Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1874 - 2 - April to June

Friday 3 April 1874

DIED at Somerset East on Saturday morning the March 28 1874, Benjamin SARGEANT, aged 61 years and 7 months. Friends will be pleased to accept this notice.

DIED after a painful illness of five weeks, at her residence, Junction Drift, on Friday 20th March 1874, Susannah Catharina Martina, wife of Rudolph VAN DER MEULEN (born BOTHA), aged 45 years 5 months 23 days. Her end was peace.

DIED at Grahamstown this morning, John Henry DIXON, aged 88 years. Deceased was one of the British Settlers of 1820, and was the head of a party known as “Dixon’s”. Friends at a distance will kindly accept this notice.
April 1st 1874

Mr. J. DIXON, whose death is announced in today’s issue, will be remembered as among the most notable, though unobtrusive, settlers of 1820. Located originally at the old military post of Wal Plaats, he was distinguished for his hospitality, and for the exhibition of that sturdy independence, which was so marked a trait in the men of that period. He was spared to a good old age, maintaining throughout his long career, amidst many vicissitudes and changes of residence, the character of a good citizen and of a straightforward, honest man.

We regret to have to record the death of another of those who came to this country with the Settlers of 1820 as a youth – Mr. Benjamin SARGEANT – the son of the late William SARGEANT. His history has not been very [persistently] mixed up with the fortunes of the country, yet as a private citizen, and as a member of a Christian church, Mr. SARGEANT has ably done his part, and under the many vicissitudes to which frontier life has been liable, has secured the respect and affection of all who know him. The late years of Mr. SARGEANT’s life were not unclouded as he had suffered considerable loss of property which he had accumulated by years of hard labour and self-denial, and which ought to have afforded a competence to him in his declining years; and also by protracted affliction which prevented him from taking any part in those active duties which had been his delight in the period of his manly vigour. He bore everything however with patience and resignation, and throughout his long affliction ever maintained his confidence in God his Saviour. As he had lived for many years in the enjoyment of the consolation of religion, so during his last severe illness those consolations were more abundant. His hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord was never dimmed, and his love for the cause of God never diminished. His last words to some friends who came to see him were “God bless you, God bless you”. His mourning friends do not sorrow as those who have no hope. He has entered into rest, and his works follow him. (Communicated)

(Diamond News)
We regret to have to announce the death of Major LAZARUS (a gentleman well-known both on the Fields and in Port Elizabeth) at Kimberley, on Friday morning last. The deceased gentleman had been carrying on business as a diamond merchant here for the past twelve months, and during that time had won the esteem and respect not only of the Jewish community but of a large circle of friends outside its pale. The immediate cause of death, which was rather sudden, was dysentery. The funeral took place on Friday afternoon and the body was followed to the grave by nearly all the Jewish residents in Kimberley.

Tuesday 7 April 1874

BIRTH at Tarkastad on the 30th March, the wife of Mr. Benjamin TALBOT of a daughter.

MARRIED in the Salem Chapel on 2nd April 1874, by the Rev T. Cresswell, Mr. Philip AMM of Lindale to Mrs. Ann Amelia VERITY.

DIED at Spring Grove near Bedford, on Thursday 19th March, Isabella, wife of Mr. Robert P. AINSLIE, and second daughter of the late James STEWART Esq. of Alice, aged 47 years. Deeply regretted. [correction of entry for 27 March]

DIED at Grahamstown April 5th (Easter Sunday) 1874, George William Miners, only child of George William and Cecilia WINTER Jun, aged one month and 13 days. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.

DIED at his residence, “Myrtle Lodge”, Prince Alfred-street, Grahamstown, on the 24th March 1874, William BELL, formerly of Edinburgh, Barrister-at-Law and late Member of the Legislative Assembly, aged 68 years, eldest and only surviving son of the late William BELL Esq of Dumfries.

On Thursday last, April 2nd, a fashionable wedding, which caused no small stir in Salem, was celebrated in that village on the occasion Mr. Phillip AMM Senr. took his third wife in the person of Amelia Ann VERITY, relict of the late Mr. John VERITY. The ceremony was a novel one, both the bride and the bridegroom being above the ordinary age. The bride was attired in a splendid and costly attired peach-blossom coloured moire antique dress, and was attended by Mrs. S.B. SHAW, Mrs. MATTHEWS and Mrs. C. HILL. Mr. S.B. SHAW gave the bride away and the ceremony was performed by the Rev T. CRESSWELL. A large wedding party subsequently celebrated the event.

