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Daily News 2012 12 December

3 December 2012


WOLNO / HAWKEY Neil & Natalie a girl Charlotte Anne * 30 Nov 2005 [as is in Newspaper]


ARJUNAN-VEERAPPEN Bobby of Istar Laundry. Only son of + Mr.Vadivell & Mrs P ARJUNAN. Brother of Kogi, Dee, Baby, Jenny, Cheryl, Selvan and uncle of Prinolan, Seresha and Audrey. Nephew of + Harry, John, Ganas and cousins.15th day Memorial on 4 Dec 2012 from 17h30 ----21h30 at 88 Hope Street Overport Durban. TEL:- 0827939420.

DOYLE Peter 12 Aug 1939 ------27 Nov 2012. Husband , father and grandfather of Eunice, Hylton, Tracey, Matthew and Christopher DOYLE.

GERWEL Jakes. Condolences to Phoebe, children and family. From Club 99 UWC Alumni.

LIZZIO Ray Rosa + 26 Nov 2012. Mother of Santo, Mario, Lisa and Thierry.

MC GARRIGLE Michael + 28 Nov 2012 x Gillian. Father of Lynn, Fiona, Paul and Bronwyn. Memorial at Crist Church Pinetown on 5 Dec 2012.

ZARTZ Theo + 29 Nov 2012. Yiu have left a legacy for Cheryl, Jonathan, Michael and Adam. Cousin and friend of Ivan ZARTZ


PRIOR Dave Eric + 3 Dec 2001. Love from Hetty, children and grandchildren.

SHAW Tony + 2 Dec 1991. Love from Heather, Warren, Justin and Bronwyn.

STRYDOM Brian .1 year gone now. Darling Brian and Dada of Dot, Tasha, Justin, Tracy and Emma.

THOMSON Les 23 Nov 1929 ------3 Dec 2011. Dad of Lynda, Alton, Dean and families.

4 December 2012


COBBLEDICK nee KUNZ Warren & Heidi a son Brett * 2 Dec 2012 in Westville Hospital. Brother to Casey-Leigh.Grandchild and nephew of Des, Lyn, Michelle, Jackie, Pete , Callan and great-grandpa Cliffie.


MARLTON – VAN VUUREN Nigel & Ingrid announce egagement of Jennifer to Jaco, son of Rassie & Anette.


BEER Dorel + 1 Dec 2012. Condolences to family from Mark KRAMER. The Management and Staff at Mantis Security.

BOTSIS Yvonne Alice 1 March 1929 ----28 Nov 2012 x + Peter. Mother of Barry and Trevor ,mother-in-law of Cathy and Colleen. Granny of Shaun, Brett, Ryan, Taryn, Juan and Ricky. Great-grandmother of Grace.

CHASKALSON Arthur. Condolences to Lorraine, Matthew and Jerome from LAZAR Family.; Mervyn & Liz KING.

DE BRUYN Yvo + 29 Nov 2012 in Pretoria x Ailsa. Father of Estelle and Yvette. Grand and greatgrandfather. Brother to Esme, Tony x Adele (uncle to Niqui, Ian, Paul, Diane and Hilda.Great uncle to Caroline, Kai, Kayla and Travis), Noel, Val and Denise.

COUVE Sybil 20 Nov 1926 ------2 Dec 2012. Requiem Mass on 6 Dec 2012 at 11 am at All Saints Catholic Church , Ballito. DOVES 0860025500.

CROSS Dorothy (Tammy). Memorial on 6 Dec 2012 at DOVES Greyville at 10am.

DORMEHL Theo (Thys) 16 Oct 1936 ----2 Dec 2012 x May. Father of Doug, Neil, Chanel, Owen, Janine, Mark and Lizette. Grandfather of Chriselda, Ashley, Mike ,Annais, Nick and Shane. Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Durban North on 6 Dec 2012 at 10am.

GOODWAY Clive . Memorial Service at 2pm on 6 Dec 2012 at Musgrave Methodist Church Cnr of Musgrave and St Thomas Rd Durban.

GORDON nee BAKER Wendy + 1 Dec 2012. Sister of June and aunt. ; Aunt of Diane & Derek. Sympathy to Michael and Charmaine.

GOVENDE K T x Mano . Father of Prenalan, Lashan and Deshan. Father-in-law of Reshma, Smriti and Kim. Grandfatehr of Pari and Zaara.Funeral on 4 Dec 2012 at his home 18 Glenaire Ave Brindhaven , Verulam . Body will lie in state from 11am ----12:30pm thereafter to Verulam Day Care Centre from 1---3pm. Therafter to Verulam Crematorium at 3:30pm. VERULAM Funerals 032 5331602.

HARRIS Bertha + 2 Dec 2012. Sister of Linette, Mike, Debbie and Mark.

HOCH nee LEE Una Veronica 30 March 1935 ----30 Nov 2012 of Glenanda. Mother of Rosemary and Paul, mother-in-law of Peter and Shan (F), grandmother of Ryan, Ruan, Dwayne and Kyle , and sister. Funeral at St Peters By The Lake Lutheran Catholic Church, Zoo Lake on 5 Dec 2012 at 2pm.

