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The Daily Representative 1933 2 April - June

Monday, April 3, 1933

SCOTT.-  To Mr. and Mrs. W.T. SCOTT, at St. Catherine’s Nursing Home, on the 3rd April, a daughter.

In Memoriam
ORSMOND.-  In loving memory of my husband and our father, Richard Churchill ORSMOND, who died on 3rd April, 1931.

Friday, April 7, 1933

DASHWOOD.-  Died in the New Somerset Hospital, Capetown, on Thursday, April 6th, 1933, Rosa DASHWOOD, of Cathcart Road, Queenstown in her 78th year.
EWAN.- Passed away peacefully, on the 27th March, 1933, at Sterkstroom, Robert EWAN.  Aged 65 years.

In Memoriam
GUARD.- In memory of our dearly loved Phil, who died in Johannesburg, April 7th, 1932, son of P.A. and E.M. GUARD.

The late Mr. Robert EWAN.
(From our own Correspondent.)
Death has been very busy among the old residents of Sterkstroom.  The past twelve months have witnessed the departure of many old and familiar faces, and it was only the other day that Sterkstroom lost one of its most distinguished men by the death of Mr. Robert EWAN.
Born in Braemar in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, he came to Sterkstroom about 46 years ago, at which place he lived ever since.  The late Mr. EWAN was one of the best known and most respected citizens of Sterkstroom.  He labored unceasingly as few know, for the progress of the town in which he settled, and his timely counsel was always sought when some new development in the town’s progress promised further realization of his hopes.
The confidence engendered by the community in the deceased was shown when on three occasions he was unanimously elected to the mayoralty, and in the main he was responsible for the various improvements that had been effected during his tenure as a councilor and mayor, which stand as a monument to his practical wisdom, such as the beautifying of our Market Square, the water and sanitation schemes, electric light, the laying out and planting with trees of EWAN Park, and the many needed improvements effected for the betterment of the location residents.
Outside his official duties he was an interested supporter of the local Boy Scouts’ Association, of which he was president since the departure of the late Dr. ROBERTSON, its first president.
As chairman of the Library and of the Building Society, he took a keen interest in those Institutions.
Mr. EWAN’s untimely death at the age of 65 years will be felt as a personal loss by all classes of the community, European, coloured, native and Indian alike.  His genial quiet humour, his kindliness to the poor, the absolute sincerity of his life, awakened a real personal regard for him in every one who came to know him.
The funeral took place on Tuesday morning last, where in the Anglican Church of St. Augustine, of which the deceased was a churchwarden, an impressive memorial service was held by the Rev. G.T. EASTEN, assisted by the Rev. LEYGONIE, of the Dutch Reformed Church…
Our strongest sympathy goes out to his widowed wife, Mrs. EWAN, and his surviving sons, Messrs. D. EWAN, secretary, Hospital Board, East London, A. EWAN, secretary, local School Board, M. EWAN, of the Standard Bank, Pretoria,, and Nurse Z. EWAN, of the General Hospital, Johannesburg, who came down to nurse her father.

Saturday, April 8, 1933

KEYS.-  Died at Frontier Hospital, Queenstown, on Friday, 7th April, 1933, Henry Peter KEYS.  Aged 84 years.
Funeral from Wesley Church, 4 p.m., Tuesday, the 11th inst.

Monday, April 10, 1933

LEACH.-  Died at Grasmere, to-day, April 10, after a long illness, Harry LEACH, age 57, youngest son of the late John LEACH, of Poplar Grove.  
Funeral from St. Michael’s Queenstow, at 4 p.m. to-morrow.

Thursday, April 13, 1933

In the Estate of the late Evelyn Eliza MILES, born BARTLETT, widow, retired housewife, in her lifetime of “Upper Rietkuil,” in the Division of Cathcart.  No 33582…
ELLIOTT Brothers,
Attorneys for Executors Testamentary
PO Box 5, Cathcart.

Saturday, April 15, 1933

JONES.-  February 26th, 1933, at the residence of his sister. 6, Penn Lea Road, Weston, Bath, the Rev. Edward Palmer JONES, late of Hackney, Queenstown, South Africa, and Harrogate, in his 73rd year.  Funeral at Bath on Wednesday.