Friday 10 April 1874

BIRTH at Seymour Stockenstrom on Tuesday the 7th inst, the wife of Mr. N.H. SMIT Jun of a son.

MARRIED at the residence of the bride’s father, Somerset East, on the 2nd April 1874, by the Rev Geo. H. Green, Emily Scott WEBBER, daughter of Mr. C.P. WEBBER, to David Hobson NASH, son of the late Wm. NASH of “De Rust”, Division Uitenhage.

DIED at King Williamstown on the evening of Saturday the 4th inst, the Rev Jno. W. APPLEYARD, Editor and Superintendent of the Wesleyan Mission Press, Mount Coke. Aged 59 years and 8 months.

The death of the Rev J.W. APPLEYARD, which event took place at Kin Williamstown on Saturday last, the 4th inst, will occasion a vacancy in the Wesleyan Church that will not easily be filled. The King Williamstown papers contain the following:-
The deceased came to this country in connection with the Wesleyan Missionary Society in the year 1840. He was introduced into the native mission work at once, and at Newtondale, the Bira and Peddie prepared himself for the work afterwards assigned to him in connection with the Mission Printing Press. Even the intervening period of the two years spent at Colesberg, after residence at the Bira, was given to putting together the accumulated materials of his Grammar of the Kafir Language. This Grammar he printed and published after the removal of the press from Peddie to this place. Here (K W Town) he spent from five to six years – interrupted by sickness to some extent – but devoted to English preaching and the carrying on of the translation and printing of portions of the Holy Scriptures. In 1853 he removed to Mount Coke, where the press had been kept in operation, first chiefly upon the Scriptures, until 1859, and since then upon necessary works for the educational and spiritual wants amongst the native churches.
The principal work, however, to which he gave his life, his time, thoughts and reading was that of the original translation of the Scriptures, revising existing translations made by others, or translating such as, from the loss of manuscript, required to be done again. Thus employed, in the end of 1859 he issued the first complete version of the Kafir Scriptures. Under the auspices of the British and Foreign Society he was called to England in 1860 to put the version through the press. Upon it he spent nearly five years of renewed study in the revision, the result being that the edition of the whole Bible is now in the hands of Kafir readers. Of this work he modestly writes: “It is a revision of all the preceding translations, carefully compared with the original tongues.”
Since his return to this country in 1865 it is only necessary here to add that he resumed his work at the Mission Press, and upon the appointment of the Board of Revisers for the revision of the Kafir Scriptures he has worked harmoniously with those of other denominations chosen for that purpose, in preparing a new edition of the New Testament. Declining health in the last year or two prevented the full attendance upon their meetings which he so much wished, and by his lamented decease we unfeignedly regret the loss of his ripened knowledge and experience from a sphere of such great and permanent usefulness.

Monday 13 April 1874

In the Intestate Estate of Elizabeth USHER, born FLANAGAN, formerly widow of the late John RANDELL and re-married to Alfred Jonah USHER, subsequently deceased, of the District of Peddie.
All persons claiming to be Creditors in these said Estates are requested to file their Claim within six weeks from this date at the office of the undersigned, in Peddie; and those indebted to the said Estates are requested to pay the same within the same period.
q.q. for Executors Dative
Peddie, 10th April 1874.

It is with regret we (Queenstown Representative) record the death of Mr. John McGill HEPBURN, son of the Rev Mr HEPBURN, Wesleyan Minister at Uitenhage, on Thursday evening last. Mr. HEPBURN was ailing for some days, but nothing serious was apprehended. On Thursday evening, at about seven o’clock, he was seized with a series of fits, in the last of which, at about eleven o’clock, he died. Mr. HEPBURN was an old resident of Queenstown, and was for many years the accountant of the late Queenstown Bank.
The last number of the Free Press, published a few days afterwards, says: “Another death has visited us since our previous issue: On Wednesday last Mrs. J.M. HEPBURN departed this life, thus following her late husband to their last home within five days. This has been a distressing case. While the lamented departed was hovering between life and death the husband was taken away. The friends did not care to inform the lady of her loss, and all unconscious of it she succumbed at last, leaving a young infant to the care of kind and sympathising relations.

Monday 20 April 1874

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 17th April, the wife of Mr. E.B. MARSHALL of a son.

Painter and Paper-hanger
Begs to inform the Public that he has removed to the premises formerly occupied by Mr. William HOCKEY, adjoining Mr. E.B. JAMES’s store, Bathurst-street.