JACKSON Bertha (JONES). Mother and mother-in-law of Cliff, Louise, Jeff, Janine, Diane, Jonny, Mark and Irene. Grandmother of Desiree, Bronwyn, Graham, Dean, Paul, Louise, Natalie, Dillon and Stevie. Memorial on 11 Dec 2012 at 12 midday at Bryanston Methodist Chapel Bryanston.

KUHN Maria Christina 17 March 1920 ----20 Nov 2012. Roedean Junior School Headmistress (1971---1982. ) Affectionatly Known as "Mevrou" who taught for 37 years.

KING Les. Friend of Shirley, Brad, Jane, Trish, Nic, Jem and Anthony.

LAMB Ronnie + 2 Dec 2012.Will be missed by family Chris, Megan, Warren, Greg, Sandy and grandchildren.; Friend of Gerald and Glennys for 44 years.; Memorial on 5 Dec 2012 at Westville Country Bowling Club at 10 am.

RICHMAN (DE FLEURIOT DE LA COLINIERE) Olga 30 June 1937 ----30 Nov 2012. Mother of Sonia and Mervyn. Grandmother of Chantal, Catherine and Troy. Great-grandmother of Jessica. Aurevoir ma cherie.; Mother,grandmother of Guy ,Sonia, Chris and Patrick.

VIVAN SMITH GEORGE HARRY 13 July 1934 -----29 Nov 2012 in Nelspruit.


AUGUSTIN Reece (Copper). 7 years gone now. Love from your Mom Petty and Tamia , your daughter. ; Also missed by Dennis & Dawn PETERSEN.

CHATER Catherine 17 Aug 1980 ---4 Dec 1999. From you Dad, Mom and brother Rob.

PENFOLD Sheila . 1 year gone now. Mom of Gareth, Lisa and Katie.

PETERS Raoul John 29 July 1963 ----4 Dec 2011. Missed by Mandy, Raylene, Sherwyn, Keenan and Téa.

5 December 2012

OLDEST Person DIES:- WASHINGTON : COOPER Besse * 26 Aug 1896 in Tennesee---+4 Dec 2012 in Monroe Georgia at age 116 years. She was American. Married Luther in 1924. They had 4 children. On her 114 th birhday she had 12 grandchildren, more than a dozen great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.Sapa-AFP

TALLEST in the world dies:- BEIJING. Tallest woman in the world dies in China at age 40 years. Yao Defen + 13 Nov 2012 in her hometown in eastern province of Anjui. A tumor triggered a growth spurt. Guiness World Records has her height recorded as 2.33m. Sapa –DPA


ADLER Harris. RIP from Louise.

JAMES Leslie Harry + 3 Dec 2012 of Florida. Funeral at St Gabiel's Anglican Church Florida on 7 Dec 2012 at 10am.

JONES Gertrude 29 July 1911 ----3 Dec 2012. Mother of Phyllis. Grandmother of David, Michael, Susan and George. Great grandmother of 9, and great-great grandmother of 3. Memorial at Durban North Methodist Church Broadway, Durban North on 7 Dec 2012 at 3pm.

KLEYNHANS Beryl Gladys 21 Nov 1933 ----3 Dec 2012 . Funeral on 6 Dec 2012 at 11:30 am at St Andrew's Anglican Church Kensington. TEL:- George at 0834495343.

KRUGER Ethel (Ettie) 14 Oct 1923 ---1 Dec 2012 x Syd. Mother of Martin, Lawrence, Illana and Jonathan. Aunt of Brian, Basil, Shelley, Jennifer and their families. Prayers on 5 Dec 2012 at 6pm at 109 Pembury, 1 Kernick Ave, Melrose North, Johannesburg.

LARKIN Roy Hugo.+ 3 Dec 2012. Father to Gavin and Brenda, grandfather to Sarah and Gordon.

LIPWORTH Jack (Tim) + 3 Dec 2012 x Jilly. Father of Andrew. Brother of Gilly. Friend of Bertie and Hilary LUBNER and family.

MOORE Joan. Condolences to family. Memorial on 7 Dec 2012 at 2:30 pm at Congregational Church Sarnia Rd.

PAUL Jayambal 18 April 1939 ----2 Dec 2012. Missed by family –Lucas & Daisy, Hazel, Annie and Trevor; Ronele and Gordon, Craig, Carl, Chanel, Lesley, Lauren, Caiden, Lindsay and Tamika; Kameron, Nathan and Nathania, Carry, Sam and Faith; and Tim. Funeral op 7 Dec 2012 at 11am ---12:30, 20 Saffron Hill Havenside , proceeding to Mobeni Heights Methodist Church. Service between 1300 ---1400. Therafter to Clairwood Cemetery for buriel at 15hr00.

PRZYBYLSKI Cornelia (Corrie) (Hanna) + in Lincoln Haven.;Mother and Gran of Marjo, Jason, Camilla, Jamie-Leigh and David.; Mom and Gran of Maurice, Karen an Caysie; Miss you Hanna from Gary, Colleen and Natasha; Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium Chapel Umbilo on 7 Dec 2012 at 11:30am.

6 December 2012


AUGUSTINE Dr. Nicolette. Funeral on 8 Dec 2012 at 10 am at Parish of Our Lady Of The Assumption (Catholic Church) Glenwood Durban.

