August the 6, 1819


i take the apornity of riting these linese to you to inform you that i ham a smith by trade and i should bee happy to serve you as i ham a young man and no family as i havin found that you are in want off men of good caracter to go to the Cape of Good hope as settlers and i should like know on what terms a man is to go upon as i should like to have a right understanding before i leave the country as i could get me proper entiligence about the job nor neither can i tell if? is the sending of the men to the Cape of Good hope as i should like to go sir i ham your humble servant

John HAISMAN a smith by trade living at No 4 plumbers row Fieldgate street Witechapell road

10th Aug 1819


i rite these few lines to you to inform you that thair is ten of us all tradesmen that wishes to settle in the Cape of Good hope if you can send us a Circular letter of the new plan to in form us on what conditions we can go upon for we can pay for our selves and supply our selves with what we want in the cuntry

i ham your obedient servant

John HAISMAN living at No 4 Plumbers row, Fieldgate street, White Chappell road