Friday 24 April 1874

DIED on the 16th April 1874, after a short illness, at her father’s residence, Sarah Maria, the beloved daughter of Thomas and Jane P. LEPPAN, aged 13 years 9 months and 8 days. Also so young she knew her Saviour well and did not fear death.
Thorn Kloof, near Bedford.

Monday 27 April 1874

DIED at Grahamstown on the 23rd April 1874, at the age of 20 years and 23 days, after a brief but painful illness, William Henry, oldest son of Henry James and Charlotte THOMAS of Howard’s Party. The parents desire to return their sincere thanks to the kind friends who manifested their sympathy both during the illness and at the funeral of their deceased son. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

Friday 1 May 1874

BIRTH on the 26th inst, the wife of Mr. B. HOOLE of a son
30th April 1874

MARRIED at Fort Brown on Tuesday 28th April by the Rev G. Chapman, of Fort Beaufort, William SAVORY Esq of Fort Beaufort to Agnes E. GARNER, eldest daughter of the late T. GARNER Esq of Fort Brown. No cards.

DIED at Cradock, Mrs. Sarah ALLEN, native of Maidstone, Kent, England. Born on the 4th May 1779: died on the 24th April 1874. The deceased was one of the British Settlers of 1820: and after having passed through the various hardships and vicissitudes in common with the rest of those worthies, without a day’s serious illness, she died whilst sitting in her chair at dinner, at her son and only surviving child’s residence.
Cradock, April 27th 1874

Monday 4 May 1874

Yesterday Mr. W. MARSHALL led to the hymeneal altar the daughter of Mr. G. STILLWELL of this town (Queenstown). There was a large attendance at the chapel, the ceremony being performed by Rev. W. IMPEY. – Free Press

The death is announced of Mrs. ALLEN, until lately a resident of this city, and who died at Cradock last week at the very advanced age of 95 years, after a life singularly free from the bodily ailments to which, as a rule, this life is heir. We have also to announce the death of Mrs. AYTOUN at an equally advanced age, who died in Grahamstown last week.

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 3rd inst, the wife of G.J. HILL of Salem of a daughter.

Monday 11 May 1874

MARRIED at Fort Beaufort on Monday 27th April 1874 by the Rev George Chapman, Thomas West EDKINS, second son of Mr. John EDKINS, of Grahamstown, to Lydia Ann HENMAN, second daughter of Mr. W.C. HENMAN of Fort Beaufort.

A man named MERRY, an old resident of Simon’s Town, and aged fifty three years, committed suicide in that town on Sunday last in a most determined and extraordinary manner. About eight o’clock in the morning he went into his bedroom where he was found a couple of hours afterwards lying with his throat on a thin line, whilst his hands and knees were on the ground. He was then dying, for he gasped once or twice before he died. There was no noose to the rope, and strangulation was the cause of death. The man showed extraordinary determination in thus strangling himself, and his death must have been a dreadfully painful one. It was thought that he had also taken poison, and a post-mortem, we suppose, will be held to determine the cause of death. – Standard & Mail

Wednesday 13 May 1874

BIRTH at Cradock on the 10th inst, the wife of the Rev Ben. IMPEY of a daughter.

(Northern Post)
We learn from Lady Grey that a carpenter named Alfred SMITH died suddenly a few days ago. Death is supposed to have been caused by the bursting of a blood vessel. He had been engaged during the day in laying a floor, but feeling unwell went home, and a few minutes afterwards died. Mr. SMITH was greatly respected for his integrity, unobtrusiveness and industry. He leaves a wife.

Friday 15 May 1874

BIRTH at Hopetown on the 2nd inst, the wife of Peter HEUGH Esq of a daughter.

DIED at Grahamstown on the 1st May 1874, Magdalena Engeleena Wilhelmina, the beloved wife of Ruben VAN DER MERWE (born [WEWERS]), aged 57 years and 11 months.

DIED at the residence of Mr. W.E. CROUCH, Queenstown, on the 6th May 1874, Susannah H.S. GOLDING, widow of the late Joseph GOLDING, after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian patience and fortitude – aged 38 years and 11 months – and leaving a daughter and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

DIED at Peddie on Sunday evening, the 10th instant, Emma, the beloved wife of William VERITY, resident catechist Church of England, aged 43 years 7 months and 25 days. Deeply and sincerely regretted by her sorrowing husband and eight children.
Mr. VERITY begs to express his deep obligation to the Lord Bishop in attending to perform the last Christian rite, and to the inhabitants of Peddie for the great manifestation of sympathy to himself and family in their sad trial of affliction.

