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Philippus Arnoldus REYNEKE

REYNEKE, Philippus Arnoldus

Reyneke , Philippus Arnoldus (Flippie) born van Loggerenberg

Born: 18 February 2022 at Waterberg, Transvaal
Died: 13 February 2019 at Durban, Kwazulu-Natal
Remains:  Cremated and buried next to Ampie
Spouse:  Adam Johannes Reyneke (Ampie)
This article posted by: Alta Bekker

RIP Ouma Flippie * Welgevonden, Waterberg 4 Mar 1928 dv Philippus Arnoldus van Loggerenberg en Petrus Johannes Nieuwenhuizen + Durban, KZN 13 Feb 2019 (90.11.9)
But for a moment, we have the privilege to share in the life of another and the moment passes within the blink of the eye.
Love you always

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Flippie en haar kinders
Flippie en Ampie

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