BEATTIE Darryl Edward + 3 Dec 2012 in his 70th year. Father of Jackie, Deidre, Michelle, Shane and Dylan. Brother to Carol Jean and Valerie. Granfather of Amy, Demi, Tayla, Caitlin and Matthew.

COUCH Gabriel Eddie. Father, brother. Cremation Service on 7 Dec 2012 at Christ The King Parish Wentworth at 12 noon. Cremation private.

EMOND Anna + 3 Dec 2012 [ Correction of surname]

FIFORD Graham + 3 Dec 2012. Brother of Mervyn and brother-in-law of Gayle.

HAN Ki-Suck + 3 Dec 2012 when he was pushed in front of a train in Times Square, New York. He was 58 years old. Married to Serim HAN.

HARMAN Olive (Peggy) * 19 May 1923 in Durban ----- + 29 Nov 2012 x + Bernard HARMAN. Mother of Sharon MILES. Granny of Sandy MAYS and great-grandmother of Jarod, Kyle and Bella. Private memorial wil be given by Sandy.TEL:- 031 5731780.

JAMES Hector (Troddy) from Austerville x Joelene JAMES .Son of + Mary JAMES. Funeral on 8 Dec 2012 at St Johns Church , Rippon Rd. Mass from 11am ---12 pm. Thereafter to Dudley Street Cemetery. SHALOM Funeral Services TEL:- 083 7788752.

JAMES Leslie Harry + 3 Dec 2012 of Florida. Funeral at St Gabriel's Anglican Church Florida on 7 Dec 2012 at 10am.

KOEN Barend Paul 21 Aug 1924 -----5 Dec 2012 Private cremation. Celebrating Service at Tuinsig Old Age Home Durban at 21 Dec 2012 at 10am.

NAIDU Phatmavathy (Phatma) 15 Aug 1929 ----27 Nov 2012. X + Soma NAIDU (of Villa Road, Mayville). Mother of Dr. Dave (Umhlatuzana Vet Clinic) Brian and + Segra NAIDU. Memorial at Tudor Conference Centre Chatsworth on 9 Dec 2012 at 11 ---12 pm.

NIEMEYER Oscar + 5 Dec 2012 a week before he would have been 105 years. He died in Rio de Janeiro Hospital, Rio De Janeiro. He was a towering patriarch of modern architecture. His distinctive glass and white-concrete buildings include the UN Secretariat in New York and Communist Party headquarters in in Paris.

POWYS Michael John 19 Jan 1934 ----4 Dec 2012 x Lyn for 56 years. Father of Sue and Vic and late Andrew and Paul. Grand and great-grandfather. No funeral or service on requiest. DOVES 0860025500.

SINGH Vijaykumar (Vijay) x Navika. Father of Vitesh and Deepika. Son of Mrs K SINGH. Employee of DUT and Founding Member of Vedanta Football Club. Funeral on 6 Dec 2012 at Dravida Hall Reservoir Hills between 12-3pm. Thereafter proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium.

WOLBERG Syd + 28 Nov 2012. Friend of Debbie, Sharon, Neville, Paula and families.


CRAIG. Son, Brother , uncle and friend Andrew BRENNAN, my Husband, father and brother, grandfather and great-grandfather Robert Knight CRAIG. Missed by family.

DIGGAR George * 1838 Isipingo at St Xavier Bluff Durban----+ 5 Dec 1920. Remembered by DIGGAR Family.

GENGAN Bud. Happy Birthday .Love Surie.

HODGES Donald Lynton. 3 years gone now. From Yvonne, David, Michael, Karen, Alishea, Nicholas, Rachel and Ella.

VAN DER WESTHUIZEN David. 1 year gone now. X Ellen. Love Jenny, Wendy, Susan and family.

VAN WYNGAARD Daphne Tjoeks. 2 years gone now x Max. Mother of Roma and Patsy. Grandmother of Laura, Inga, William and Emma.

WIID Christo Eugene. 4 jaar nou wg van ons my seun. Van Mamma.

7 December 2012


ADLER Harris 4 Dec 2012 after major surgery. Remembered by Gerald, Norma COHEN and family, Sydney.

BERKOWITTZ Aubrey + 4 Dec 2012. Sympathy to Marion, Craig, David, Rowan and families. Martin, Jennette COPANS.

KING (Nathan) Natie 28 June 1937 ----6 Dec 2012. Husband ,father. Carol, Warren and Steven. Funeral at 9 Dec 2012 at 0945 am at West Park Cemetery. Prayers on Sunday at 6:30pm at 39 Judith Rd Emmerentia.

PILLAY K (Bob) x Shamla. Brother of Gopaul and Runga , ex staff of Advance Glass. Funeral 8 Dec 2012. Body will lie in state at 27 Abbey Street from 12:30 ---1:30pm thereafter to Clare Estate Estate Crematorium Hall from 2pm ---3:30pm Cremation at 4pm.


LINDSAY Janet ID * 1917 07 03. PASSPOORT No 702846095 + 14 Oct 2012 of 23 Sol Harris Crescent, Durban KZN. ESTATE No 10484/2012/PMB TUCKERS INC 84 Trichards Rd, Ravenswood Boksburg. TEL:- 011 897 1900.


