Completing the application form

Written by eGGSA. Posted in Membership FAQ

What are the various options ?
(numbers as on the order form, which can be found here: eGGSA membership application form)

1. Membership runs from January to December of the calendar year, regardless of when you join.

2. This section has three options. 

3. Please indicate whether you are renewing your membership or making a new application.

4. As a member of eGGSA (and thus of the GSSA) you will receive, as part of your membership, the GSSA quarterly jounal Familia in electronic (Adobe Acrobat pdf) format. In this section you may opt to receive, in addtion, a printed version of this journal, at extra cost as specified.

5. Please indicate if you prefer to receive communications in Afrikaans or English.

6. You may also opt to receive, at extra cost as specified, a selection of publications of various branches of the GSSA.

7. You may indicate any family names that are of special interest to you.

8. Please state whether you are prepared to allow the details you have provided with this form to be used by the GSSA in its publications.