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The Daily Representative 1933 1 January - March

Tuesday, January 3, 1933

Heroic Rescue at Port Alfred
Mr. Berry BAKER of Grahamstown was for the tenth time a prominent figure in an exciting rescue from drowning on the east beach at Port Alfred at about noon on Saturday when the tide was on the turn.
It appears that an elderly gentleman, Mr. FLEMMING got into difficulties while bathing and that Miss Kathleen ALLEN, aged 15, in attempting to assist him had also got into difficulties.
There were about sixty onlookers on the beach.  Some of these seized a lifebuoy but then appeared to loose their heads.
At the critical moment, Mr. Berry BAKER appeared on the scene immediately rushed to the rescue with the lifebuoy which he placed over the head of Mr. FLEMMING who was by this time exhausted.
Mr. BAKER was assisted by Mr. KRISCH, while Mr. WILMOT of Grahamstown rendered help to the girl.
Mr. FLEMMING was soon revived and neither he nor the girl are any the worse for the accident.

Wednesday, January 4, 1933

MOORE.-  At Amabele, on 1st January, 1933, to Millie (nee SPALDING), wife of F.M. MOORE, a son.

Thursday, January 5, 1933

Queenstown Lads’ Heroic Rescue Work
Gonubie Bathing Tragedy.
On Wednesday, December 28, a drowning tragedy took place at Gonubie, when a young Pretoria man, John KELSKENS, lost his life.
KELSKENS and a companion plunged into the sea to rescue a boy whom they thought to be in difficulties and were carried out to a sandbank by the strong current.  Two scouts and two boys from Grey College, Bloemfontein, reached the spot and the boy was rescued, but all others were now in difficulties.
It was at this stage that Jack PARSONSON and Billy HARVEY, two Queen’s College boys dashed out, prepared the life-line and took the buoy in themselves.  They managed to rescue a man called WALKER and two scouts.
By this time KELSKENS had a companion, for a Mr. NELSON had jumped from the rocks near the beach an after a magnificent swim, practically got across the bay, reassured KELSKENS.  Shortly afterwards KELSKENS became unconscious and NELSON held him for fully twenty minutes while PARSONSON and HARVEY mad frantic efforts to reach them.
PARSONSON took the line out alone on its fourth journey, as HARVEY was by this time exhausted.  It was then noticed that KELSKENS’ body had slipped from NELSON’s grasp.  NELSON flung himself on his back and by floating reached the inner channel, which washed him to the shore unconscious.  He was soon brought round however, after artificial respiration had been applied.  KELSKENS body was found later, up the river.
The original report of this accident in the Daily Dispatch makes no mention of either PARSONSON of HARVEY, but the above is the story an eye witness.

Friday, January 6, 1933

MORUM.- Passed away suddenly at Buffle’s Kloff, Sterkstroom, on the 5th January, 1933, Arthur Perks MORUM.  Aged 57 years.

Estate of late Julius KLETTE and predeceased spouse Charlotta Dorothea KLETTE (born VOLBERT), of Gwatyu, District of Queenstown.
Nos. 153/414 and 177/819….
Attorneys for the Executor
Hexagon, Queenstown, Dative 6th January, 1933.

Saturday, January 7, 1933

In Memoriam
KLETTE.- In loving memory of my dear brother, Albert KLETTE, who passed away at the Gwatyu, on the 8th January, 1932.  His sister, Julia McIVER.
KLETTE.-  In ever loving memory of my dear husband, Albert KLETTE, who passed peacefully away at the Gwatyu, Bolotwa, January 8th, 1932.

Notice to Creditors & Debtors
Estate of the late James Alexander BREMNER, a retired Auctioneer, of Queenstown.  No. 35356….
Attorneys for Executors Testamentary.

Monday, January 9, 1933

Birth.-  At 20, Robinson Road, on 9th January, 1933, to Racheal, wife of Morris FRAND, a son.

