National Archives, Kew CO48/45, 575

Baltinglass, Ireland

August 26th 1819

My Lord,

Understanding that His Majesty's Government is giving grants of land to emigrants going out as settlers to the Cape of Good Hope by paying a deposit before embarking, I have therefore to request that your Lordship will give me a grant of land and intimation when the deposit will be paid and where I and my family will embark; my family consists of my wife, five sons, daughter, one servant man and one servant woman. One of my sons is above eighteen years old, I am by profession a surgeon and apothecary and I and my family are protestants, hoping for your Lordship's answer

I am your Lordship's humble obedient servant





National Archives, Kew CO48/45, 619


October 10th 1819

My Lord,

Having been returned to your Lordship by Captain BROWNRIGG as a settler going out to the Cape of Good Hope I take the liberty to mention that my wife receives a pension as an officer's widow on the Irish establishment and having some debts to liquidate in Dublin and wishing to have the receipt of her pension in this country for that purpose if your Lordship would have the goodness to give the necessary directions how I should act you would greatly serve and much oblige

Your most obedient and very humble servant


PS My wife's name is Elizabeth ROGERS formerly WOODS on the Irish establishment