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Nottinghamshire 1820 Settlers

Rob Smith has donated transcriptions made of correspondence to, about and from settlers in the Nottinghamshire contingent of the 1820 settlers which he has gathered while researching for his book Nottinghamshire Settlers and Locations in the Eastern Cape of Good Hope  (Footprint Press, Hermanus, Western Cape).

Most of the correspondence was addressed to Edward Smith GODFREY, Clerk of the Peace for Nottinghamshire, who was in charge of the selection of the Nottinghamshire settlers on the emigration scheme. He was assisted by the Rev. J.T. BECHER of Southwell.

These are now available on the 1820 Settlers section of the eGGSA web site.

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Grahamstown Journal transcriptions download

To coincide with the bicentennial of the arrival of the 1820 settlers in the Eastern Cape, Sue Mackay has made the master file of her Grahamstown Journal transcriptions for 1832-1890 available on the 1820 Settlers section of the website as a downloadable PDF file.

This is on the 1820 section of the website rather than the newspaper section, as all the transcriptions are already on the newspaper site in quarterly files with an improved search engine. The transcriptions make numerous mention of 1820 settlers and their descendants and it is hoped that the master file will be useful to those wishing to trace settler lines without having to open nearly 300 individual files and to those whose broadband is unreliable during these troubled times.

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British Settler Locations

The Thames at Deptford, 1775 Engraving by J.Royce after J. Oliphant.
The Thames at Deptford, 1775 Engraving by J.Royce after J. Oliphant.
BAILIE’s Party embarked at Deptford.
Picture courtesy of the Wellcome Collection (CC BY 4.0)

As part of my contribution to the bicentennial of the 1820 Settlers, I have collected as many photographs as I can of British and Irish locations relevant to the 1820 settlers. These can be found on the eGGSA website, arranged by county, on the 1820 Settlers section of the eGGSA website. Where the photographer’s name is followed by a CC reference, this is a Creative Commons Licence enabling me to copy photographs which appear on or selected other internet sites.

In the early months of 2020 I shall be posting Albums on the eGGSA Facebook pages arranged in Party groupings. I am trying to add an album each day. For those with access to Facebook, the Albums already posted can be found all together on the eGGSA Facebook page. For those who are not on Facebook, the pictures are all on this site, arranged according to county. Follow the link at the top of this notice, or put the name of the settler you are researching into the Search Box in the 1820 Section.

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1820 Settler Places in the British Isles

Staffordshire, Barton under Needwood, Shoulder of Mutton pub, opposite St.James ChurchI am at last in a position formally to reveal a project on which I have been working single-handedly for the last two years, as my contribution to the 1820 Settler Bicentennial. As my husband and I enjoy touring the country I rather rashly agreed to take as many photographs as I could of British Settler locations prior to 1820 so that they could be added to a new section on the eGGSA website.

I have indeed taken hundreds of photographs, but it was soon borne in upon me that I couldn’t possibly visit every location, and also that in many cases, particularly in cities like London and Bristol, many buildings with settler ties simply no longer exist. In the latter case I have tried to include historical pictures where possible, and where I have not been able to take pictures myself I have added pictures from, which can be used under a Creative Commons Licence. Where the photographer’s name appears as a clickable link followed by a CC BY-SA 2.0 reference, the original photo can be viewed together with other photographs of the surrounding area.

I have uploaded over 1300 photos to the new site (with thanks to Richard Ball for his help and patience in setting it all up), and these are currently arranged by county for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, with separate sections for the cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Nottingham. London has been further sub-divided into Boroughs so as not to have too many pictures in one file.

The pictures appear as small icons with a brief title. Clicking on them will reveal a larger picture with text explaining the link to one or more settlers and a credit to the photographer. Clicking on the + sign will further enlarge the picture to full screen (use ESCape to exit full screen mode), and the photographs can all be downloaded from the site.

During the bicentennial year I hope to upload a series of Photo Albums to the eGGSA Facebook pages in Party Groupings. In the meantime, if you wish to see if there are photos relating to your particular settler ancestor, go to and type in the settler’s name in the Search Box in the top right hand corner, then scroll down the list of hits. Links to the relevant photographs should appear at the end of the list. It is also linked from the Photograph Collections button on the banner across the top of the site.

This has been a one woman show, and so it would be amazing if I have managed to complete the project without typos or broken links. Please let me know if you find any, and if you can add any further UK photos to the collection which are not copyright then they will be gratefully received.

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UK settler locations please?

Blakelaw Farm was the birthplace of William Dods PringleAs part of eGGSA's contribution to the 1820 settler bicentennial, Sue Mackay is planning to add photographs of UK settler locations to The 1820 Settler Correspondence section of the eGGSA web site. She has lots of photographs of churches where baptisms and marriages took place, but would be grateful to receive any non copyright pictures of farms or houses where settlers are known to have lived prior to emigration. If you can contribute any such, please contact Sue Mackay.

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1820 Settlers' Correspondence - update

Sue Mackay writes: I have just added extra pages on these settlers

James RICHARDSON, leader of Richardson's Party

William Senior DENTON, member of Richardson's Party

Charles DENTON, member of Richardson's Party

There has been a wealth of confusion surrounding these three, and their connection with the name SENIOR/SENYOR/SAYNOR, and I have spent ages sifting through original parish register entries for Sheffield.

As a result I have made a couple of leaps of faith (backed up by the evidence as I see it) which would seem to contradict a lot of "facts" circulating about these families. I'd be grateful if anyone descended from this line can tell me whether I have been literally barking up the wrong tree. I have tried to set out the facts from original sources found whilst at the same time allowing for an element of doubt.

Do you think I am right in thinking that Charles DENTON was not William Senior DENTON's older brother but his stepfather?

You can contact Sue here: Editor, 1820 Settler Correspondence

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