We regret to have to announce the death of one of our oldest colonists – Mr. James WALLACE – which took place at his residence at Collingham during last night. The deceased came to this country in 1817 with MOODIE’s Scotch party, being by birth himself a Scotchman. After working in Capetown for two years he came to the Eastern Province in 1819, as a Volunteer in the war which occurred in that year. He then resided for a number of years in Grahamstown when he removed to Collingham, where he has spent the last fifty years of his eventful career: dying at the ripe old age of 81 years. As a testimony of respect to a worthy character we may say that the deceased has throughout his long life time by a manly straightforwardness and uprightness gained the respect of all who knew him. He took an active and conspicuously brave part in the wars of 1835, 1846 and 1851. His constitution naturally robust and strong continued good until within the last year or two of his life time, when death was accelerated by a succession of slight accidents.

DIED at Grahamstown this afternoon, William Bruce EDYE, eldest son of William M. EDYE Esq, late R.M. and C.C. of Fort Peddie.
Friday, May 15th 1874.

Monday 18 May 1874

DIED at Market-square, May 17, of bronchitis, George Percy, eldest son of Geo. and Emily REYNOLDS, aged 2 years 11 months and 18 days.

Mr. John Thornhill FISHER is authorised to practice as a chemist and druggist.

Wednesday 20 May 1874

DIED on the 13th May 1874, Mr. James WALLACE, aged 81 years. The deceased came to this country in 1817 with MOODIE’s Scotch party.

Friday 22 May 1874

BIRTH at Fort Brown on the 19th May 1874, the wife of F.W.K. WYLDE Esq of a son.

DIED at Ladybrand, Orange Free State, on the 4th May 1874, after a short and painful illness, Mrs. Alicia GOULD, widow of the late Capt. T.T. GOULD, formerly of the 18th Light Infantry.

DIED at his residence, Market-square, Grahamstown, on Thursday 21st May 1874, Mr. John Walter ESTMENT, son of the late Wm. ESTMENT Sen. of this city, aged 34 years and 2 months. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

DIED at her residence, Paulet-street, Somerset East, May the 19th inst, after a very painful illness of three days, Susan Elizabeth GYFFORD (born KEYTER), widow of the late Theophilis GYFFORD, aged 59 years and four months. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.
Somerset East, 20th May 1874

Tuesday 26 May 1874

BIRTH at Grahamstown on 20th May, the wife of Mr. Reuben TIMM of a daughter.

MARRIED on the 15th May at Willis’ Rooms, King-street, St.James’ W, by the Rev Dr Adler, Chief Rabbi, assisted by the Revs. A. Barnett and I. Cohen, Henry BENJAMIN of Grahamstown, Cape of Good Hope, to Kate, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles FINK of Barnesbury.

MARRIED on the 21st inst, at St. Bartholomew’s, by the Rev C.H.L. Packman, Rector, Orlando Bradbury, youngest son of John Hay SANGSTER Esq of Romford, in Essex, to Jessie Emma, eldest daughter of Henry J. WEBB Esq of Stienkamp’s Flat, near Riebeck. No cards.

DIED on the 19th May 1874 at the residence of his parents (Rob’t and Amy FOXCROFT), in the District of Peddie, Mitford Ralph FOXCROFT, aged 28 years 11 months and 25 days, leaving a widow and one child. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

Friday 29 May 1874

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 28th inst, the wife of Mr. W.O. WEBB of a son.

MARRIED in Commemoration Chapel by the Rev W. Tyson, on Wednesday the 27th May, Edward Charles FLETCHER, third son of Mr. W.A. FLETCHER, of Grahamstown, to Charlotte Ann, third daughter of the late Mr. Henry HILL of Salem.

DIED at Oatlands, Grahamstown, yesterday, the 28th inst, of bronchitis, Herbert BOOTH, the tenderly beloved son of Benjamin BOOTH and Cordelia ATTWELL, aged 5 years and 3 months.

DIED at the residence of Mr. J.B. TEMLETT, Alice, on the 23rd inst, in her [34]th year, Rachel CHISLETT (born RA….), relict of John CHISLETT of Dorchester, England.
Grahamstown, 29th May 1874

Monday 1 June 1874

BIRTH at Salem on the 25th May, the wife of Mr. R.C. CROUCH of a son.

DIED at Whittlesea on the 22nd May 1874, after a wedded life of 57 years, Elizabeth EVA, wife of Mr. J.J. EVA Senr, aged 78 years and 4 days. Deceased was one of the Settlers of 1820, highly respected in the district, and leaves a husband and 71 children and grandchildren to mourn their loss.
Also Reuben Graham, great grandchild of the deceased, aged 2 months and 21 days, being the eldest and youngest of the family.
“The memory of the just is blessed”.
The survivors beg to tender their sincere thanks to those friends who visited deceased during her illness, and gave attendance at the funeral.