Wednesday, January 11, 1933

WINNICOTT.- At 19, Prince Alfred Street, on January 11th, to Mr. and Mrs. R. WINNICOTT, a son.

Friday, January 13, 1933

Holiday Tragedy.
Last week a Port Elizabeth surgeon flew to Aliwal North to perform an urgent operation for appendicitis on Derek HOLLIS, of Uitenhage.  Unfortunately the operation was too late to save the boy who passed away on Tuesday.  Derek and his mother were spending a holiday at Aliwal North.

Tuesday, January 17, 1933

To be married
DEARY-GRIFFITH-GREEN.-  The marriage between Muriel Constance DEARY and Charles GRIFFITH-GREEN will take place at St. Saviour’s Church, East London, on January 21st, 1933, at 2.30 p.m.  No cards.

Estate of Lillian Napier POPE.
Executor Testamentary.
Magistrate’s Office,
14th January 1933.

Thursday, January 19, 1933

TAGGART.-  Died at “Cliftonvale,” on Wednesday morning, 18th January, 1933, J.W. TAGGART.
Funeral at Wesley Church tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Friday, Janaury 20, 1933

Notice to Creditors
In the Estate of the late Martha Maria STOFBERG (born BOTHA).
No. 36388…
Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.
Hexagon, Queenstown,
20th January, 1933.

In the Estate of the late Philip MAKASI and surviving spouse Annie MAKASI (born VANQA), of Gqebenya Farm, in the District of Glen Grey…
Attorney for Executors Testamentary.
PO. Box 8,
Lady Frere

Thursday, January 26, 1933

Fatal Accident
A young gunner, B MINNAAR (22), of the 1st Battery South African Field Artillery, received fatal injuries at Roberts Heights on Tuesday morning when he was thrown from his horse after the team had bolted.  It appears that the team of six horses was harnessed to a sledge carrying concrete when the swingle-tree broke and frightened the horses.  They bolted, and MINNAAR received severe injuries to the head.  He was operated on at the hospital but died about three hours later.  He was single and came from Potschefstroom.  His father was visiting him and was with him when he died.  MINNAAR has a younger brother in the battery who was also with the team.

In the Estate of the late Edwin CHADWICK, of Queenstown, C.P., who died at Queenstown, C.P., on the 14th December, 1931.
(No. 324096)….

The Standard Bank of South Africa, Ltd.
Queenstown Branch,
K.? FOORD, Manager,
For Executors Testamentary.

Wednesday, February 1, 1933

The Bailey Bursary
Heartiest congratulations to Athelstan RAMSAY, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. RAMSAY, of Queenstown, who has been notified that he has been successful in winning the Bailey Bursary.  He intends going to Rhodes to take a degree in Commerce.  His symbols are:  Science A, Maths B, English B, Latin B, Afrikaans C, History C.

Friday, February 3, 1933

MILEY.-  At 25, Wodehouse Street, on 3rd February, 1933, to Mr. and Mrs. M.H. MILEY, a daughter. (Diana).

CAMPBELL.- Passed away at St. Catherine’s Nursing Home, on the 2nd inst., Ivor Duncombe, of Tsomo, fourth son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A.D. CAMPBELL, of Komgha.  Age 46 years.

Saturday, February 4, 1933

In Memoriam
HARTLEY.-  In loving memory of Kate, wife of G. HARTLEY, who passed away February 4th, 1932.

Monday, February 6, 1933

COOPER.-  At King Williamstown on 5th February, 1933, to Mr. and Mrs. COOPER (nee Edith BUTLER), a daughter.

Thursday, February 9, 1933

BELLAD-ELLIS.-  Died at East London, on the 7th February, 1933, Mrs. BELLAD-ELLIS, beloved wife of Wiliam BELLAD-ELLIS.

Friday, February 10, 1933

To be Married
SCHEIDEL-BOYES.-  On Wednesday, March 8th, 1933, at 10.30 a.m. at Wesley Church, Lady Frere, Fred C. SCHEIDEL to Helena Barry BOYES.  All friends invited.