In the Estate of the late Albert Ferdinand Otto KLETTE, a farmer, of Gwatyu, in the district of Queenstown.  No 32814…
Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.

Tuesday, April 18, 1933

In Memoriam
DERMAN.-  In loving memory of our dear Mother, who passed away on April 18th, 1932. -  Frank, Emmie and children.

Thursday, April 20, 1933

FORWORD-MURDOCH.-  Married at St. Columba’s Church, Queenstown, on the 17th April, 1933, by the Rev. R. RUSSELL, M.A., Stanley Bartlett FORWORD, of Komgha, eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A.W. FORWORD, to Sarah Nicol MURDOCH, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. MURDOCH, of Queenstown.

In Memoriam
COOK.- In affectionate remembrance of our dear son and brother, Ernest (Sonnie) COOK, who was accidentally killed in the Waku disaster, April 20th, 1928.
DALY.- In loving memory of my affectionate mummy, Georgina DALY, who passed away 20th April, 1930, at Bloemfontein.
Sadly missed by her loving daughter, Muriel.
DALY.-  In loving memory of our dear daughter and sister, Georgina DALY (nee WESLEY), who died 20th April, 1930, at Bloemfontein.
WILSON.-  In remembrance of Annie WILSON, who passed away April 20th, 1931.
Ever remembered by her husband and son.

Friday, April 21, 1933

PRICE.- Passed away at Hatchley, Komgha, after a long illness, Bertrand T. PRICE, aged 67 years.

Saturday, April 22, 1933

McDONALD.-  On Saturday, 22nd April, 1933, to Mr. and Mrs. R. McDONALD, Tyldendale, a daughter.

Silver Wedding
McKENZIE-ROBINSON.-  Married at St. Michael and All Angel’s Church, Queenstown, on 22nd April, 1908, Andrew J. McKENZIE, Indwe, to Alice Maud ROBINSON, Queenstown, by the Rev. Preston THOMAS.

Tuesday, April 25, 1933

PETTIGREW.-  Passed peacefully away at Frontier Hospital, on April 23, 1933, Jessie Mary PETTIGREW, mother of Mrs. J.A. ANDREW, and Mrs. E.A. HARVEY.

Wednesday, April 26, 1933

Tragic Accident in Pretoria
A tragic accident occurred in Church Square, Pretoria, on Saturday night when a little girl was shot dead by her younger brother.  The child’s name is Jennie SHORT, and she lived at 64, Vermeulen Street with her parents and brother.  Her age was about 11 years.  The little boy had picked up a revolver, and, while he was playing with the weapon, it went off and shot the girl in the chest.

Monday, May 1, 1933

HURT.- Died at Durban, J.R. HURT, beloved father of Mrs. Cecil SCOTT.

Tuesday, May 2, 1933

DAVIS-LOCKE.-  The engagement is announced between Nurse Hazel LOCKE, of the Queenstown Mental Hospital, and Norman DAVIS, of Harding, Natal.

MARSHALL.-  Passed away suddenly at the General Hospital, Johannesburg, on Friday, the 22nd April, Durban A.B. MARSHALL, dearly loved husband of Kate MARSHALL, in his 77th year.