KHAN Waker Hassen ID 590505 5191 089 3 (as is in paper) + 13 Oct 2009 of 7 Narbadda Rd , Merewent, Durban x Shereen Ebrahim KHAN ID 641210 0117 08 5 ESTATE No. 10562/2012/DBN. AYOUB KADWA & CO POBox 37122, Overport Durban 4067.

REYNOLDS James Norman ID 430829 5059 18 5 + 29 Jan 2012 of 85 Clancy Avenue, Puntans Hill Durban x Linda REYNOLDS ID 490402 0108 18 8. ESTATE No 2630/2012 DBN. ATTORNEYS LLOYD O'MEARA & CO , 121 Helen Joseph Rd, Glenwood 4001. TEL:- 031 2028173/4.

13 December 2012


PAUL nee SEVANCHULU Shunthosum. Daughter of + Mr & Mrs A S NAIDU. Daughter-in-law of + Mr & Mrs E.V.PAUL. Happy Birthday from Dave amd family.


GERMISHUIZEN Lena Nellie . Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Sister and aunt. Memorial Service at City Hill Church Waterfall on 14 Dec 2012 at 3pm. Buriel private. AVBOB 031 2061831.

NAIDU Sandesh x Shanell NAIDU. Son of Krish & + Sathiavathie NAIDU and stepson of Charmaine. Brother of Havinash, Ashley and Kriben. Grandson of Mr Ram NAIDOO (Packo). Funeral on 13 Dec 2012 from 10.00 am ---11.00 at his residence 16 Nehru Park Newlands. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 11am ---3:30pm.

SINGH Nalan (Jerry) x Eileen. Father of Janine and Sacha. Brother of Sheila. Funeral on 13 Dec 2012. Body will lie in state at Lorne Street Methodist Church from 12:30pm . Service at 1:30pm proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium at 3pm.


DUNN Edmund . 25 years gone now . Father of Florence, Winona, Keenan, Edmund and Candice-Anne.

MACHATTIE John + 13 Dec 2005 x Bertha. Dad and Grandfather of Yvonne and Hayley.

McASHLAN Isobel + 13 Dec 2010 x Eddie.

PARSONS Colin Leonard + 13 Dec 2011. Father of Claire.

14 December 2012


DENT Clarence (84 years) & Evelyn (79 Years). Had their 60 years married blessed at the Oldfield Chapel Bellair on 13 Dec 2012. Married in 1952.They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren as well as 3 great-grandchildren. Last child ,a boy, was born in 1960. Their daughter is Sandy x Christopher FREEMAN.

SOOBRAMONEY Sam & Kay x 9 Dec 1962 at Jewel Hall in Clairwood. Sam is a teacher from 1961 ----1987. Kay worked at Bilbo Fashions for 17 years. They had an arranged marriage. They have 4 children Arulmani and Kalavani, Selvan and Veni. They have 7 grandchildren. BEREA MAIL


ADLER Harris x Sue.

GOVENDER Kessavelu (KT). X Mano. Father of sons Prenalan, Lashan en Deshan, father-in-law of Reshma, Smriti and Kim. Grandfather of Pari and Zaara. 16th Day Memorial on 16 Dec 2012 at Shri Mariamman Temple Hall, Mount Edgecombe at 17:30pm.

HOLDER Vanona . Funeral on 14 Dec 2012 at 2pm at St George's Church Parktown Johannesburg. EAST RAND Funerals 011 425 0276.

KOBRIN nee KAHN Gail + 10 Dec 2012. Condolences to Neville, Hayley, Des and family. Love from Eric, Glenn, Shira and Carli.

KRETZMER Max. Son of Bernard and Mary. Condolences from Selborne Carpets.

MCGUIGAN Mike + 9 Dec 2012 Prayers are with Margaret and family from your neighbour Stuart & Marissa SCOTT.

PARSONS Eva . Condolences to family from Beth McKEY (JHB)

REDDY Janakie + 13 Dec 2012 x Percy. Mother of Vanitha, Neville, Praven, Demla and Deven. Mother-in-law and grandmother of Dureshni, Dheshni, and Devendree. Sister of Kantha (f), Maadhava(m), Isha(m), Chandra (m). Also sister-in-law for their spouses. Funeral on 16 Dec 2012 at Clare Estate crematorium from 11:30am ---13:30pm.

SANTANA Carlos Braz + 11 Dec 2012. Maria-Jose SANTANA , Irene, Roberto, Eduardo and familie annouces death of Carlos Braz. Funeral at The Bryanston Catholic Church on 15 Dec 2012 at 10am.

SIMMONDS Frank James + 10 Dec 2012. Sympathy to Janet , Jane, Ann, Claire, Matthew and Lucy. From Jackie and Don JONES of the St Thomas Group.; Also from St Andrew's Old Girls. Past headmaster of St Andrew's School for Girls 1973 ---1994.; Also from Bev SMITH ( SCHAAFSMA) the St Andrew's Heritage Foundation. (also from Daily News Thursday 13 Dec 2012)

SOLOMON Eric +12 Dec 2012. Husband , Father , grandfather .From Gizelle, Rob, Pete, Leila, Tracy, Daniella, Micaela and Levi. Funeral at Pinelands on 13 Dec 2012 at 1pm.

TURI Cosimo + 11 Dec 2012 at age of 76 years in Entabeni Hospital x Myriam. Father of Gabriela and Charles. He has been in Restaurant business most of his life . 42 years at Roma Revolving . He was one of the co-finders. Will be buried at Stellawood Cemetery Chapel Umbilo on 18 Dec 2012. (Daily News Reporter.)


