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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1899 1 January - March


7 January 1899

BELL, Mrs. J. M., Durban, December 3.
BORDERS, Mrs. R. W., Durban, December 6.
COLLETT, Mrs. A. H., Cradock, December 4.
DUGMORE, Mrs. J. F., Kimberley, December 8.
FEHRS, Mrs. H., Cape Town, December 3.
LEWIS, Mrs. C. B., Durban, December 3.
MARSH, Mrs. H. L., Queenstown, December 6.
SIMKINS, Mrs. E. W., Queenstown, December 4.
SYFRET, Mrs. Dr., Mowbray, December 7.

ANDERSON, W. G.—HUGHES, C., Durban, Dec. 7.
BAM, G.—MAY, S. E., East London, November 30.
BLANCHARD, H. W.—TURNEUR, E. M., Cradock, Nov. 30.
BROWN—BROOKER—On November 15, at Beaufort West, Alec Brown, of Klerksdorp, S.A.R., to Clara Fanny, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Brooker, of Croydon, Surrey.
DAWSON—HARRISON—On December 21, at All Saints’ Church, East Meon, by the Rev. E. M. Tomlinson, assisted by the Rev. E. H. L. Reeve, Rector of Stondon Massey, Essex, Walter R. Dawson, of Mapoteng, Basutoland, to Hariet Mary Harrison, eldest daughter of R. F. Harrison, Esq., of East Meon, Hants.
DOUGLAS—HOGG—On December 28, at Bisset’s Rooms, Haymarket, Edinburgh, by the Rev. James R. Sabiston, Abbey Church, John Douglas, Leith, to Jennet Fairgrieve, younger daughter of Alex. Hogg, 13, Stanhope Place, Haymarket, chief inspector, Traffic Dept., N. B. Rly.
FYFE—BAKER—On December 30, at the Cockburn Hotel, Glasgow, by the Rev. Dr. Pagan, Bothwell Parish, James Fyfe, late of Durban, Natal, second son of Robert Fyfe, Royal Terrace, Springburn, to Annabella Bryce, fourth daughter of the late Thomas Baker.

BAYES, Mrs. J., Grahamstown, December 5, aged 61.
BELL—On December 9, at Albion Lodge, Rondebosch, William Jamieson Bell, fourth son of the late Robert Bell, banker, Glasgow.
BENISON—On January 3, at La Rochelle, Beulah Hill, Norwood, Mary, widow of the late Major Samuel Benison, of the 39th (Dorset) Regiment, and mother of Mrs. Bernhard Pilgram, aged 77.
BROWN, Mrs. J. L. M., Cape Town, December 7.
DAVIDSON—On January 2, at Winterbourne, Westcombe Park Road, Blackheath, Alice Ann, wife of Robert Davidson, late of Port Elizabeth, aged 50.
FINCHAM, Mrs. L. A., Grahamstown, aged 56.
HAMBLY, R., Kimberley, December 6, aged 54.
HARRISON, H. P., Avoca, December 8, aged 75.
HEYNES, O. S., November 27, aged 56 years.
HUDSON, Mrs. J., Cape Town, December 7, aged 21.
KENNEDY—On December 6, at East London, William Kennedy, aged 44 years and 4 months.
KIDSON, F. D., Rooi Port, December 1, aged 82.
KRONE, Miss F., Cape Town, December 10, aged 17.
LEE, F. J., Cape Town, December 9, aged 73.
LLOYD—On December 27, at Margate, Lillian Travers Lloyd, eldest and beloved daughter of Ernest and Ada Lloyd, of Port Elizabeth, aged 14 ½.
LOWE, Mrs. F. C., Strathrae, Transvaal, Dec. 4.
MALCOLM—On December 30, at Hastings, George Malcolm, of Matatiele, second son of the late Alexander Malcolm, of Bloomsbury, London, and Montrose, and brother of Mrs. Archibald Hunter, Bearsden.
MULHOLLAND, D., Grahamstown, Dec. 7, aged 43.
VOYSEY, R. J., Kingwilliamstown, Nov. 19, aged 37.
WHITE—On December 28, at 74, High Street, Godalming, Surrey, Ann, the beloved wife of James White.
WOOD—On December 29, at St. Heliers, Jersey, B. Horace Wood, Esq., of Clairmont, Natal, son of the late Hon. George Wood, of Grahamstown.