BURGER.-  At 41. Berry Street, Queenstown, on the 6th February, to Mr. and Mrs. A. BURGER (nee Enid COLLINS), of Braamnek, a bonny daughter.  (Rosemary Ann).

Saturday, February 11, 1933

In the Estate of the late Elizabeth Louisa WHITE (born WINGATE), widow, of Queenstown.
No. 27941…
Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.

Tuesday, February 14, 1933

In Memoriam
MAYTHAM.-  In loving memory of our dear son Matthew (“Mash”) who died at Far East Rand Hospital, Brakpan, 14th February, 1932.
MAYTHAM.-  In loving memory of our dear brother Mash, who passed away at Brakpan, 14th February, 1932.

KELLY.- At Lady Frere, on 13th February, 1933, to Marion, wife of H.J.C. KELLY, a son.

Thursday, February 16, 1933

LOFTUS.- To Mr. and Mrs. M. la C. LOFTUS, of 70 Berry Street, a daughter, on the 16th inst.

Friday, February 17, 1933

In Memoriam
LOGAN.-  In ever fond remembrance of my darling son and our dear brother, Cecil, who lost his life in the Thomas River railway disaster, February 17th, 1930…

In the Estate of the late Ellen Louise WILMOTT (born HALLS), a Widow, of Queenstown, who died at Queenstown, on 3rd July, 1932.
(No. 34524)…
For the Standard Bank of S.A. Ltd., Queenstown,

Monday, February 20, 1933

In Memoriam
GREEF.- In loving memory of my dear son, John who died on the 20th February, 1930…

Wednesday, February 22, 1933

In Memoriam.-  In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Ann Rosina FULLER who died 22nd February, 1916.
(Lovingly remembered by Mabel and Arthur.)

Thursday, February 23, 1933

BOLTON.-  Passed away at Robertson Nursing Home, February 21st, Emily Guard, beloved wife of Captain W.J. BOLTON.

A Farmer Killed.
Mr. Edward Robertson VELS, a well-known farmer in the Bethlehem district, was this week killed by lightning about four miles from Bethlehem while riding on horseback.  Mr. VELS was riding alone, and it was not until late in the afternoon that Mr. H.H. MASSYN, passing that way, found the deceased and his horse lying in the road.
Whether Mr. VELS was bound for his farm or for town is not yet known, but the position of his horse indicated that was on his way to Bethlehem.  It is possible, therefore, that his wife and family on the farm, some 18 miles away, thought him safely in town and owing to the bad weather conditions, were not apprised of his fate until the next morning.

Tuesday, February 28, 1933

THOMPSON.-  Passed peacefully away at the Frontier Hospital, on the 27th February, 1933, Alice Athinault THOMPSON, of Queenstown.  Aged 57 years.

The marriage was solemnized at the Queen’s Drive Synagogue on Sunday evening, February 26, of Julia, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. STRELITZ, of Queenstown, to Solomon, eldest son of Mrs. HURWITZ of Bell.
The Rev. Mr. HURWITZ officiated and Mr. Harry HURWITZ, brother, of the bridegroom acted as best man….

Thursday, March 2, 1933

Found Dead on the Road.
During the early hours one morning last week, while Mr. A.C. ANSELL, of The Plots, Aliwal North, was driving his milk cart into town, he came across the dead body of a European lying in the road.  He reported the matter to the police, who found the body to be that of Mr. R.B. WALKER, a retired attorney.  Death was due to heart failure.  Up to a couple of years ago Mr. WALKER was a partner in the firm of Messrs. ORSMOND and WALKER, solicitors, Aliwal North.

