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Audrey Margaret GRAHAME

GRAHAME, Audrey Margaret

GRAHAME , Audrey Margaret (Aud) born BAKER

Born: 13 October 1927 at Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Died: 13 November 2017 at Wanneroo Nursing Home, Perth, Western Australia
Remains:  Cremated, Pinnaroo Memorial Park, Perth, Western Australia
Spouse:  Walter William GRAHAME
Lived at: Wanneroo Nursing Home, Perth, Western Australia
This article posted by: Beverleigh BOSCH nee GRAHAME

Audrey was a loving wife and dedicated Mother of 3 children. She was a sister to 3 siblings and was loved by all who knew her. A part of her heart died the day her eldest son, Ian, passed away the day before his 7th birthday after being hit by a car. At the age of 42, Walter passed away and she became a sole parent. Audrey was an amazingly strong person always ready to help and never burdened anyone with her heartache or worries.

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