Friday 5 June 1874

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 2nd June, the wife of Sydney CARLISLE of a son.

BIRTH at the Royal Hotel, Capetown, on the 8th May, the wife of John E.A. DICK-LAUDER Esq of Annfield, Stirling NB, prematurely, of a daughter.

DIED at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. John MILLER, Dissies Scheur, Fish River, Mrs. Ann KNOTT, born on the 9th January 1779, died on the 4th June 1874. Deceased was one of the Settlers of 1820.
The funeral of the late Mrs. KNOTT Sen will leave Trinity Church tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9 o’clock. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.

[NB Correction to birth date in issue of 12 June]

Wednesday 10 June 1874

DIED at the residence of Geo. HODGKINSON, Standerwig, near Bathurst, on the 3rd June 1874, Mr. Thomas DRAPER, aged 87 years 2 months and 16 days. Deceased was one of the British Settlers of 1820. He was head of the Nottingham Party of Settlers. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

Friday 12 June 1874

BIRTH at Grahamstown on Tuesday June 9th, the wife of Mr. John CLOUGH of a son.

DIED at Fort Beaufort on the 6th instant, Mary Elder, only daughter of the late James and Mary SAVORY, aged 23 years and 9 months.

DIED at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. John MILLER, Dissies Scheur, Fish River, Mrs. Ann KNOTT, born on the 19th January 1790, died on the 4th June 1874. Deceased was one of the Settlers of 1820. [Correction of notice of 5 June]

Monday 15 June 1874

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 14th June 1874, the wife of Mr. William WALKER of a son.

DIED at Tarkastad on Friday the 5th June, H. MADER Esq at the age of 42 years 7 months and 17 days.

DIED at Grahamstown on the 11th June, Louisa Jane, the beloved child of Henry and Sarah Jane EMMS, aged one years and three days.

DIED at Peddie on Monday evening, the 8th instant, after a painful illness of 11 weeks, Johann PETRY, in the 43rd year of his age, deeply and sincerely regretted by his widow. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.
Peddie, 12th June 1874

Friday 19 June 1874

DIED at Bedford on the 10th June 1874, Jan Godlieb, youngest son of Gerhard Ewart OVERBECK and Catherine Ann BRINK, aged 2 years 3 months and 2 days.

DIED on the 9th June 1874, from the effect of measles, at her father’s residence, Harewood, near Bathurst, Dorothy Maria, the eldest daughter of William W and Ann S SMAILES, aged 11 years and 6 months.

DIED at Smithfield on the morning of the 27th May 1874, of typhoid fever, Lilly, aged 18 years, eldest and beloved daughter of John STRICKLAND and Celia Jane GRADWELL. Friends will please accept this notice.

DIED at Riebeck on Wednesday morning, the 10th June 1874, after a painful illness of five weeks, Daniel Johannes NORKEY, aged 33 years five months and 22 days. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

DIED at Queenstown on the 10th June 1874, at the residence of her son, Mr. Richard WRIGHT, Mrs. Elizabeth WRIGHT, relict of the late Mr. Joseph WRIGHT, after a lingering illness of thirteen years, aged 78 years. Deceased came to this colony with the Settlers of 1820

Monday 22 June 1874

DIED at Port Elizabeth on the 17th instant, after a short illness, John FITZGERALD (formerly of Grahamstown), aged [50]. R.I.P.

DIED on the 20th June 1874, at Grahamstown, after a lingering and painful illness, Sarah Catherine, the beloved daughter of J.A. and A.M. FORBES, aged one year and ten months. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.

DIED at Queenstown on the 15th June 1874, Mary, beloved wife of Mr. Joseph EDKINS Jun of Queenstown, at the age of 25 years 2 months and 15 days, after a short illness (during which the friends were very kind, and to whom Mr. EDKINS returns his sincere thanks) leaving a disconsolate husband to mourn his loss and an infant 5 months old.

Friday 26 June 1874

DIED at the Kowie on Sunday afternoon, June 21st 1874, from croup and inflammation, after a short illness, Amy [Jane], our youngest daughter, aged 5½ years.
Wm. Chs. And Isabella HENMAN
Friends please accept this notice.

Monday 29 June 1874

We exceedingly regret having to announce the death of the wife of the Rev John EDWARDS, which occurred at Salem last night. We have not received particulars of this sad event.

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