The Late Mr. Durban MARSHALL
Early on Friday morning, April 22, there passed away at the General Hospital, Johannesburg, Mr. Durban MARSHALL, aged 76 years.  For some considerable time he had been in indifferent health and at last decided to be attendend to by a specialist.  After successfully passing through a minor operation, it was decided that a major operation was necessary, and this was performed.  Mr. MARSHALL appeared to stand the strain very well, but apparently it was too much for his weakened system and on the following day he died in his sleep.
The late Mr. MARSHALL was born in Grahamstown in 1856 and lived there during his early life.  In 1888, however, his brother William, who with Mr. T.H. MARSHALL, founded the firm of MARSHALL Bros., decided to go farming and his place in the firm was taken by the late Mr. Durban MARSHALL.  For the next 19 years a very successful business was carried on in Dugmore Street, until the brothers decided to retire and dispose of their interests to Messrs.  MATTHEWS Bros.  Since that time he has lived in Queenstown, a town in which he took a great pride and for which he had a real affection.  For over 25 years Mr. Durban MARSHALL had been a very valued member of the Wesley Church Trust Committee and with his brother had watched very closely the preservation of the fabric of the church.  As a member of the Quarter Board his advice was readily given to this co-stewards and to the ministers of the Circuit on any points on which they required assistance.  Always quiet and unassuming he had never taken any prominent place in public affairs and in later years his gradually increasing deafness had rendered him more loth than ever to come forward, but his help was always available when requested and those who had business dealings with him all bear testimony to his scrupulous honesty and fairness.  As a regular attendant at Wesley Church he will be sorely missed by ministers and officials alike, and the War Memorial tablet which stands in the apse of the church will always be a testimony to the trouble he took over matters where the interests of the church were concerned, as it was largely owing to the time he put into the matter while on a holiday in England that such a beautiful tablet was obtained.  The many wreaths and floral tributes testify to the great esteem in which he was held.

Thursday, May 4, 1933

GODFREY-FRIEND.-  The engagement is announced between Miss Alice FRIEND, of Tarkastad, and Mr. Herbert D. GODFREY, of Queenstown.

Friday, May 5, 1933

In Memoriam
BREETZKE.-  In loving memory of my dear sister, Mrs. Orlando BREETZKE, died 5th May, 1923.
(Annie ROBERTS).
VENTER.-  In loving memory of our beloved mother, Sarah Jane VENTER, who passed away 5th May, 1932.

Monday, May 8, 1933

McDONALD.-  At Mrs. WELSH’s Home, Aliwal North,  on the 5th inst. To Phyllis, wife of Ian McDONALD, a son.

SHAW-ANDERSON.-  Married at Salisbury, on the 25th April, Edgard J.B. SHAW, younges son of Edgar SHAW, Queenstown, to Ela, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.T. ANDERSON, Salisbury.

Tuesday, May 9, 1933

SELLSERS.-  Fell asleep, on 6th May, dearly beloved wife of George L. SELLERS, of Queesntown.  Aged 61 years.

Thursday, May 11, 1933

Mrs. P.C.S. COETZER, passed peacefully away at 26, Tylden Street, after long illness, 8th May, 1933.

Congratulations to Doris LITTLEFORD and Joyce TEMLETT, who are pupils of Miss Nora CLARKE, L.R.A.M., in passing the Preliminary Examination of the Cape University of Music with excellent marks.  The marks obtained were 148 and 142 respectively, out of a possible 150. (Advt.)

Saturday, May 13, 1933

In Memoriam
DAVISON.-  In loving memory of our infant daughter Zaida, who passed away peacefully on May 14th, 1932.

Notice to Creditors & Debtors
Estate of the late John George BOLD and predeceased spouse Maria Catharina BOLD, born BOTHA:  a Mason, of Queenstown.
Nos. 83880 and 31511.
Attorneys for Executor Dative

Monday, May 15, 1933

BARTLETT.-  Passed away suddenly on Friday, May 12th, at Stroud, Gloster, England.  Susan BARTLETT, beloved sister of John, Charles and Frank BARTLET and Mrs. A.V. WELCH, of Queenstown.

Death of Mrs. GUNN
The King Mercury reports the death on Friday of Mrs. Louisa Annie GUNN, wife of Mr. J.W. GUNN and mother of Miss GUNN of Queenstown.  The deceased lady who was in her 73rd year, was  among the oldest residents of King Williamstown and was held in deep esteem and affection by a large circle of friends…

Tuesday, May 16, 1933

Fatal Accident
Mr. W.F. WATERFIELD, chief assistant at the southern station of Harvard University Observatory, Mazelspoort, Bloemfontein, died from injuries sustained between the motor cycle he was riding and a milk cart (says the Friend).  The motor cyclist was flung from his machine and fell beside it in the centre of the road.  Part of the right side of his head was badly crushed and his right eye was seriously injured, in addition the lower part of his left leg was fractured and he was thought to have suffered internal injuries.  He was taken to hospital in an unconscious condition and died without regaining consciousness.

