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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of UK parish registers and other primary sources which I have personally researched. Further information about the settlers and their families once they reached the Cape can be found at

Sue Mackay

TURVEY, Edward - Extra Data


Leader of TURVEY's Party


He was born in Dublin, His wife Julia, nee BOLTON, was the daughter of William BOLTON of Ballinvalley, County Wexford, Ireland and his wife Mary LYNDON. (NB she was NOT Julia DANIEL, a sister of Peter Clarke DANIEL). Julia BOLTON first married Benjamin WRIGHT, a Quaker, in St.Bridget, Dublin on 20 February 1792.  Her sons William and Benjamin WRIGHT were also in TURVEY's Party.


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Edward TURVEY married Julia WRIGHT, widow, 4 February 1805 in St.Mary's, Dublin.

[Note that "BOLTON" has been added later by a different hand.]


Irish Registry of Deeds, Henrietta Street, Dublin

The comments on the deeds below are taken from "The Bolton Family of County Wexford, Ireland" by Adrian CARDELL and Elizabeth NICHOLS

VOLUME 296 PAGE 98 NUMBER 194443
DEED DATE 15th May 1772
LODGED 20th January 1773
GRANTOR: Robert DOYNE of Welles, Wexford, esquire GRANTEE: William BOLTON of Ballinvalley, gentleman
LIVES: Abraham BOLTON, aged 10 years, eldest son of the grantee, Roger Lyndon BOLTON, aged fifteen months or thereabouts, the youngest son of the grantee, and Phillis BOLTON, aged 5 years, the fourth daughter of the grantee.
PROPERTY: Ballinhorney
AREA: 92 acres 3 roods 5 perches [150 English (Statute) acres]
RENT: £50/4/-
BARONY: Ballagheen

VOLUME 444 PAGE 337 NUMBER 288844
DEED DATE 21st February 1792
LODGED 20th March 1792
GRANTOR: William BOLTON of Dublin, esquire of the first part;
Benjamin WRIGHT of Dublin, merchant, of the second part
GRANTEE: Julia BOLTON, of Dublin, spinster, daughter of the said
William BOLTON, of the third. part; Abraham BOLTON and James
COELEY of Dublin, gentlemen, of the fourth part
WITNESSES: Lyndon BOLTON of Dublin, merchant, and John Thomas
COWLEY of Dublin, gentleman.
The Deed is a Marriage Settlement whereby William BOLTON makes over £400/-/- to the trustees Abraham BOLTON and James COWLEY with a bond of £800/-/- to secure the £400/-/-. Benjamin WRIGHT makes over his stock in trade, present and future to the trustees subject to the trust with power given to the trustees to sell the stock in trade on his death or "should his circumstances fail" to provide the £400/-/- to Julia BOLTON for her support and maintenance and on her death between her children, equally, and if no children to dispose of as she wished. In the event of Benjamin WRIGHT's death or changed circumstances the trustees were to pay the £400/-/- to Julia BOLTON. Benjamin WRIGHT died in or before 1805. Julia then married Edward TURVEY, by licence, in 1805. From her dealings with Ballinahorney, (see Volume 572 Page 403 Number 390210), it is assumed that she had an inheritance, consisting of part of Ballinahorney, over and above this marriage settlement from her father.

VOLUME 569 PAGE 505 NUMBER 383666
DEED DATE 2nd May 1805
GRANTOR: Edward TURVEY of Capel Street Dublin, Linen Draper, and Julia TURVEY his wife, which Julia is adminstratrix of Benjamin WRIGHT, Linen Draper, deceased.
GRANTEE: Duncan McDugald and Neal Robinson, both of North King Street, Dublin
PROPERTY: a house and tenement at the corner of King Street and Linen Hall Street, Dublin
COMMENTS The Deed recites that by a Deed bearing date the 20th October 1797 Nathaniel BYRNE, linen draper, granted the subject property to Benjamin WRIGHT for 57 years or the life of BYRNE, whichever was the longer, at a yearly rent of £40. Julia TURVEY, in consideration of £210, conveys her interest in the property to the grantees.
VOLUME 572 PAGE 403 NUMBER 390210
DEED DATE 5th August 1805
LODGED 8th February 1806
GRANTOR: Julia TURVEY otherwise WRIGHT of Capel Street Dublin
GRANTEE: James BEATTY of Marlborough Street Dublin, Merchant
LIVES: James BEATTY, Benjamin James BEATTY, son of the grantee, and Ann, daughter of the Grantee.
PROPERTY: all that part of Ballinahorney in the possession of Charles MURPHY
AREA: 37 acres 1 rood 12 perches [61 English (Statute) acres]
RENT: £48/10/6
BARONY: Ballagheen
COMMENTS: The lease is renewable, on the falling in of a life, for a fee of a peppercorn. The lease, therefore, is a lease in perpetuity. By virtue of the fact that Julia TURVEY creates the lease for the lives of BEATTY in perpetuity it is suggested that she was the owner of the freehold estate in this parcel of 37 acres 1 rood 12 perches of Ballinahorney. 


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