4 February 1899

ALEXANDER, Mrs. W. A., Durban, Dec. 25, a son.
BRISTOW, Mrs. S. A., Kimberley, Dec. 26, a son.
BUCHAN—On January 24, at Mafeking, the wife of James Buchan, A.M.I.C.E. (late of Portobello), a daughter.
BURNETT, Mrs. M., Umtali, Mashonaland, December 23, a daughter.
CHAMBERS—On January 24, at the Angelo Deep Mine, Boksburg, the wife of Sydney A. Chambers, of a daughter.
COLLETT, Mrs. C. H., Bethlehem, O.F.S., December 18, a son.
DAWKINS, Mrs. T. J., Kimberley, Dec. 28, a daughter.
DICKASON, Mrs. J., Grahamstown, December 22, a daughter.
DYKMAN, Mrs. J. S., East London, Dec. 28, a son.
FIELD, Mrs. P. R., Durban, Dec. 27, a daughter.
FLEMING, Mrs. R. D., Durban, December 29, a son.
GIBSON—On January 31, at Johannesburg, the wife of John C. Gibson, a daughter.
GOW, Mrs. J. S., Kimberley, December 28, a son.
HESS—On January 23, at Grey Gables, Pretoria, the wife of John Percy Hess, of a daughter.
KOEN, Mrs. J. P., Beaconsfield, Jan. 2, a daughter.
LANDSBERG—On January 19, at 52, Loop Street, Cape Town, the wife of Ernest P. Landsberg, M.D., of a daughter.
RUBIDGE, Mrs. P. W., Aberdeen, Dec. 25, a daughter.
SAUNDERS, Mrs. A. C., Port Elizabeth, Dec. 23, a son.
SCHNEIDER, Mrs. P., East London, January 2, a son.
SMITH, Mrs. R. E., Kimberley, January 1, a daughter.
STRATTEN, Mrs. T., Kimberley, January 5, a daughter.
THOMSON, Mrs. C., Queenstown, January 1, a daughter.
THORNLEY, Mrs. W., Cape Town, Dec. 29, a daughter.
WILSON—On the 28th inst., at Malvern, Kenley, the wife of Norman O. Wilson, F.R.C.S., a daughter.

BANGLEY, C. A.—BALLANCE, E., Durban, Dec. 27.
CALDER, G. W.—BEVAN, F. E., Gladstone, January 4.
CARRINGTON, J.—HARTIGAN, G. C., East London, December 27.
CLARK—STIRLING—On January 27, at 244, Cumberland Street, Glasgow, by the Rev. W. Rowe, Archibald Clark, late of Sydney and Johannesburg, to Elizabeth Stirling, Glasgow.
COOPER, W. B.—WIGG, E. C., Newcastle, Natal, December 20.
DE CROES, P. T. W.—PIETERS, A. M., Durban, Jan. 1.
DONNE, H.—MCDANIEL, M., Bloemfontein, Dec. 22.
FISON, D.—WARD, E. M., Johannesburg, Dec. 22.
HODGSON, A.—WALDECK, E., Graaff-Reinet, Dec. 20.
HOLLINGWORTH, J. T.—SILVER, J. A., Durban, Dec. 28.
LEIGHTON, J. M. C.—HUTCHINS, A. R., Johannesburg, December 24.
MOLYNEUX—PULLEN—On January 25, at Cape Town, Arthur J. C. Molyneux, F.G.S., of Bulawayo, son of the late William Molyneux, F.G.S., Burton-on-Trent, to Kitty, fourth daughter of F. A. Pullen, Herne Hill, S.E.
PARGITER, D. S.—ERSKINE, L. C. C., Cape Town, December 27.
RIDGWAY, J. H.—COCKERELL, E. M., Durban, December 24.
SCOTT, R. H.—GREEN, M. E., Queenstown, Dec. 28.
SEGGIE, J. F.—KERR, M. G., Cape Town, Dec. 28.
STEIN—TURNBULL—On December 28, at Pretoria, Walter Stein, Flint, Dundee, Natal, son of Charles Stein, 20, Cluny Drive, Edinburgh, to Florence Turnbull, youngest daughter of the late William John Turnbull, Graden, Kelso, Scotland.
TOLBUTT, S. C. P.—DODGE, J., Uitenhage, Dec. 27.
TONGE—MOORSOM—On January 25, at Rondebosch, Cape Colony, Arthur Reginald Tonge, of Bulawayo, son of the late S. H. Tonge, of Highfield Hall, Flintshire, to Mary Amabel F. Moorsom, granddaughter of the late Colonel Robert Moorsom, Scots Guards.
WHITE, F. W.—SEYMOUR, L., East London, Dec. 2.
WILSON, J. W.—WHITTLE, M. M., Johannesburg, December 19.
WILSON, T. D.—COLENBRANDER, H., Durban, Dec. 22.