SHUTTE Rory. Gone 16 years now. X " Thombi"

VERMEULEN Damon + 14 Dec 2000. Remembered by Mom.


ENGELBRECHT Rosina Elizabeth ID 250618 0014 08 0 + 24 Aug 2012 of 60 Vayswater Road, Hillary, KZN. ESTATE No.9512/2012/PMB. DV FRASER FRAZER HOPLEY ACCOUNTING SERVICES , 5 Park Lane, Kloof 3610. TEL:- 031 7640066.


MURRAY Jennifer Elaine ID 440215 0097 08 1 + * 12 Feb 1944 + 3 Nov 2009 of 15 Sandhurst, Langford Estate, 33 Oakland Avenue, Hillcrest and 36 Niagra Drive Hillcrest KZN. ESTATE No. 13715/2009/PMB . NEIL GERBER BAKER TILLY MORRISON MURRAY. PO Box 1098 Westville 3630. TEL:- 031 2675300.

VAN DER RIET Johannes Andre ID 451106 5085 08 8 + 13 Nov 2010 of Union Hill, Rose Hill, Durban .ESTATE No.20121/10/DBN. K. SWART & COMPANY 227 Stamfordhill Rd, Morningside, Durban.

17 December 2012


REIER /MANN Judith & Uri, Eleanor & Jack announce engagement of Melisa and Michél.


ADLER Harris x Sue.

NORTON Father Andrew + 9 Dec 2012 at age 86 years. .From Community of the Resurrection Mirfield, Yorkshire and formally from St Peter's priory Rosettenvill. Memorial Mass at St Peter's Priory Church Rosettenville on 20 Dec 2012.

SIMMONDS Frank .Educationalist. Condolences to Janet and family from Jackie and Don JONES of St Thomas Group.


MOSES Lance Michael + 15 Dec 2009. Remembered by Mom & Dad.

18 December 2012


DELPORT Alan " Reliable Russ Russell". Condolences to Maureen and family from Brian and Jene BRADFIELD.

MEYERSOHN Jill (Jilly) + 13 Dec 2012. Prayers daily at 18 hr00 till 19 Dec 2012 at 47 Rutland Rd, Parkwood.Nicky, Martine, Jonny and GINSBERG, WULFSOHN and FRANKEL families.

PILLAY Barry (43) & Tammy (41) + 16 Dec 2012 -car accident in Pietermaritzburg. Leaving 2 sons 18 and 19 years.

POTGIETER Pottie 14 Dec 1928 -----12 Dec 2012 (83)x + Hermie POTGIETER . Father of Peter and Pauline. Brother of Piet. Grandfather of Melissa, Nicole, Warren, Grant, Shanan and Ruark. Great-grandfather of Finn and Jemma. Memorial on 19 Dec 2012 at 11am at Maitland Crematorium Cape Town.

SCOTT-CROSSLEY nee MORGAN Pamela Alma 13 Feb 1925 ----17 Dec 2012 x + Graham. She had a serious fall. Aunt of Tony and Antoinette, Kevin and Christopher, Helen and family in New Zealand.

SMITHIES nee HONNEYSETT Doreen + 14 Dec 2012 in UK. Sister to Gloria, Ken and + Cliff. Thanks to Rose and grandson Matthew for being with her.

SMITH Cyprian William (Super) . Funeral on 19 Dec 2012 at the Seven Day Adventis Church Boston Rd at 11 am. Proceeding to Dudley Street Cemetry.

TAOLE Ramotse "TK" (22 years) on bus at Kimberley + 17 Dec 2012.

VISAGIE Ryley. Condolences to Charles, Michelle, Calvin an Kayla. Nephew and cousin of Rod, Des, Jenna, Amy and Megan.


FREER Cynthia . 1 year gone now. Colleague and friend of Big Al, Margs, Michy, Chanti, Nigel, Billy and staff at JHI Properties.

19 December 2012


NAIDOO Gangamma (Rookoo) x Ramaih (Dave) .Mother of Venusha, Lavinia and Therusha.She came from Shallcross and former teacher at Glenridge Primary. Memorial at Wyebank Funeral Parlour Chatsworth at 11 am on 22 Dec 2012. 

NORTON Father Andrew + 9 Dec 2012. From Community of the RessurrectionMirfield Yorkshire and formally of St Peter's priory, Rosettenville aged 86. Memorial in St Peter's Priory Church Rosettenville on 20 Dec 2012 at 3pm.

OSWELL Benjamin Oswald 29 Oct 1922 ----16 Dec 2012 (90 years) Father of John and Bennita. Memorial on 21 Dec 2012 at Claremont Congregational Church at 2 pm.

20 December 2012


NOVOS –FREEDMAN Michael & Tracy twin boys * 14 Dec 2012. Brothers for Abby. Grandchild for Malcolm NOVOS and Joan FREEDMAN


LANGTRY Zoe Sarah. 1 Year old today. Love Mommy and Daddy.


TURK & McLELLAN Barry & Caryn , Clive & Mary announce engagement of Clayton and Genevieve.