The news was received with some surprise this morning announcing the death of Mr. A.R. FULLER, of the firm of Messrs. A.R. FULLER & Son.  Mr. FULLER had been ailing for some little time, but no serious view was taken of his condition, though it was known that his heart was affected.  He passed peacefully away this morning.  Mr. FULLER has been in the plumbing business in Queenstown for over forty years, and has ever had the confidence and respect of his fellow citiens.  He was a keen musician, and for years was associated with the Queenstown Band.  He took an interest in town affairs, but never sought office of any sort.  Of a quiet, retiring disposition, Mr. FULLER was beloved by a very large circle of friends,…

Wednesday, May 17, 1933

PRICE.-  At Nurse LEVEY’s Home, on the 15th inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil PRICE, of Bold Point, Whittlesea, a son.

FULLER.-  Passed peacefully away, at his residence, 150, Cathcart Road, Queenstown, on Tuesday, 16th May, 1933.  Arthur Richard FULLER, in his 69th year.

Golden Wedding
There will be many in Queenstown and throughout South Africa who will rejoice with Mr. and Mrs.  R.H. IMPEY in the celebration of their golden  wedding, which takes places on Monday next, May 22.  Mr. and Mrs. IMPEY were married in Wesley Church, among the earliest of the marriage in the new building and throughout the whole of their married life have been associated with Wesley.  Mr. and Mrs. IMPEY and their family will attend on Sunday to give thanks to God for their fifty years of happiness and joy, and at the organ recital following the evening service, greeting and good wishes will be given to them on behalf of the Church.

Thursday, May 18, 1933

In Memoriam
DIEMER.-  In fond remembrance of our darling Lola, who passed away 18th May, 1930.

Saturday, May 20, 1933

Estate late Miriam HART.  No 41085…
Agents for Executor Dative.
PO Box 61,

Monday, May 22, 1933

Emma BERRY (born HARTLEY), passed away peacefully in her 70th year, at Burghersdorp, C.P., on the 16th May, 1933.
VOGT.-  Died at Lady Frere, on the 19th May, 1933, Ernest John Henry VOGT, of Maqashu.

Golden Wedding
IMPEY-WEBSTER.-  married by Rev. James THOMPSON, M.A., in Wesley Church, Queenstown, on 22nd May, 1883, Robert Hart, fifth son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. IMPEY, grantees of this district, to Elizabeth Jane (Lilla), only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Godfrey WEBSTER, descendants of the 1820 Settlers, and grantees of this district.
Mr. and Mrs. IMPEY will be At Home on Monday afternoon from 3 to 6 o’clock.

CREBO.-  Passed peacefully away at the Frontier Hospital, on the 21st inst., Robert CREBO.  Aged 84 years.

Death of Mr. R. CREBO
By the death of Mr. R. CREBO late yesterday afternoon, Queenstown has lost a real landmark.  Mr. CREBO, who was 83 years of age, had been in poor health for a long time but took a serious turn about a fortnight ago.  Endeavours were made to persuade him to go to Hospital, but he refused to move from his own home till yesterday morning, when it was too late to do much for the old man.  He passed away about 5 p.m.
Up to the time of the introduction of the motor car, “Bob” CREBO (as he was familiarly known) carried on a successful livery business in Queenstown and his smart horses and carriages have been used by many distinguished personages, including Governors-General, Judges, Mr. Cecil RHODES and other famous politicians.  The “great” people Mr. CREBO used to drive himself, but for no one would he don a jacket of coat.  He was a well-known “character,” and many fine stories are woven round his name.  He was extremely popular, and beloved by all.  He has lived in Queenstown for over half a century, and was seen in the streets in his little buggy practically every day.  He attended the morning market regularly, and was known to everyone.  Mr. CREBO was very proud of one of his brothers, who became mayor of Kansas City, in U.S.A.
The introduction of motor transport brought Mr. CREBO’s business to a very small affair indeed, and he deplored the disappearance of the horse.  Bad health has kept him quiet for a number of years, but in the earlier days he was the best known man in and around Queenstown, and everybody enjoyed a quarter of an hour with “Bob” to hear his stories and reminiscences.  He was kindly and generous and took a keen interest in the development of the town.  The older generation will miss “Old Bob CREBO,”  and the sympathy of the whole community will go out to his family in their bereavement.

