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Grahamstown Journal 1872 - 4 - October to December

Monday 7 October 1872

DIED Aug 22 at Stoneport, Tavistock, Edgcumbe CORNISH LSA, late District Surgeon of Peddie, South Africa.

ACCIDENT TO THE REV E. LONES – We regret extremely to hear that the Rev Mr LONES was rather severely injured by a fall from his horse on Monday last. It appears that he was riding out to Mr. John TROLLIP’s place, on the day in question, to perform service there, and as he was passing a wagon his horse shied, or from some cause or other threw him violently to the ground, causing him to become insensible. Information was sent to Mr. TROLLIP, who came out in his cart and conveyed the sufferer to his house, where Mr. LONES now lies. There are no apparent external inquiries [sic], but Mr. LONES complains of great pain in his left side and hip.

Monday 21 October 1872

MARRIED at Fort Peddie on the 14th inst, Mr. Clarke B. SCHOLTZ of Du Toit’s Pan, to Miss Emily WATSON of Breakfast Vlei.

MARRIED on the 16th instant in Commemoration Chapel by the Rev J.R. Sawtell, Charles James, eldest son of G. LEPPAN Esq of Tee Fontein, to Margaret Keen, second daughter of W. WEBB Esq. of this town. No cards.

DIED at the residence of his brother in Grahamstown, Thomas James DRIVER, third son of Mr. Edward DRIVER of Peddie, aged 30 years.

(E.P. Herald)
Christina Johanna GASCOYNE stood charged with having committed the crime of bigamy, by marrying on the 10th March, at Trinity Church, one Thomas HOBBS, her first husband being still alive. Mr. Attorney DYASON appeared to watch the case on behalf of the prisoner. The following deposition by Joseph GASCOYNE formed the groundwork of the charge: - I am a shoemaker and was married in Uitenhage about thirteen years ago by the Rev Mr LLEWELLYN to Christina FORBES, now living in the Bay. I produce a certificate by the Rev H.I. JOHNSON that she married Thomas HOBBS on the 10th March 1872, and, as I am alive, she committed the crime of bigamy. Five years ago I went to Colesberg to live. I never wrote to her during that time. She well knew I was alive when she married. Julia BLACK, her daughter, told Leentje COX that my wife knew I was alive when she married HOBBS. She also told Dolphina. When I heard my wife was married I walked down from Colesberg. I have not seen her. I arrived a week last Saturday night.
The first witness called was the Rev H.I. JOHNSON MA, who deposed to having married the prisoner to Thomas HOBBS on the 10th March last, and produced a copy of the marriage register. The witnesses were James CONNOR and Louisa MACKENZIE. HOBBS requested him to publish the banns. He never saw the prisoner before she came to be married, and had no idea that her husband was alive. Was not aware that a certificate was necessary for widows and widowers from a magistrate before they could be married again.
The Rev Samuel BROOK was next examined, and deposed that in July 1870 the prisoner presented herself to him for marriage, but hearing that her husband was living, he stopped the banns after publishing them twice. Sergt. CROSBIE gave notice to Mr. HOOD, the sexton of St. Paul’s, that GASCOYNE was alive. She wished to marry John Peter OLSON, but she subsequently said that he was a drunkard, and only wanted her property. Witness told her that he had heard that her husband was alive. She showed him a letter which she had received from the country, which stated that her husband was dead, and appeared to believe that such was the case.
Joseph GASCOYNE deposed that defendant was his wife. When he was married to her at Uitenhage, Harriet, Bob and a man named RANDALL were present. He had three years’ imprisonment for stabbing his wife. He caught her intimate with a man, and stabbed her. They were separated before a notary about eight years ago.
The prisoner was remanded for further evidence until Tuesday next, bail being accepted in two sureties of £25 each.

Friday 25 October 1872

MARRIED on the 15th October at Aberdeen, by the Rev John Edwards, John Wallis, eldest son of Mr. John ROBEY of Manley’s Flat, Grahamstown, to Amy Priscilla, third daughter of Mr. Chas. ROBINSON of Graaff-Reinet.

MARRIED at Dordrecht on the 9th instant by the Rev Wm ROSSITER, Rector of St. Paul’s, Aliwal North, Thomas Edward, eldest son of Thomas TURNER Esq of Grey’s Hospital, London, to Rosina Petronella Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Nicholas MEYER, of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State.

DIED at Mount Pleasant, Lower Bushman’s River, on the 21st October 1872, Mr. William DENTON, late 2nd Regiment of Life Guards, one of the heroes of Waterloo; aged 79 years and 11 months. Deceased was a native of Sheffield, Yorkshire, was one of the Settlers of 1820, and leaves a large family of children and grandchildren to mourn their irreparable loss.

