The Genealogical Society of South Africa 
eGSSA branch 
  Annual General Meeting of the Genealogical Society of South Africa
Port Elizabeth Women’s Club, Summer Strand, 25th February 2006

The Team: as proposed by Richard Ford and unanimously voted by the floor, Johann Janse van Rensburg will continue to be the National President; Isabel Groesbeek will continue as National Vice-President; André Heydenrych will continue as Treasurer; Petro Coreejes-Brink will remain as an Additional Member and Marilyn Coetzee will remain as National Secretary.


From left to right, back: André Heydenrych, Marilyn Coetzee, Richard Ford, front: Isabel Groesbeek, Johann Janse van Rensburg, Petro Coreejes-Brink.


Minutes and all associated reports can be found here: Minutes and Reports.


Notule en alle meegande verslae kan hier gevind word: Notule en Verslae.


Annual General Meeting.

In broad terms the members of the National Executive Committee(NEC) spent most of their time during the past year digging themselves in and keeping current projects going. They have a problem in getting people to act as project leaders in respect of some of the ongoing projects.

It is going well with the branches that were present and their reports reflected enthusiasm. Unfortunately the Free State and the North Cape Branches are struggling to get their houses sorted out. The problem is personalities in the management. Johann Janse van Rensburg, National President, will visit Bloemfontein next weekend and see whether he can sort things out.

In 2005 consideration was given to merging the Johannesburg Branch (also struggling to survive as nobody is prepared to take the lead and get a committee off the ground) with the Western Gauteng Branch. Western Gauteng was prepared to accommodate the Johannesburg members and was even prepared to change its name so Jo'burg members could be happy. Some old Jo'burg members however felt that they should again try to revive the branch, but nothing has happened. Johann will see what he can do.

The Durban and Coastal and Natal Midlands Branches did not send representatives, new chairman and new branch executive committee informed too late of AGM and financial restraints in respect of Midlands. They are however still active.

A CD containing the Constitution, GSSA Management Manual, SA Genealogical Reference Guide, GSSA Beginners Course, GSSA Brochure, Cemetery Recording Guide, Cemetery Recording Project, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, Genealogy Awards and Personal Coat of Arms. At the meeting it was decided that there was no requirement for a Code of Conduct and should be ignored on the CD. Each branch given 20 copies of the CD for reproduction and distribution amongst GSSA members.


Strategic Planning Meeting

The Free State Marriages data bought from Niel Botha in Bloemfontein five years ago can now be reproduced by the GSSA and made available members. Johann will see to this.

The Huisgenoot project was accepted as a new project and the NEC will do the initial liaison and get the necessary structures going in cooperation with Keith and eGSSA. The last four years of indices to estate files must be acquired and a new CD version must be made available. The possibility of a CD with the concentration camp records in possession of Johan Pottas is to be investigated.

A brief discussion was held about the eGGSA online shop with regard to historical and cultural items offered for sale there. NEC approval of material was considered, the extreme case of pornography was mentioned. I stated that the eGSSA management was quite capable of deciding on what to accept and the meeting was in general agreement that the eGSSA management is capable to take responsibility.

A new committee for adjudicating GSSA awards was appointed. See the minutes for names.

The Awards Ceremony went well, Daniel Jacobs received the Award for Excellence. The Genealogist of the Year Award was not awarded due to a few problems encountered.

report by: Daan Hamman
eGGSA reprensentative at the meeting
26th February 2006

The President's Address, the minutes of the AGM and the Strategic Planning Meeting, and the Branch Reports are available here.



Lukas Rinken and Simon du Plooy have kindly provided the photographs.


Simon du Plooy receives his award of merit from the President.
Simon du Plooy ontvang sy merietetoekenning by die President.


Janet Melville, Gretchen de Kock en Rose Traehaven, nou ondervoorsitster van die Port Elizabeth tak.

Janet Melville, Gretchen de Kock
and Rose Traehaven, now deputy chairperson of the Port Elizabeth Branch, enjoy a chat.


Isabel Groesbeek with Heidi and Richard Ford.

Isabel Groesbeek met Heidi en Richard Ford.


Petro Coreejes-Brink, Isabel Groesbeek, Johan Pottas, Simon du Plooy en   Marilyn Coetzee Vrydagaand in ontspanne luim op die strandfront.

Petro Coreejes-Brink
, Isabel Groesbeek, Johan Pottas, Simon du Plooy and  Marilyn Coetzee enjoy Friday evening on the sea front.

Two old friends who last saw each other around 30 years ago at school in Windhoek meet again: Ellen Harmse, Noord-Transvaal, Research and Education, and Heidi Ford.

Twee ou vriende wat mekaar ongeveer 30 jaar gelede op skool in Windhoek
gesien het, ontmoet weer. Links is Ellen Harmse, Noord-Transvaal, Navorsing en Opleiding, en regs is Heidi Ford.


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