Friday, May 26, 1933

In Memoriam
MULLER.-  In loving memory of William Arthur MULLER, who was killed on the railway, May 26th, 1922.  Aged 16 years, 8 months, 24 days.
WALLIS.-  In loving memory of Myra, our dear pal and chum who passed away May 26th, 1932.
(Sadly missed by Tom, Rayne and Cliff.)
WALLIS.- In loving remembrance of our dearly beloved only daughter and sister, Myra, who entered into higher service, May 26th, 1932.

In the Estate of the late Thomas Henry O’NEILL, Pensioner, of Lady Frere, District Glen Grey.  No 36613….
Attorney for Executrix.
P.O. Box 8,
Lady Frere.

Estate late Petrus Frederick VAN DER MERWE, of Queenstown.  
No. 35864…
Attorney for the Executor Testamentary
Hexagon, Queenstown

Estate late Martha Maria STOFBERG (born BOTHA), and surviving spouse Theunis Christoffel Botha STOFBERG, of Queenstown.
No. 36388…
Attorney for the Executor Testamentary
Hexagon, Queenstown

Monday, May 29, 1933

KOHLER-MACLEAN.-  The marriage between Alice Marianne, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. KOHLER, of Tebetebeng, Tyateyaneng, Basutoland, and James Alexander (Jimmy) second son of Mrs. J. MACLEAN, Queenstown, will take place at Cana, Basutoland, on Tuesday, the 6th June.  No cards.

Thursday, June 1, 1933

REYNIERSE.-  To Mr. and Mrs. H.P. REYNIERSE, at 46, Livingstone Road, on the 30th May, a bonny daughter.

Death of Uitenhage Magistrate.
In came as a great blow to the community of Uitenhage to hear that the Magistrate, Mr. N.B.R. PREIS had died during Monday night.  He had been on the bench as usual that afternoon.  Mr. PREIS who endeared himself to all sections of the community was shortly to have gone on pension.

Friday, June 2, 1933

Notice to Creditors & Debtors
Estate of the late Wilhelmine SCHEIDEL, born SCHUBACH, and surviving spouse Herman Carl August SCHEIDEL, of Rwantsana, Bolotwa, District Glen Grey…
Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.

Saturday, June 3, 1933

In Memoriam
PHILLIPS.-  In fond and loving memory of James Rupert PHILLIPS, who died the 3rd of June, 1930.

Tuesday, June 6, 1933

HEX.-  Passed away at Queenstown, on June 4th, 1933, George HEX.  Age 71 years.

Friday, June 9, 1933

GOMBERT.-  Died at Queenstown on the 9th June, 1933, A.C.F.W. GOBERT, of East London, father of Mrs. W. MANLEY.

Saturday, June 10, 1933

In Memoriam
ELLA.-  In loving remembrance of Grace Mary, dearly loved wife of Melton ELLA and daughter of E. and B. DUFFIELD, who died at Stutterheim, 10th June, 1932.
QUIRK.-  In loving memory of Winifred QUIRK, who died at Queenstown, on the 11th June, 1930/

Tuesday, June 13, 1933

STIRTON.-  Passed away at Berlin, C.P., on Friday, 9th June, after a long and painful illness, borne with patience and Christian fortitude, Lydia Emmeline STIRTON (born CROUCH) wife of W.T. STIRTON, of Berlin, and youngest daughter of the late Mr. E. CROUCH, of Queenstown.

Thursday, June 15, 1933

SWEETNAM.-  At Queenstown, on Thursday, 15th June, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. SWEETNAM, of “Muir Park,” Queenstown, a daughter.

PHILLIPS.- Passed peacefully away at Cradock, on the 6th inst., after a stroke, Anne, widow of J.J. PHILLIPS.  Aged 88 years 2 months.