We record today the death of another of the British Settlers of 1820. Mr. William DENTON, to whom we refer, was well known throughout this district, not only as one of the original immigrants, but as having been amongst those who, at the Battle of Waterloo, secured in fair fight the liberties of Europe. He was in the Royal Horse Guards, a corps which so highly distinguished itself on that ever memorable occasion. In the conflict between that regiment and the celebrated French Guards, DENTON fell, with a heap of others, severely wounded, and lay for some time on the field of battle in an insensible state. A sound constitution and skilful medical treatment helped him however over the crisis, and he was restored, though disabled for life, carrying on his person many honourable scars of severe wounds received in the service of his country, as acknowledged by a pension from Government. In 1820 he was among the immigrants into this district, where he was enabled by steady industry to rear in respectability a large family, and where, moreover, by his friendly deportment and his unblemished character, he will be remembered with esteem by all who knew him.

MARRIED in Commemoration Chapel by the Rev J.R. Sawtell, Alexander Forrest GIBSON of Du Toit’s Pan, Diamond-fields, to Susan WEBB, third daughter of Mr. William WEBB of this city. No cards.

Monday 28 October 1872

Notice to Creditors
In the Insolvent Estate of William WRIGHT of Thornhill, Peddie
The First Liquidation and Distribution Account in the above Estate will lie for the inspection of Creditors at the Office of the Resident Magistrate, Grahamstown, for a period of seven days from the 28th October 1872, and subsequently for a further period of fourteen days at the Office of the Master of the Supreme Court, Capetown, after which, should no objection be taken thereto, the Honourable the Supreme Court will be moved to confirm the same and order the distribution thereof.
Thos. HOLLAND, Sole Trustee
Grahamstown, 28th Oct 1872

Friday 1 November 1872

BIRTH at Fern Rocks, Oct 5th, the wife of Mr. D.R. TROLLIP of a daughter.

DIED at Queenstown, Oct 19 1872, of whooping cough, Harry Brock, the beloved infant of Aunjer B. and Letitia C. PARKER, aged 5 months and 12 days.

Wednesday 6 November 1872

DIED at Queenstown, Oct 30th 1872, at the residence of Mrs. J.H. PARKER, after a long and painful illness, Sarah Ann, the third and beloved daughter of John F. and S.A. SLATER of Bushman’s River, District of Alexandria, aged 17 years 10 months and 4 days.
Oh! Not in cruelty, not in wrath,
The reaper came that day;
‘Twas an angel visited the earth,
And took our flower away.
Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

The intelligence of the death of the Very Rev Monsignore MURPHY was received in Grahamstown yesterday with marked feeling of regret. The deceased clergyman was for some time Colonial Chaplain in Grahamstown, and his services are still regarded by those in whose behalf he laboured with the deepest respect. It was he who built the Cathedral of St. Patrick’s. The Rev George THOMPSON, curate of St.George’s, took occasion last evening, at the Albany Brethren Benefit Society’s dinner, when responding to the toast of the clergy, to refer with much warmth of feeling to the memory of “Father MURPHY”. The Port Elizabeth papers notice at length the career of one who seems to have won for himself the highest consideration in that town. The E.P. Herald says “Dr. MURPHY was beloved by all who knew him. His unflagging zeal in the discharge of duty, his constant watchfulness and care over his flock, especially over the poor, his kind and courteous bearing towards all with whom he had to do, captivated all hearts, overcame every obstacle, and gave him a wonderful influence, not merely with the people under his charge, but with the public at large. For upwards of twenty years he has laboured in this town as few men can labour. Amid many difficulties and great discouragement he steadily pursued the even tenor of his way and, after watching the progress made from year to year, had the felicity to see in the work in his hands crowned with abundant success. St. Augustine’s church in this town is a monument to his memory, for it is mainly to his untiring zeal that its erection is due. He literally watched every stone of it laid, and when completed astonished everybody by declaring it was out of debt! For many years he was an attendant at the Hospital Board, and took a lively interest in the management of the Public Library; but of late the increasing infirmities of age and his application to other duties prevented his regular attendance. A few particulars respecting his career will no doubt be read with great interest. Father MURPHY came to this colony with Dr. DEVEREUX in the year 1838, and was ordained in Capetown by Dr. GRIFFITHS in the same year. He was sent to Graham’s Town immediately after, to assist the Very Rev Dr. BURKE. Shortly after his arrival in Graham’s Town Dr. BURKE died, and father MURPHY was appointed Colonial Chaplain. He remained there till the close of the war in 1851, being absent from Graham’s Town for a year’s leave in Europe in 1846-47. In August 1852 he was removed to Port Elizabeth, where he has since laboured with such signal success. He received the honorary title of Doctor of Divinity and Private or Chamberlain to the Supreme Pontiff from the present Pope in 1861, was appointed Vicar General by DR. DEVEREUX, First Bishop in the Eastern Vicariate, and continued in the same important office by Dr. MORAN and the present Bishop. In consequence of severe indisposition he left for Europe in November last year, for the purpose of obtaining medical advice. An operation was considered necessary, but the shock to his already exhausted system was too great for him, and he never properly rallied. He was in so precarious a state of health that his friends in Ireland feared he would not reach the Colony, and it was feared he would have succumbed on board ship and in Capetown. He seemed, however, determined to reach his home in Port Elizabeth, to sleep his “long last sleep” in the midst of the people for whom he had laboured so long and so faithfully. His wish was gratified – his prayer answered. Just a week ago he was received with the heartiest congratulations of his flock, who thronged to the sea-side to bid him welcome, and today they mourn for his death. The church of St. Augustine’s in this town, and the pro-cathedral of St. Patrick’s in Grahamstown are monuments that will carry his venerated name to generations yet unborn, but his zeal, untiring energy and watchful care of his flock render no monument necessary.”
“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”.