Friday March 3, 1933

Estate late Catharine CREBO (born McCALLUM), and Surviving Spouse Robert CREBO, of Queenstown. No. 32255…
Attorneys for the Executors Testamentary.
Hexagon, Queenstown

Estate late Alice Evelyn MOLONY (born HOLLAND) and Surviving spouse Alfred Thomas MOLONY, of Willowbrook, in the District of Queenstown.  No. 34348…
Attorneys for the Executors Testamentary.
Hexagon, Queenstown

Monday, March 6, 1933

SAUER.-  Passed peacefully away at the Frontier Hospital on the 3rd March, Wessel, youngest son of Mr. SAUER, of Molteno.

Tuesday, March 7, 1933

HART.- Passed peacefully away at Komgha, on the 7th March, 1933, James Herbert HART.

Friday, March 10, 1933

In Memoriam
BREETZKE.-  In loving memory of my dear wife and our darling mother, who passed peacefully away on the 10th March, 1931.

Monday, March 13, 1933

In Memoriam
McEWAN.-  In loving memory of Mrs. R. McEWAN, who died on the 13th March, 1930.

Thursday, March 16, 1933

FULLER.-  On the 15th March, 1933, at 5, St. George’s Street, to Mr. and Mrs. R.C. FULLER, a daughter.

Friday, March 17, 1933

In Memoriam
DIXON.-  In loving memory of our dear father, William Joseph DIXON, who passed away on the 17th March, 1926.
(Inserted by Annie and Harry ROBERTS).

Saturday, March 18, 1933

McCOMB.-  Died suddenly at Boksburg, Transvaal, on the 13th March, 1933, Lyall Morris (aged 23 years), fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCOMB, of Livingston Road, Queenstown, C.P.

Monday, March 20, 1933

FENTHUM-FIELD.-  The engagement is announced of Kenneth, second son of Mr. and Mrs. FENTHUM, to Muriel Florence, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FIELD, both of Queenstown.

In Memoriam
SUMNER.-  In loving memory of my dear wife and our mother, Augusta SUMNER, who passed away at Queenstown, on March 20th, 1931.
(Fondly remembered and sadly missed by her loving husband, Isaac and Una).

Estate late Leopold MALLACH, of Burghersdorp 34727….
Attorney for Executrix Testamentary.
Box 19,

Wednesday, March 22, 1933

MORRIS.- At Sterkstroom on the 20th inst., Derick Guildford, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen MORRIS.  Age 13 months.

Thursday, March 23, 1933

MOORE.-  At Cathcart Hospital on the 16th March, 1933, o the Rev. and Mrs. R.J. MOORE, a son.

The marriage of James David McKAY, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.B. MacKAY and Kathleen Mary BELL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. BELL, took place in St. Michael and All Angels’ Church, Queenstown, on Wednesday, March 22, at 3 p.m.  The ceremony was performed by Archdeacon ROWLEY…
The bridesmaids were Miss Iris HOWE and Miss Irene BELL, the bride’s sister…
The two small attendants, Dorothy BELL and Hazel BELL, sister and cousin of the bride,…

Friday, March 24, 1933

In the Estate of the late Catherine Lucretia CROUCH, born BENNETT, of Queenstown…
No. 33729
Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.

Wednesday, March 29, 1933

In the Estate of the late Oswin Aubrey WILLOWS, of Cofimvaba.
No 36427
Attorneys for Executrix Dative.

Thursday, March 30, 1933

ROBERTSON.-  Passed peacefully away at 3, Hospital Street, on the 29th instant, Elizabeth Falconer, widow of the late Dr. ROBERTSON, Auchinblae, Scotland, in her 93rd year.

Friday, March 31, 1933

SCHEIDEL.-  Passed peacefully away at “Rwantsana,” on Saturday, the 25th March, 1933, Wilhlemina (Minnie), wife of H.C. SCHEIDEL.

Notice to Creditors & Debtors
Estate of the late George Harper BARNES, No 35140, a farmer, of Farm Oxton, Whittlesea, District of Queenstown, C.P., and predeceased spouse Elizabeth Hannah BARNES, born JEFFREYS, No 13921…
Attorneys for Executor Testamentary.

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