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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1899 3 July - September


1 July 1899

BATCHELOR, Mrs. W. A., Rondebosch, May 21, a son.
BERRIER, Mrs. J. F., Kimberley, May 21, a daughter.
BIRD, Mrs. H., Durban, May 24, a son.
BLAIR—On June 2, at Fouriesburg, Orange Free State, the wife of Robert Blair, of a son.
BRICKHILL, Mrs. T., May 14, a daughter.
CLIFFORD—On June 19, at 71, Marine Parade, Sheerness, the wife of Lieutenant W. T. Clifford, R.N.R., of the Union Steamship Company, now serving on board H.M.S. Sans Pareil, of a daughter. South African papers please copy.
DUNLOP—On June 25, at Johannesburg, the wife of William Dunlop, National Bank, S.A.R., a son.—By cable.
HIGGINS, Mrs. F. E., Kimberley, May 20, a daughter.
KNOX, Mrs. E. W., Durban, May 22, a daughter.
LANG—On June 26, at Roodepoort, the wife of J. Douglas H. Lang, a daughter.
LARKIN, Mrs. A. Grootfontein, May 23, a daughter.
LEE, Mrs. A. H., Mafeking, May 14, a son.
LITKIE, Mrs. E., Kimberley, May 22, a daughter.
MACINTOSH—On June 16, at Johannesburg, the wife of Harry G. Mackintosh, Cyanide Manager for the Salisbury and Jubilee Gold Mining Companies, of a daughter.
NASH, Mrs. J. E., Graaff-Reinet, May 21, a son.
PEGLER, Mrs. W., Durban, May 20, a daughter.
RAPSON, Mrs. J. H., Durban, May 24, a son.
RIPLEY, Mrs. K., Thring’s Post, May 17, a son.
ROBERTSON, Mrs. J. M., Port Elizabeth, May 21, a son.
SERRIDGE, Mrs. J. B., Durban, May 21, a son.
WATERSON, Mrs. S. A., Greyville, May 16, a daughter.
WINSON, Mrs. C. F., May 16, a daughter.

ABRAMS, A.—WATSON, L., Durban, May 22.
BENNETT, A. R.—CHIAZZARI, V. E., Durban, May 19.
BROWN—CREASY—On April 26, at Christ Church, Galle Face, Colombo, by the Rev. J. C. Ford, assisted by the Rev. J. Thompson, Stephen, eldest son of John Brown, M.Inst.C.E., Engineer-in-Chief, Government Railways, Cape Town, to Mary Lloyd, elder daughter of E. Becket Creasy, of Colombo, Ceylon.
CARNELL, C. A.—SPIERS, G., Kimberley, May 17.
COLLYER—WATSON—On June 6, at St. Augustine’s, Grove Park, Kent, by the Rev. W. Blackmore, Vicar, Frederick Charles, eldest son of Frederick Charles Collyer, Solicitor, Dulwich, S.E., to Beatrice Anne, daughter of William Watson, of Woodstock, Grove Park, Kent.
HARDING—PORTER—On June 28, at All Saints’ Church, Highgate, by the Rev. A. L. Porter, Vicar of Braishfield, Hants, brother of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Edgar Smith, Vicar of All Saints’, Major Colin Harding, C.M.G., of Bulawayo, to Margaret Sarah, youngest daughter of Robert Porter, Esq., of Denewood, Highgate.
JOHNSTONE—HARRIS—On June 1, at St. Francis’s Church, Simon’s Town, by the Archbishop of Cape Town, Richard Johnstone, Lieut. 60th Rifles, eldest son of the late Major-Gen. Sir James Johnstone, K.C.S.I., of Fulford Hall, Warwickshire, to Catherine Florence May, eldest daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Harris, K.C.M.G., Commander-in-Chief on the Cape Station.
LAWRIE, E. S.—PAGE, J. A., Krugersdorp, May 20.
LOCKWOOD, H.—TAYLOR, F. M., Cape Town, May 15.
MOLLER, J.—AHLSCHLAGER, H. L. W., Kingwilliamstown, May 15.
MOLLOY, A. J.—MARSH, H. M., Kingwilliamstown, May 16.
VINCENT—TEMPLER—On June 15, at the Cathedral, Cape Town, by the Archbishop, the Very Rev. Ranulph Vincent, Dean of Bloemfontein, son of the late Rev. R. Vincent, Cockham Hill Vicarage, Kent, to Evelyn Mary, younger daughter of the late Colonel J. G. J. Templer, of Lyndridge, South Devon.
WADE, A.—TAYLOR, E. A., Durban, May 17.