ALING, P. H., Stellenbosch, December 26.
ANDERSON—On January 23, at sea, on board the R.M.S. Scot, on his way home from Africa, James Hackston Anderson, in his 48th year, late of Rutherglen, and only brother of Mrs. David Stark, 8, Percy Street.
AUBIN—On January 9, at Taunton Cottage, Hof Street, Cape Town, Jessie Taylor Bathgate, wife of P. J. Aubin, and daughter of the late John Bathgate, Dalmahoy, Ratho, aged 36.
BARTLET—On January 8, at Wonderheuvel, South Africa, suddenly, James, son of the late Alexander Bartlet, Mains of Balmand, Aberdeenshire.
BESSELL, Mrs. H. H., Cape Town, December 27.
BRODERICK—On January 26, at Bournemouth, George Alexander Broderick, of Northfield, Worcestershire, late of South Africa, aged 52.
CRAWFORD, O., Port Elizabeth, December 30, aged 71.
CROTTY, H. M., Maritzburg, December 29, aged 18.
FARLEY, Mrs. W., Fort England, January 3, aged 82.
FRITH—On January 20, at Germiston, Johannesburg, of typhoid, Reginald Harry, second and dearly-loved son of Walter Halsted and Mary Alice Frith, The Cottage, Sunningdale, Berks, aged 25.
GLAISTER—On January 17, at Harrismith, Orange Free State, John William Glaister.
GOVAN—On January 4, at Natal, Frank, aged 28, fourth son of the late James Govan, Glasgow.
HENDERSON—On January 31, at No. 1, Dublin Street, Edinburgh, Emily Young, wife of Thomas Henderson, farrier.
HOJEM, G., Malvern, December 24, aged 31.
MURRAY—On December 28, at Durban, Captain John Murray, late of the Sir Herbert Maxwell, eldest son of the late James Murray, Port William, Wigtownshire.
O’CONNOR, Capt. J. T., East London, January 3.
OPENSHAW, Mrs. G., Steynsburg, Dec. 15, aged 73.
PALMER, F. J., Wellington, December 24, aged 9.
REINARD, F. W., Kingwilliamstown, Jan. 2, aged 25.
ROOT, Mrs. J. T., Woodstock, December 28, aged 38.
SMAIL—January 5, at Jedbank, Rondebosch, Cape Town, Jessie, infant twin daughter of David M. Smail, aged 6 ½ months.
STEVENS—On December 25, at Johannesburg, the result of an accident, James Stevens, engineer, youngest son of David Stevens, 609, Springburn Road, Glasgow.
TUCKER—On January 3, at Bombay, from enteric fever, Sub-Lieut. Eric John Wallace Tucker, R.I.M., of H.M.S., Magdala, youngest son of the late Captain A. G. Tucker, of Newcastle, Natal, aged 23.
VAN DER POLL, Mrs. J., Muizenberg, January 3.
WOLFE, A. K., Klipplaat, January 2, aged 43.