Friday 8 November 1872

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 7th instant, Mrs. W. FINAUGHTY of a daughter.

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 8th November, the wife of Mr. John CRAMPTON of a son.

MARRIED at Port Alfred by the Rev William Wallis, Colonial Chaplain, on the 6th instant, John Edward NELSON, Diamond-fields, to Annie Maria Gill, second daughter of the late Edward IRVING C.E., and granddaughter to William COCK Esq, Port Alfred.

DIED at Du Toit’s Pan, S.A. Diamond-fields, October 29, Thomas Patrick, the beloved son of Patrick and Aileen HEALY, fortified by the last rites of the Holy Catholic Church, aged 23. R.I.P.

DIED, November 7th 1872, William John PRATTEN. Deceased was one of the Salem Party who came to the Colony in 1820. Friends are requested to attend the Funeral – to move from the residence of Mrs. SAUNDERSON, St.Bartholomew-street, at 8 o’clock on Sunday morning.

DIED at the residence of her Son-in-law, Elizabeth-farm, November 2nd 1872, Jane WEBSTER, relict of the late Mr. Geo. WEBSTER of Tarka, aged 72 years and 6 months; after more than ten years of severe affliction, borne with Christian fortitude. One of the original Settlers of 1820.

Monday 11 November 1872

Yesterday at one o’clock Adderley-street in front of the Dutch Reformed Church was crowded with carriages and lookers-on. On inquiry, we found that the occasion which attracted the multitude was the wedding of Mr. John NOBLE, the clerk of the House of Assembly, with Miss LEIBBRANDT, the eldest daughter of Mr. John LEIBBRANDT, of Sea Point. Inside, the church was filled to crowding, and the Rev Stegmann officiated on the occasion. After the happy knot was tied in proper form, the company proceeded to the residence of Mr. LEIBBRANDT at Sea Point, to which upwards of one hundred and fifty guests were invited, and at which a sumptuous dejeuner was provided. The toast of the day – the health of the bride and bridegroom – was proposed by Sir Christoffel BRAND, the Speaker of the House of Assembly. It is unnecessary to say that very heartily we wish the utmost happiness to the couple thus joyously and auspiciously united in holy matrimony.

Wednesday 13 November 1872

DIED at Grahamstown this morning, at 4am Nov 13 1872, of heart disease, Samuel ELSE Sen, aged 68 years. The Funeral will move from his late residence at 4pm on Thursday 14th. Friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice.

Friday 15 November 1872

BIRTH at Somerset East on the 7th inst, the wife of F.J. GOWAR Senr. of a son

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 9th inst, the wife of R.H. STOCKDALE of a daughter.

DIED from Whooping Cough at Red Hill Farm, on the 11th instant, Clifford Henry, fourth and beloved son of Thos. N. and Eliza JAKINS; aged 3 months and 27 days.
Red Hill Farm
13th November 1872

Friday 22 November 1872

MARRIED at St.Bartholomew’s Church, on the 20th inst, by the Lord Bishop of Grahamstown, assisted by the Rev J. Cotterill, Rector of St.Bartholomew’s, and the Rev L.S. BROWNE, Principal of St.Andrew’s College, brother-in-law to the bridegroom, Ben. Herbert HOLLAND Esq, Master and Registrar Eastern Districts Court, to Agnes Hope, second daughter of C.H. HUNTLEY Esq, Civil Commissioner and Resident Magistrate for Albany.

In the Estate of the late Arthur Stephen FLANAGAN of Cuylerville
All Persons having Claims against the above Estate are hereby called upon to lodge the same within six weeks with the Undersigned.
Executive Dative
Cuylerville, Nov 15th 1872

Friday 29 November 1872

BIRTH at Willow Park on the 22nd inst, the wife of Mr. John F. SLATER of a son.