FINE (TIBA) Thelma 5 Sept 1927 ----21 Jan 2012 . Unveiling of tombstone at Pinelands 2 Jewish Cemetery on 23 Dec 2012 at 11:30 pm.


BARRETT Brian + 18 Dec 2012 in Australia. A football legend. Condolences to his brother George and family from all the Boys of ExPro Gauteng, KZN, Cape Town.

BRADFORD Trevor Holtman (Billy) of Wentworth x Desrie. Father of Monique, Emilio, Lameez and Carri-Ann. Brother of Oriel, Pier and Jerraine. SHALOM Funeral 083 7788752.

BRUCE Gerald Francis of Marian Ridge x Marian. Father of Anastasia (Stacey), grandfather of Liam, Brea and Anzli. Brother and uncle. Funeral on 21 Dec 2012 at the Emmanuel Cathedral Catholic Church Durban at 12 noon. Cremation private.

CAMPBELL Graham Darryl 10 Sept 1962 ----12 Dec 2012 . Father of Justin and Matthew. Memorial on 21 Dec 2012 at DOVES Greyville at 9 am. DOVES 0860025500.

DOWIE nee WILD Sally Jane 6 Nov 1948 ----19 Dec 2012 in Perth, Australia x Kevin. Daughter of + Kay & Windy. Daughter-in-law of Eva. Sister and sister-in-law of Anne & Neville, Carol & Roland, Joan & Susan, Allan & Gayle. Aunt of Lynda and Brett, Brett and Hayley, Kyle & Erica, Glen &
Dean. Great aunt of Kathleen.

HAYES Angelique Renée of Austerville. Mother of Berenice & Riaz. Mother-in-law Cuan. Grandmother of Casey. Sister, aunt and cousin. Funeral on 21 Dec 2012 at Christ The King Parish Wentworth at 10am. Cremation private.

MOONSAMY Daddy S (Moon) of Chatsworth . Ex –staff of Independent Newspapers. Husband of Mallie. Father of Jay, Ruby, Raj, Devaney and Dennis. Funeral on 20 Dec 2012 at 31 Canehaven Drive, Phoenix. Body will lie in state from 11am---2:30pm proceeding to Mobeni Heights Crematorium at 4pm.

NELL Yvonne Mary . Memorial Service at St Joseph's Catholic Church Morningside on 21 Dec 2012 at 9am.

SCOTT-CROSSLEY Pamela Alma. Funeral at Holy Trinity Catholic Church Musgrave on 21 Dec 2012 at 11am. DOVES 0860025500

TREVISANI nee FRANCESCON Ines 20 Aug 1927 ----18 Dec 2012. X + Eros. Mother of Mauro and Nadia. Mother-in-law of Delene and Estienne. Nonna of Jessica and Nikki. Service on 21 Dec 2012 at DOVES Greyville at 11 am.

THURLEY Alan . Father of Romy, Jon and Troy.

VAN DER HAAR Russell Peter of Assagai x Debbie. Father of Derek & + Irene. Brother of Gary, Dion, Donovan & Debra. Uncle and cousin. Funeral at Christ The King Parish on 21 Dec 2012 at 12pm. Cremation private.


ADAMSON Pat. 10 Years gone now. Missing you lots from Mom, Kim, Wendy and Dell.

LOUW Mona Maureen 9 Oct 1939 -----20 Dec 2004. X Gerry.

21 December 2012


COOPER Alfred Ian ID 281230 5027 08 4 + 8 July 2012 of 19 Fairydene Village, 18 Stapleton Rd, Sarnia, 3610. ESTATE No.13930/2012 DBN. S J FOURIE Suite GR08 Business Partners Centre , 23 Jan Hofmeyr Rd, Westville 3629.

GOUGH Mary Elizabeth ID 140630 0039 08 6 + 3 May 2012 of Amber Valley Care Centre. P O Box 30 ,Howick. ESTATE No. 8421/2012/PMB. DALLING & CO, P O Box 30131, Mayville 4058.

LAGENDIJK Maria ID 410318 0033 08 4 + 27 July 2012 of 21 Lynton Ave , Kloof 3610 x Leendert Johannes Bernhard LAGENDIJK ID 410312 5055 18 4. ESTATE No. 8425/2012. WP BURGER, Stellenbosch Financial Advisory Service, 12 Krige Street, Stellenbosch.

MBATHA Zanemvula Ackim ID 540706 5567 08 5 + 23 Sept 2009 of 17 Hawthorn Place, Windy Heights , Stanger x Zandile Goodness MBATHA ID 570828 0807 08 5. ESTATE No. 15333/09/DBN. PRETORIUS MDLETSHE & PARTNERS INC. 62 Hulett Street, Kwadukuza, KZN 4450 . TEL:- 032 5523651.


DAMSTRA Maaike ID 431020 0073 18 6 + no date. Address 84 Victoria Street, Richmond KZN & 104 Currie Rd, Musgrave DBN. ESTATE No. 9488/2012/DBN. TOMLINSON MNGUNI JAMES INC 165 Pietermaritz Street Pietermaritzburg 3201. 

FISHER Sheila Mary Doreen ID 310414 0066 08 2 + 1 June 2012 of 48 Caister Lodge , 264 Musgrave Rd Durban. ESTATE No. 8941/2012/DBN. DAVID GARDYNE & PARTNERS P O Box 1434, Durban 4001. TEL:- 031 3011582.

