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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

pre 1820 Settler Correspondence before emigration

ALL the 1819 correspondence from CO48/41 through CO48/46 has been transcribed whether or not the writers emigrated to the Cape. Those written by people who did become settlers, as listed in "The Settler Handbook" by M.D. Nash (Chameleon Press 1987), are labelled 1820 Settler and the names of actual settlers in the text appear in red.

MOSS, Matthew

National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 579

No. 2 James Street

Globe Lane

9th August 1819


From circumstances not the most pleasant the handsome offer which Government have made to assist persons to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope. My age is 38 years with a wife & five healthy children for the first 25 years I was brought up to Agriculture. Since that time I have follow'd mercantile pursuits, but have been one of those that have not met with success - consequently I feel a strong inclination to enjoy the benefit of the present offer, & doubt not should I become a settler of that Continent get bread for my family but also prove an useful member to the colony [company] particularly as I am fond of & well acquainted with agriculture & my family [obscured]less to be useful therefore I shall feel greatly obliged by your favoring me with what information you conveniently can on the subject.

What money is each head of family to deposit here & how to be refunded. I suppose the passage of each family is free & at their own expense so soon as landed. Do Government fund implements of Husbandry or allow any money towards procuring them & if not are they to be had there. Is the place determined upon where the settlers are to reside. No doubt soon as convenient Government purpose building houses for the settlers, this with any other information will greatly oblige


Your obedient humble servant

Matthew MOSS

PS Pray will the Settlers be allowed to take out fowling pieces




National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 623

No. 2 James's Street

Globe Lane

24th August 1819


I had the honor of being favor'd with a Circular of the particulars relative to persons emigrating to the Cape of Good Hope. In my letter to you of the 9th inst I observ'd I had been accustom'd to Agriculture & had five children the oldest is thirteen years of age & has been brought up to Agriculture. He is in Yorkshire & in many respects is equal to most men as such I should not doubt cultivating one hundred acres of land to advantage & could more than comply with what is required in the Circular, but I should not wish to take out any other families as assistants & to have further quantity of land. I should be happy to have an appoint[ment] to go to enjoy one hundred acres for my own family & to make [obscured]ten to be represented by one man.

But I should not wish to go out as servant or assistant to any other person. If I could be favor'd with an appointment I will call tomorrow & perhaps you will favor me with a reply as I wish to go down into Yorkshire in a day or two, & could bring my boy back with me.

I am very respectfully


Your obed h'ble serv't

Matthew MOSS

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