BIRTH at Aliwal North on Monday the 28th October 1872, the wife of Charles D. GRIFFITHS, Governor’s Agent and Chief Magistrate of British Basutoland, of a son.

Monday 2 December 1872

Notice to Creditors
In the Insolvent Estate of the late Robert BOVEY, of Fort Beaufort.
All persons claiming to be Creditors under this Estate are required to take notice that the undersigned has been duly elected and confirmed in the appointment of Sole Trustee of the said Estate, and that the Master has appointed the Third Meeting to be held before the Resident Magistrate of Grahamstown, on Wednesday the 18th December 1872, at 10 o’ clock in the forenoon, for the proof of Debts, for receiving the Trustee’s report and also for the purpose of giving directions to the Trustee as to the management of the said Estate; and all persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay the same to the Undersigned on or before the above date or proceedings will be instituted against them
Ben. B. ATTWELL, Trustee

Wednesday 4 December 1872

BIRTH at Grahamstown on the 2nd inst the wife of Mr. William WALKER, of Prince Alfred-street, of a son.

The Queenstown mail, ordinarily due here at 8 or 9 o’clock on Monday evening, did not reach town until half past 11am on Tuesday morning, when it was brought in a spider, containing Mr. BENTLEY of Tylden and Ramalong the driver. From Mr. BENTLEY we learn that the regular mail-cart had met with an accident at Thomas River, by which the six horses drawing it were drowned, and the passengers narrowly escaped with their lives. It appears that on reaching PUSEY’s at 3pm it was found that the river was considerably swollen, but was not deemed sufficiently so to be dangerous, and Ramalong being well acquainted with the drift, drove in- the two passengers, Mr. BENTLEY and a Mrs WILD, a young woman, but newly married, retaining their seats and not apprehending any danger. On getting well into the stream, however, one of the front horses stumbled and fell, and this, with his struggles to regain his footing, caused the remaining horses to waver, and ultimately to turn downwards, when they lost all power. Seeing the state of affairs, Mr. BENTLEY sprang out and swam to land, but poor Mrs. WILD was less fortunate, and on getting into a deep hole below the drift, sank with the cart. Mr. BENTLEY lost no time in making some waggoners on the bank acquainted with the position of Mrs. WILD, and these lending a willing hand, with Mr. BENTLEY, succeeding in rescuing her from a watery grave, for all that could be seen of her at the time was her hands moving above water. Ramalong saved himself as best he could, but the whole of the six horses were drowned. The cart and mail bags were subsequently recovered, and the latter forwarded on Tuesday morning by the means above stated. This is a sad loss to the contractor.

Monday 9 December 1872

MARRIED in Commemoration Chapel on the 6th Dec by the Rev R. Lamplough, Samuel Carey SLATER to Alecia Punnel, sixth daughter of J.R. WILMOT Esq. of Springvale.

DIED on the 7th December 1872, Sarah Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. B.G. WILLMORE, and daughter of the late Mr. James POWELL Jun, aged 30 years. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice – Grahamstown.

Friday 13 December 1872

DIED at Bushman’s River on the 29th November, Johannah Elizabeth BUCHNER, born BOTHA; aged 48 years. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

DIED at Port Alfred on the 5th December 1872, Thomas GARNER, late Lieut. in HM 12th Regiment; aged 44 years. Leaving a widow and five children to deplore their loss.

DIED at Dordrecht on the 5th Dec, 1872, George Frederick Willheim VON WEDELL, late Sub-Inspector of the Frontier Armed and Mounted Police Force, in the 44th year of his age.

Friday 20 December 1872

DIED suddenly at Harefield farm, District of Peddie, on Wednesday the 11th December, William Henry, eldest son of William Henry HILES, and grandson of Mrs. PRITCHARD, aged 11 years and four months, deeply lamented by his parents and friends. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.

DIED on the 4th inst of convulsions, at Seymour, Stockenstrom, Emison Rupert CROUCH, aged 18 months and 14 days, the beloved son of John and Mary INGLETHORPE.
Mr. and Mrs. INGLETHORPE desire to return their sincere and heartfelt thanks for the sympathy and kind attention shewn to them by Mr. and Mrs. GRAHAM, and their other many friends – too numerous to mention here – during their sad bereavement; but more particularly do we thank Dr. LAING, District Surgeon &c for his kind, punctual, regular and unwearied attention on our son during his illness – the attention and kindness thus shewn by Dr. LAING can never be repaid by us.

Friday 27 December 1872

DIED at King Williamstown on the 20th December 1872, Johanna Magdelina, relict of the late Daniel WAINWRIGHT Esq, aged 70 years and 3 months, deeply regretted by all who knew her.

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