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British Newspaper Library

UK Newspaper Library

There is a wonderful collection of South African newspapers at the British Library, but sadly the Newspaper Reading Room at Colindale in North London has now closed and the holdings transferred to Boston Spa. However, from the autumn of 2014 they will be available on 48 hours' notice to be read at the British Library in St.Pancras. Because there is not such a demand to view them as for British newspapers they are mostly available as originals rather than filmed copies. Since 5 January 2015 digital cameras have been allowed in the Newsroom at St.Pancras.

For more information, see the British Library Newspaper Library web site.

The British Library catalogue can be consulted here... - set the Material Type to Newspapers. 

Its collection of British Newspapers is now searchable online and viewable for a fee: The British Newspaper Archive.

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