Graaff-Reinet Herald

Graaff-Reinet Herald 1853 - 1 - January to March

Wednesday 5 January 1853

Messrs. HEUGH & FLEMING beg to acquaint the Public that intending to reduce their extensive stock of Merchandise they are selling off a Cost Prices until the 6th January next
Graaff-Reinet 29th Dec 1852

A consignment of Silver and Gold double cased patent lever Hunting Watches (jewelled) of the best London and Liverpool makers. Also a large assortment of jewellery, including a varied description of Signet, Wedding, Keepers and other Rings, Ear-rings, Brooches, Bracelets etc, the whole of which will be sold at the stores of the undersigned at a little above the London cost.
Graaf-Reinet 28th Dec 1852

Wednesday 12 January 1853

Black Horse
Billiard Room
Begs to inform the inhabitants of this town and the public generally that he has opened a Billiard Room at the above establishment.
Graaff-Reinet January 1853

The undersigned wishes to engage with a respectable married couple to keep school at Bloemhof, to educate as day scholars seven children, in a good English education, with Music and Drawing. Terms, £50 per annum, with a good House containing 7 rooms and Garden Land free. The parties will be allowed to take 5 children more if they can get them. Application to be made to Geo. SOUTHEY
Bloemhof 10th Jan 1853

Wednesday 19 January 1853

Taken daily and fitted in frames, lockets &c. None but accurate and approved Likenesses will be delivered.
Graaff-Reinet Dec 15 1852

Wednesday 26 January 1853

Death of Mr. William Cole CURRIE.
On Sunday evening the sad tidings of the death of Mr. Wm. CURRIE reached us from Somerset, where he expired on the previous Thursday, the 20th inst. Most of our readers are aware that Mr. CURRIE was a Lieutenant in the Somerset Border Police and was
severely wounded by a charge of loopers in the thigh, in an affair at the Slagtkamer in the Zuurberg, with the murderous gang of rebel Hottentots under the notorious Hans Brander. Another brave man, Mr. J. BOUWER, who was wounded on the same occasion, died about New Year. Our Frontier has thus been deprived of two as brave and valuable men as any country perhaps could produce.

Wednesday 16 February 1853

NOTICE is hereby given that all Oxen, Horses, Sheep &c found trespassing upon the farm Brak Fontein under the Old Berg will from and after this date be impounded, and no-one will be allowed to outspan at any other place than the proper outspanning, which is upon the first rise of the mountain, without first obtaining permission from the occupier at the house.
Horses will be taken to graze at 1s 6d per month, but no cattle. The above notice will be rigidly enforced.
Jan 25th 1853

In another column will be found some statistics of the town of Graaff-Reinet, from which it will be seen that the town with its gardens covers an area of about 430 acres, and consists of 574 houses with 3,617 inhabitants. Last season 3,337 aums of wine and 891 half aums of brandy were made from the fruit grown in the town; much of this wine remains yet on hand, but brandy is very scarce. It is not expected that much wine will be made this year, although the vintage is uncommonly fine; but most likely a considerable quantity of brandy will be produced. The total value of the produce raised in the town amounts to the sum of £8,307 19s.

The influenza prevails to a very considerable extent in the town of Graaff-Reinet and its neighbourhood. The weather has lately been exceedingly hot, 110 degrees in the shade, and on Sunday last the wind blowing over the flats was like a blast from a furnace. Fortunately for us a steady soaking rain set in on Monday evening, which has so cooled the air that one can now indulge in the luxury of a good cold shiver.

Wednesday 2 March 1853

All persons claiming to be creditors in the Estate of the late David Abraham De VILLIERS and surviving Widow Martha Du TOIT, of Graaff-Reinet, are requested to file their claims with the undersigned at the house of Mr. E.S. FORD, Richmond, within six weeks from this date.
A.S. FORD qq
The Widow of D.A. De VILLIERS
Richmond 28th Feb 1853

300 well bred Merino Ewes, at the farm of the undersigned, Spyt Fontein, Winterveld, District of Richmond

The undersigned as agents for Mrs. the Widow J.C. NIEUWOUDT offer on lease for a term of three years that well known sheep and cattle farm 'Toon Borhas Fontein', situated about three miles from the village of Richmond, in extent 9,800 morgen. The capabilities of this farm are so well known that further recommendation would be superfluous. For particulars apply at the office of the undersigned, either at Graaff-Reinet or Richmond.
LEEB Brothers
Richmond 17th Feb 1853

Port Elizabeth has sustained a great loss in the recent deaths of Messrs. W. and J. SMITH. Mr. Joseph SMITH, who was in his 48th year, died of apoplexy at the Sunday's River Ferry on the 15th February; he leaves a widow and three children. His brother William died two days afterwards at Port Elizabeth, in his 51st year, and after a long and painful illness. A widow and five children survive him. The two brothers are deeply regretted by all who had the pleasure of their acquaintance.

Wednesday 9 March 1853

Market Square
Port Elizabeth
The undersigned tenders his services to all Wool Growers and Country Dealers in the disposal of Clips of Wool, by sample or otherwise, at 1 per cent. The highest current price guaranteed.
Farms and Landed Property of every description, Horses, Breeding Cattle, Draught and Slaughter Oxen, Merino and Slaughter Sheep, and produce of all kinds purchased or sold. Merchandise forwarded to the country districts and produce &c shipped to England and elsewhere with dispatch.
Port Elizabeth Dec 13

Wednesday 23 March 1853

Married by Special Licence at Richmond on the 21st inst by the Rev A. MURRAY Sen, VDM, Mr. Peter George LEEB of Richmond to Miss Maria Johanna, the only daughter of Johan George LIEBERHAGEN, JP for the District of Richmond.

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