BUTLER's Party


RETURN of SETTLERS proceeding to the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE under the Direction of Captain BUTLER in Ireland

Total Number of the Men 12
Total Number of the Women 6
Total Number of Persons above Fourteen Years of Age 0
Total Number of Children under Fourteen Years of Age 9
Total Number of the Whole Party 27
Total Amount of Deposit Money for the Whole Party £122:10


Names of the Men
Profession or Trade Names of the Women
Names of the
Male Children
Names of the
Female Children
Deposit Money
payable by the
respective settlers
Thomas BUTLER 43 Captain Elizabeth 35 Joseph 11 Matilda 1 12:10 
          James  6      
John BUTLER 19                10 
Edward MURRAY 21 Labourer  Jane 19  None       10
James HARRINGTON 22 do single           10 
Patrick BYRNE 20  do   do           10 
James DIVINE 36  do  Margaret 26  William 12      10
          Arthur 1      
Dennis DOLAN 23  do  Elizabeth 26  John 5     10 
John WHELAN 21  do single           10
Thos. DOUGHERTY 31  Stonemason  Margaret 28  William 13 Ellen 10 
Mich'l MULHALL 21  Labourer  single           10 
Murtagh BYRNE 33  do  Jane 30  Patrick 13      10 
Michael CULLEN 21  do  single           10 

[Immediately after this return is another return, not written on the official form, which obviously postdates the above. On the corner the clerk has written:]

This list was received at too late a date to admit of its being substituted for that transmiited in the first instant.


Settlers proceeding to the Cape of Good Hope under the direction of Captain BUTLER

Names of Settlers Profession or Trade Age Names of Women Age Male Children Age Female Children Age
Thomas BUTLER Captain 43 Elizabeth 35 Joseph 11 Matilda 1
          James 6    
Thomas FOWLER Carpenter 36     John 13    
Edward MURRAY Labourer 21 Jane 19        
Jas. HARRINGTON Labourer 22 Frances 20        
James DIVINE Labourer 36 Margaret 26 William 12 Ellen 4
John WHELAN Labourer 21 Catharine 20        
Murtagh BYRNE Labourer 33 Jane 30 Patrick 13    
          Thomas 12    
          William 7    
Wm. MAGEER Labourer 36     Thomas 8    
Michael TOOLE Labourer 21 Honour 20        
John HEALEY Labourer 21            
Michael GOSS Labourer 21            
Laurence WELSH Labourer 40     James 7 Elizabeth 8

[This second return is identical to the one in the Cape Archives which is filed with Thomas BUTLER's 1820 Letter