FYNN Martha Mary ID 331118 0005 08 2 + 29 Feb 2012 of John Dunn House, 224 Austerville Drive, Wentworth, Durban. ESTATE No. 9747/2012 DBN. DITZ INCORPORATED P O Box 25250 Gateway 4321.

HADLOW William ID 300321 5036 08 9 + 16 Feb 2012 of 24 Carlton Ave , Westville 3630 x U.P HADLOW ID 220913 0050 18 5 .ESTATE No. 2345/2012/PMB. RODGER ADKINS P O Box 1780, Westville 3630. TEL:- 031 2667931.

27 December 2012


LESEVRE Ludene & Gerard a boy Slayter * 13 Dec 2012. Great-grandchild of Eric & Betty HONNEYSETT.


CORKILL Verna Dulcie 1923 ----21 Dec 2012. Sister of Cynthia x Bob.Aunt to Craig and Nicky, children Robert and Caitlin and Heather and Garth; Mother of Fred & Yvonne, Clive & Donna and Gloria. ;Grandmother of + Carl & Susi, Hugh, Greg and Rebecca, Della, Delia and Heinz, Max and Kim and great-grandchildren. Memorial at Overport Congregational Church Durban on 27
Dec 2012 at 2:30pm.

DU PLESSIS JP + 25 Dec 2012. Stabbed to death in Pretoria outside Hercules station.

FURNIVALL Dr Cedric Noel 17 Aug 1925 ----22 Dec 2012 x Mary. Father of David and Mary, Gilly and Wyndham, Alison & Tim, Neil & Elaine. Grandfather of Tammy, Samantha, Cameron, Amber and Tate; Dad of Alison, Tim, Samantha and Cameron PARLE.

GAYAPARSAD Chooraman + 22 Dec 2012 in the Far East. Of 84 Bailey Rd Red Hill. Educator at Longcroft Primary School. TEL:- 031 5640843 / 082 7408650.

GREENWOOD Joan Margaret 7 March 1911 -----22 Dec 2012. Mother and mother-in-law of Alison & John, John & Karin, Hillary & Pat, Jen & Ron, Robin & Ann. Gran and Old Gran. Funeral at St Agnes Anglican Church Kloof on 28 Dec 2012 at 2:30pm. OAKLEIGH 0312059959.

GUMEDE Nqobile 22 years and her daughter (11 months) + 25 Dec 2012 after lightning srtuck their thatched house at the Nkanini area. Sister of Zama.

HARRIS nee BADENHORST Annett Christine 22 Aug 1950 ----22 Dec 2012 x Trevor. Mother of Brett and Marc.

KERBY Alan Roy . Memorial at Berea Congregational Church on 28 Dec 2012 at 11 am.

KINSEY Carl Patrick + 22 Dec 2012 at age 27 was shot at Wentworth. Father of Adrian, Chloe, Carnel, Tyriq. Brother of Codey and Quen. Funeral on 28 Dec 2012 at Christ The King Parish Wentworth at 10am. Cremation private.

LORENZO Glynnis (Sergeant) age 38. + in Cape Town in car accident together with SNELL Quinton (Constable) age 33. Both were in Police Van.

MILLIGAN Frances Irene 20 April 1931 -----23 Dec 2012 at Graceland Nursing Home. Mother of Diarmuid, Ian and Roz, grandmother of Sean and Chris. Mother-in-law of Alan. Funeral at St Agnes Anglican Church Kloof on 27 Dec 2012 at 11:30am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959

SERMAN Dr. Prof. Neill + 22 Dec 2012. Mourned by Malcolm SERMAN, Shirley KELLNER, Faith BASKIN. Prayers 608 Bordeaux 27th at 6.15 TEL:- 021 4395623.

SHAW Graeme James 28 May 1943 ----23 Dec 2012.

TIMM Mary June Margaret of Sherwood x Eddie TIMM. Mother of Kelvin and Desiree. Mother-in-law of Hylton and Delysia. Grandmother of Cohen, Evan, Lynton and Lance. Funeral on 28 Dec 2012 at St Annes Catholic Church Sydenham. Body will lie in state from 10:30 .Mass at 11pm. ISIPINGO INC PAM'S.

VORSTER Johannes .Missed by all at Kwikfreight Services.


CLARKE George Arnold. Father of Tony and Alice.

DAVIS Gary Vincent 27 Jan 1958 ----27 Dec 2009. Love from Mom. Also from Charmaine.

MANTHEY Renee + 25 Dec 2012 x Desmond . Your sons and all the grandchildren.

MCKIE Craig . 21 years gone now. From Mom, Dad, Richard , Vanessaand nephews and nieces.

NAIDOO Suren . 5 years gone now. Love Vijay, Dinny, Divvy and Thiroshen.

NEL Jack + 26 Dec 2008. Dad grand and great-grandfather of Rosey, Colin and Rob, Barbara, Vic and families.

SMITH Robin + 27 Dec 2001. Son of Ivor. Brother of Michael and Gary; Also from Mom.

WALLIS Shirley. 2 years gone now x Brian. Gran of Angie, Jayde, Connor, Julia, Jason, Julie, Trent and Mia.

