LYNCH, Thomas

National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 311


6th Aug 1819

My Lord,

I do myself the honor to address you relative to emigration to the Cape of Good Hope,

I am willing to proceed with at least ten, or if approved by your Lordship, twenty settlers to undertake the cultivation of land at the Cape of Good Hope and also to make the deposit required by Govern't for the due performance of the same provided Government would continue to victual the settlers for six months after their arrival at the estate which may be allotted by the Government of the Colony.

It may be necessary to inform your Lordship that I am a Lieutenant on the retired list of a Veteran Battalion with a wife & four children and willing to give ample security for the performance of any thing I promise. Should my proposals be approved by your Lordship I shall be ready to proceed to England to collect proper persons to accompany me.

I have the honor to be my Lord

Your Lordship's most obed't & very humble serv't

Thomas LYNCH

Late 8th Vet. Batt.