National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 230

Mareham le Fen

Near Horncastle


4th Oct 1819

The humble memorial of Wright FARNSWORTH of the Parish of Mareham le Fen in the County of Lincolnshire, Labourer, humbly shewing that he is desirous of emigrating to the Cape of Good Hope in consequence of an advertisement which has appeared in several newspapers stating any one so desirous must make their wishes known to your Lordship. Therefore I humbly trust that your Lordship will grant to me the necessary information where I am to embark at and where I am to draw my necessary subsist for my passage. I have a wife with four children 3 boys and one girl, the oldest boy is eleven years old and the girl three quarters of a year. There are some young people from the same place that is wishing to emigrate therefore I trust your Lordship will send the information required for young people likewise. Should your Lordship require a certificate pleas to send the form required. Your Lordship's kind attention therein will confer an obligation on me and in its duty bound will ever pray