28 December 2012


ADAMS Lloyd Robert 18 July 1976 + 20 Dec 2012 tragically in Port Alfred. Son of Pam BIRD TEL:- 0823977351 and Martin, Inez and Neville ,Debbie and Dad (Collin ADAMS).

BENATAR Victor . Father and Grandfather of Isaac, Maxine, Tatum, Sasha-Li, Ian, Michelle, Justin and Lisa.

LESSICK Louis + 25 Dec 2012. Father and grandfather of Ronald, Shelley, Eldine and Sarah.

MITCHELL Dora + 22 Dec 2012 at Flame Lily Park Frail Care . From son and daughter Fred FORD and Louise FORD. Memorial at Flame Lily Park Malvern on 2 Jan 2013 at 0930 am.

NAIDOO Nita x Gona . Mother of Renira, Yakshini & Neshchalin. 13th Day Memorial at Woodhurst Multicultural Hall Chatsworth on 4 Jan 2013. Supper at 1730pm Service 7pm. TEL:- 031 4096565.

VAN HEERDEN Roelof Martinus (Dodoor ) 24 July 1930 ---21 Dec 2012. Uncle of Albert and Marishia.

VORSTER Johannes . You will be missed by all at Kwikfreight Services.


NAICKER Somakanthie ID 680620 0194 08 6 + 24 Aug 2008 of 49 Blenford Crescent , Sunford Phoenix ,x Poonambalan NAICKER ID 630809 5187 08 5 . ESTATE No. 16942/2012 DBN. VIREN SINGH & CO 239 Mathews Meyiwa (Stamfordhill) Rd, Greyville 4001 . TEL:- 031 3128866/7 FAX:- 031 312 8868. REF:- S NAICKER/sm/N1191.

NAIDOO Benny Sigamoney ID 540820 5157 08 4 + none x Goonam NAIDOO ID 560613 0149 08 0 of 34 Drumcastle Rd, Castlehill Newlands West 4037. ESTATE No. 16499/2012. DONNOVAN NAIDOO 169 Kwartel Rd, Birch Acres Kempton Park 1609. 

NAIDOO Velemah ID 510509 0571 08 6 + 25 Oct 2010 x Desmond NAIDOO ID 470603 5207 08 1 of 366 Montolene Drive, Chatsworth, Durban. ESTATE No. 18790/2011. DONNOVAN NAIDOO 169 Kwartel Rd, Birch Acres Kempton Park 1609.

NARASIMOOLOO Neelamma ID 451218 0477 08 5 + 23 Jan 2010 of 19 Meerut Place Northdale Pietermaritzburg. ESTATE No. 8454/2010 PMB. DONNOVAN NAIDOO 169 Kwartel Rd, Birch Acres Kempton Park 1609.

31 December 2012


BRYANT Thomas Winston (Tom) 2 March 1933 ----21 Dec 2012 . Funeral at St Martin in the Field Anglican Church, Durban ,on 4 Jan 2013 at 2 pm.

DE VILLIERS Eugene Johan 21 Aug 1934 ------28 Dec 2012 x Mildred. Father of Eileen and Ralph. Grand and great-grandfather. Thank you Revd. NIGHTINGALE for Blessing. Entabeni for Rehabilitation Centre.

DU TOIT Louis 1974 ----2012 . To young from Mum, Nick, Angie, Deon.

ESTMENT Frank DD.23 June 1932 -----16 Dec 2012 in Somerset West. Missed by Roy, Sharon, Phillip, Bronwyn, Claire. Memorial Service at St Francis Anglican Church Walkerville Gauteng on 5 Jan 2013 at 2pm.

GREIG Tony. 29 Dec 2012 (England's Captain Cricket Player). Died in Sydney at age of 66 years. "Daily Mail". Paul NEWMAN.

JONES Winifred (Winnie) 21 Sept 1914 -----25 Dec 2012 of Queensburgh. Funeral at graveside at Queensburgh Cemetery on 3 Jan 2012 at 10am. Memorial Service at House of Prayer Malvern at 11am.

MAIER Hans Wilhelm (Paul) 12 Aug 1942 -----26 Dec 2012. Father of Rob and Jen.

RAMAGES Jerome 23 Julie 1959 ----25 Dec 2012 x Beverly. Father of Justine, George, Devon. Funeral on 30 Dec 2012 at Riverside S.D.A Church Klipfontein Rd Athlone. Thereafter to Maitland Cemetery at gate 7. ALLARD & SONS 082 4908048.

SALMON Robert George (Bob) 10 Julie 1925 ----27 Dec 2012 at Nazareth House. Missed by Alan and Gilly, Richard and Clive, Stephen and Maggie. Grandpa of Chris and Matt and great grandfather.

SHER Dorothy. Unveiling of tombstone for Dot in Pinelands 2 on 3 Jan 2013 at 10 am.

VAN NIEKERK Johannes (Albrie) . Remembered by Brenda and all the families.

WATSON Derek + 26 Dec 2012. Missed by all at Bergvliet Bowling Club.


PIKET Fred. Father of Belinda and family.

PLOWMAN George Ivanhoe (Duck-Duck) + 31 Dec 2011. Husband, father and grandfather.

SWAN DIGGER + 31 Dec 2007 x Colleen; Also from Carol, John, Brenda, Mal, Brad, Michelle, Murray, Tina and families.

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