BELL, T., Grahamstown, May 20, aged 29.
CARMONT, D., Durban, May 21, aged 67.—Liverpool papers, please copy.
CUMMING—On May 18, at Wessels Nek, Natal, Elizabeth Gordon, daughter of James Smith, Esq., Merchant, Pathhead, Kirkcaldy, N.B., and beloved wife of James Cumming, late of Johannesburg, aged 40 years.
DUKE, Mrs. G. E., Kimberley, May 21, aged 61.
FLETT, P., Durban, May 19, aged 29.
GEISEL—On June 25, at midnight, at 2, Churton Street, Pimlico, S.W., after a long illness, most patiently borne, John Jacob Geisel, aged 41 years.
GODDARD, R. J., Queenstown, May 21, aged 72.
HEYNE, F. J., Cape Town, May 25, aged 53.
HOWARTH, Edna M., Port Elizabeth, May 10, aged three months.
HULLEY—On June 9, at Pietermaritzburg, Natal, Fanny Cecilia Hulley (nee Clarence), wife of Arderne Hulley, of The One House, Cheshire, and The Wilderness, Maritzburg, aged 51.
JONES, W., Durban, May 23, aged 21.
LEVINGS, Alfred W., Grahamstown, May 20, aged two years.
MILLS—On June 13 (paraplegia), at Huntingdon, Samuel Snell Mills, late of Sea Point, South Africa, aged 61.
MURRAY—On June 19, at Johannesburg, R. W. Murray, jun., late of the Cape Times.
REID, Marion R., Port Elizabeth, May 22, aged two months.
VAN RENEN, J. P., Plumstead, May 26, aged 77.
VAN RENEN, Mrs. H., Graaff-Reinet, May 20, aged 69.
WALTER—On June 25, at 62, Finchley Road, N.W., after a few days’ illness, Henry Walter, aged 46 years, the dearly-beloved and devoted husband of Nellie Walter.
WEINMANN, P. G., Kimberley, May 10.

5 August 1899

DEUTSCHMANN, Mrs. F. A., Kingwilliamstown, July 30, a son.
EGERTON, Mrs. G., East London, July 1, a son.
FARLEY, Mrs. H., Port Elizabeth, June 29, a son.
GAARDTS, Mrs. M., Durban, June 23, a son.
GINSBERG, Mrs. H., Cape Town, July 8, a son.
GRAHAM-On June 12, at Durban, the wife of G. L. Graham, a daughter.
GRANT, Mrs. J. A., Graaff-Reinet, July 2, a son.
HARTLEY, Mrs. H. C., East London, July 1, a son.
JAY, Mrs. A. P., Port Elizabeth, July 4, a son.
MACDONALD, Mrs., Newcastle, Natal, July 29, a son.
MELVILLE-On July 10,at Tsolo, Griqualand East, Cape Colony, the wife of Dr.Melville, a son.
NEWGENT, Mrs. W. M., Vryburg, June 30, a daughter.
SIEDLE, Mrs. O., Durban, June 30, a daughter.
SOUTHEY, Mrs. R. G., Plumstead, July 8, a daughter.
VERCUIL, Mrs. S., Kimberley, July 5, a daughter.

ALDERTON, L. F. F.-PRESTON, A. M., Queenstown.
CARROL, A. M.-MCCULLUM, E. C., Rondebosch, June 27.
FALKENBERG, A.-MOSS, M. L., Southeyville, June 20.
GLENISTER, G.-HUNTER, G., Queenstown, June 20.
KENT, R. H.-PARK, A. R. S., Durban, June 30.
PARKHURST, Rev. W. H.-CALLAGHAN, S. M., Queenstown, June 29.
PETERS, E. E.-DREW, F. M., Cape Town, June 30.
PHILLIPSON, C. L.-WOOD, E. A., Cape Town, July 6.
SOUTHWARD, P. E.-SMITH, E. S., Cape Town, July 1.
TYSON, W.-WESTON, R., Durban, July 3.
WILSON, P. B.-HUTCHISON, M., Grahamstown, July 3.

CHAMBERS, Mrs. H. J., Kingwilliamstown, July 1, aged 27.
EDDY, A., Kimberley, July 4.
EGAN, Mrs. T., Cape Town, July 10.
GREEN, W. R., Grahamstown, July 3, aged 40.
JACKMAN-On July 28, at 17, Byne Road, Sydenham, S.E., Mary, the beloved wife of James Jackman, and daughter of the late Walter Cockman, of Broxbourne, aged 65 years.
LIND, C. C., Wynberg, July 4, aged 58.
VAN RYN-On July 28, at Margate, Johannes Hendrix Van Ryn, formerly of Cape Town, aged 58, deeply regretted.

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