Eastern Province Herald (later The Herald)

Eastern Province Herald 1847 - 2 - April to June

Saturday 24 April 1847

Died on the 5th instant among the Batlepee Tribe, Mrs. ROSS, the beloved wife of the Rev. Mr. ROSS, Missionary of the London Society. “It appears that she had been suffering for some time past from dysentery, probably brought on by an exposure to hardships during the removal of the people to another location. Her loss will be deeply felt by that comparatively infant Mission.”

Saturday 8 May 1847

Inn &c
No.26 Plein Street, Cape Town
John ROGERS respectfully acquaints his friends and the public that, having obtained the necessary licence, under the new Ordinance, he has opened his Premises, No.26 Plein Street, Cape Town, under the title of
where passengers and travellers of every description can be accommodated.
Wines, spirits, malt and other liquors of the best quality, and beds, breakfast, tiffins, dinners, chops, steaks, tea, coffee and superior soups will always be ready at the customary hour,

Saturday 22 May 1847

Married at Uitenhage by the Rev. A. SMITH, on Tuesday 18th inst, Mr. John LESLIE of Port Elizabeth to Miss Anna Elizabeth PANNELL, second daughter of Lieut. Robert PANNELL, 60th Rifles.

Saturday 5 June 1847

Port Elizabeth
Valuable Landed Property for Sale
The undersigned being duly authorised and instructed by the Proprietor
Offers for sale that valuable and excellent standing for
A Mercantile Establishment
Situated at the corner of Market and Jetty Street at Port Elizabeth, now occupied by John EAGAR Esq
Comprising a block of buildings with three extensive frontages, on the Market, Jetty and Damant streets, with a double storey’d dwelling house, store and shop, cellarage, coach house, outbuildings, enclosed and paved yard with a well and pump and every convenience.
Terms (of the most liberal kind) and further particulars may be known by application to
John Centilivres CHASE, Notary and Conveyance
May 26th 1847

Saturday 12 June 1847

Married at Gamtoos River on the 3rd instant by the Rev. F. McCLELAND, Mr. James BAKER, third son of the late George BAKER Esq, MD, Leatherhead, Surrey to Miss Catherina Elizabeth KEMP, eldest daughter of P. KEMP Esq
Port Elizabeth 5th June 1847

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