the particulars and terms, that I might, if the plan should suit me, embrace it in order to provide for the future.

An answer directed as above will confer a particular obligation on Sir Your humble servant