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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

pre 1820 Settler Correspondence before emigration

ALL the 1819 correspondence from CO48/41 through CO48/46 has been transcribed whether or not the writers emigrated to the Cape. Those written by people who did become settlers, as listed in "The Settler Handbook" by M.D. Nash (Chameleon Press 1987), are labelled 1820 Settler and the names of actual settlers in the text appear in red.

GARRETT, Richard

National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 390


Aug 25th 1819


Being desirous of going out with about 10 able bodied industrious men as settlers to the Cape of Good Hope on the conditions proposed by Government I take leave to apply for further information on the subject previous to any arrangements preparatory thereto; I observe it is intended to select from the several applicants those who may appear the most eligible, but it is not stated in what manner they are to proceed in order to ascertain whether their offers will be accepted; it is also desirable to know in what part of country they will be located & whether if the climate should not agree with the person taking out a Party of Settlers, or for any other cause, he will be enabled to transfer his right & interest in the lands allotted to him, so as to get reimbursed for what he may have expended in improvements &c. I beg leave to add that I was brought up in agricultural habits, tho' not so engaged at present & am possessed, I conceive, of sufficient capital for the undertaking.

I am Sir your obedient servant


Any further information that may be thought usefull will be thankfully received.




National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 495


Nov 19 1819


I beg leave to state that in August last I applied for leave to be allowed to go out with a Party of Settlers to the Cape of Good Hope and was informed in reply that unless I transmitted a detailed statement of the number, names and ages of all the persons I proposed to take under my direction my application would not be attended to; this I delayed to do, in consequence of not being able to complete the arrangement of my affairs for leaving this country before the end of January next. May I request to be informed that if the statement required be now transmitted whether it is too late to be taken into consideration.

I am Sir your most obed't sev'r


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