GARDNER—In affectionate remembrance, Frederick William Gardner, only and beloved son of R. Alex. Gardner, Glasgow, died at Johannesburg on January 23, 1896.

4 March 1899

BERRY, Mrs. W. A., Queenstown, January 26, a daughter.
BINGHAM, Mrs. D., Greytown, January 26, a son.
BURTON, Mrs. C. L., Kimberley, January 27, a son.
DAWE, Mrs. J., Kimberley, January 27, a son.
DOUCHA, Mrs. R., Kimberley, January 30, a son.
FRIEDRICHS, Mrs. A. C., Kingwilliamstown, Jan. 27, a son.
GREAVES, Mrs. G., Cradock, January 31, a son.
KENT, Mrs. F. F. D., Durban, January 26, a son.
MCTAVISH-On February 1, at the Durban-Roodepoort Deep, Roodepoort, near Johannesburg, the wife of William McTavish, of a daughter.
NEUMANN-On March 1, at 146, Piccadilly, W., the wife of S. Neumann, of a daughter.
PEVERETT, Mrs. C. L., Kingwilliamstown, Jan. 28, a daughter.
SLATER, Mrs. W. P., Grahamstown, January 29, a daughter.
SOMMERS, Mrs. A. P., Graaff-Reinet, January 28, a daughter.
STEAD, Mrs. W. L., New Leeds, January 24, a son.
TAYLOR-On February 22, at Rosehall, Fisherrow, Musselburgh, the wife of Alfred Taylor of a son.
TUTTON, Mrs. A., East London, January 24, a son.
WITHERSPOON, Mrs. H. M., Durban, Jan. 29, a son.

DE CERJAT, F.-NICHOLS, A., Queenstown, Jan. 14.
LAST-ANDREWS-On February 25, at St. Mark's, Cape Town, by the Rev. J. C.
Clementson, Vicar, Thomas Clifford Last, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond., L.S.A., of Dun Edin, Beaufort West, Cape Colony, second son of W. Harrison Last, Esqre., Chief Inspector of Stamps and Taxes, Somerset House, and of Holmwood, Nightingale Lane, London, S.W., to S. Maud, third daughter of W.Stratford Andrews, Esqre., of Merlebank, Caterham Valley, Surrey.
MEIKLE-THOMAS-On February 27, at St. Stephen's Church, Haverstock Hill, N.W., by the Rev. Joshua Kirkman, Alexander Meikle, late of South Africa, to Edith, younger daughter of the late William Ivor Thomas and Mrs. Thomas, of 7, Parliament Hill, Hampstead, N.W.
PARKINS, W. W.-PAGE, A. S., Middelburg, Jan. 26.
ROLLAND-THOMSON-On March 1, at the Melville Hotel, Edinburgh, by the Rev. C.
Durward, B.D., Leven, John C. Rolland, decorator, Leven (late of Johannesburg), eldest son of J. C. Rolland, Leven, to Susan Gourlay Thomson, youngest daughter of the late Alex. Thomson, shipmaster, Leven.

DE SMIDT, W., Rondebosch, January 31, aged 66.
GALTEY, T. A., East London, February 4.
HALL-On February 22, at Colwyn Bay, John Hall, late of Port Elizabeth, formerly of Bradford, Yorks, aged 64. No cards.
HOWES, J. A., Salt River, February 3, aged 41.
JAMESON-On February 24, at The Hillyers, Cookham, Harriette Blanche Hoole, the beloved wife of Samuel Watson Jameson, aged 43 years. South African papers please copy.
LENG, J. G. B., Kimberley, January 28, aged 60.
SPYKER, Mrs. J. B., Mowbray, February 1.
STIRLING-At Swazieland, October, 1898, John Muir, eldest son of the late William Stirling; and, suddenly, at 136, Byres Road, on the 28th ult., Catherine Anderson, relict of William Stirling, joiner, Partick.
THACKWRAY, Mrs. J., Dordrecht, January 29.
TUTT, Miss E., Cape Town, February 2.
WILCOX, B., Durban, January 27, aged 26.

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