SPEEDING, James and James LAPAN, 1820 Settler

National Archives, Kew CO48/45, 705

No.2 North St.


July 16th 1819

The humble petition of James SPEEDING Carpenter and James LAPAN Wheelwright


That your petitioners being desirous of settling at his Majesty's Colony of the Cape of Good Hope humbly pray your Lordship will grant them a free passage.

Your petitioners will be happy to conform to any regulation your Lordship has adopted provided they have the means so to do. Your petitioners understand the making of the various implements used in Agriculture has likewise in the Erection of Buildings therefore may be considered usefull members to that Colony. Your petitioners also pray for any indulgence that may be granted to Settlers. And your petitioners humbly submit their case to your Lordship and hope your Lordship will forward their views has your petitioners cannot find sufficient employment to support their families and your petitioners will ever pray

We remain your Lordships very humble petitioners with due respect