Burning Fatality Near Dordrecht.
A burning fatality occurred at Withoogte, eight miles from Dordrecht, on Saturday (says The Friend).  A Mr. GROBLAR attempted to pour petrol from a tin into a primus stove already lit, and the tin exploded in his hands.  His two young sons were standing near by and were terribly burned.  The elder (five) was burnt to the bone from head to foot and only lived a few hours, and the three-years-old son was badly burnt, but is making satisfactory progress, Mr. GROBLAR received serious injuries, but is recovering.  Some footballers motoring home from a Rugby practice in Dordrecht heard the cries for help and went to the farmhouse and brought the family to Dordrecht.

Friday, June 16, 1933

ROWELL.-  Passed away at 7, Calderwood Street, Queenstown, on 15th June, 1933, Annie M. ROWELL, loved wife of Hugh P. ROWELL.

Wednesday, June 21, 1933

HARDING.- To Mr. and Mrs. R.E.L. HARDING, of Bongolo, on 20th June, 1933, a daughter.

FITZPATRICK.-  Passed away at 23, Albert Street, Cradock, on June 14th, 1933, Fitzelarence Jarvis FITZPATRICK (Paddy).  Aged 55 years.

Thursday, June 22, 1933

Double Wedding
The Deputy-Mayor’s Daughters Married
350 Guests attend huge Reception

One of the most largely-attended marriage ceremonies ever held in Queenstown took place last night when two weddings were held in Queen’s Drive Synagogue and a joint reception in the Town Hall afterwards drew a gathering of over three hundred.
The brides were the two daughters of Mr. J. LEVIN, Deputy-Mayor, and Mrs. LEVIN.  The first ceremony was the marriage of Miss Rae LEVIN, eldest daughter, to Mr. Henry BUTLION, second son of Mr. and Mrs. L. BUTLION, of Port Elizabeth, and was solemnized by the Rev. FRIEDMAN, at 6.45 p.m.
Immediately afterwards the Rev. FRIEDMAN conducted the marriage of the second daughter, Miss Rose LEVIN, and Mr. Arthur KAPLAN, only son of Mrs. KAPLAN and the late Mr. KAPLAN, of Oudtshoorn.
Mr. J. LEVIN gave the bride away in each instance.
The Synagogue was packed to the doors when the ceremony started.  Miss Rae LEVIN’s bridesmaids were Miss VALENCHYK and Miss Violet BUTLION, and the bestman’s duties were ably handled by Mr. Mick BUTLION, brother of the bridegroom.
Miss Rose LEVIN was attended by Miss Sally KAPLAN, Miss Joyce LEVIN and Miss Lily GOLDBERG, and Mr. LIPCHITZ acted as the efficient bestman…

Friday, June 23, 1933

BARTLETT.-  Passed away at Evesham Nursing Home, Worcestershire, England, on 21st June, 1933, Harry, beloved son of John BARTLETT, Madeira Park, and brother of Mrs. J. YOUNG-JAMIESON, Mrs. C. TAYLOR and E.W. BARTLETT (Mount Hopley).

Saturday, June 24, 1933

In the Estate of the late Stephen TABATA and surviving spouse Amy TABATA (born DYUSHU), of Lesseyton, District of Queenstown.  
No. 26057…
Attorneys for Executors Testamentary.

Motor Tragedy
A motor tragedy occurred yesterday in Bedford when Mrs. HOCKLY, of Bedford, mother of Mrs. F.G.C. PALMER, of Strowan, Grahamstown, was seriously injured and died soon afterwards.  It is reported that she had just stepped out of a car when a passing car knocked her over.  She died in hospital (says the Grahamstown paper).

Thursday, June 29, 1933

THOMSON-LONGBONE.- At the Presbyterian Church, Germiston, on the 16th June, Magnus William THOMSON, only son of Mr. and Mrs. C. THOMSON, to Ivy May LONGBONE, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. LONGBONE.

Friday, June 30, 1933

HOLLIS.-  Passed away at Flagstaff, after a short illness, on 27th June, George, dearly loved brother of Ted, Paddy and Jack.

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