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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1901 4 October - December


5 October 1901


AINSLIE-HUDSON, Mrs. A., Wynberg, September 1, a daughter.
BERRY, Mrs. E. A., Claremont, Sept. 8, a daughter.
BOUCH, Mrs. W., Durban, September 4, a son.
BOULTON, Mrs. G., Oudtshoorn, Aug. 20, a daughter.
BREDENKAMP, Mrs. H., Durban, Sept. 1, a daughter.
BREWER, Mrs. G., Woodstock, Sept. 2, a daughter.
COHEN, Mrs. G., Cape Town, September 8, a son.
COLQUHOUN-At Woodstock, Cape Town, on September 2, the wife of John B. Colquhoun, a daughter.
DAVIS, Mrs. J. R., Durban, September 2, a son.
DAWSON-On September 18, at Bulawayo, Rhodesia, the wife of James Dawson, of a son.
DE VILLIERS, Mrs. L., Three Anchor Bay, Aug. 31, a son.
DE VILLIERS, Mrs. N., Paarl, August 28, a son.
DONALD, Mrs. A. R. G., Durban, Aug. 29, a daughter.
DOWNING, Mrs. E. E., Inchanga, Sept. 1, a daughter.
FREMANTLE, Mrs. H. E. T., Cape Town, August 30, a daughter.
GILLMER, Mrs. W. B., Cape Town, Sept. 3, a son.
GOODWIN, Mrs. H. W., Pretoria, Aug. 26, a daughter.
KIRBY, Mrs. J., Cape Town, Sept. 1, a daughter.
KNUCKEY, Mrs. W., Cape Town, Aug. 31, a daughter.
LESAR, Mrs. L. H., Cape Town, August 31, a son.
MCVITTIE-On September 25, at Harrismith, O.R.C., the wife of D. J. McVittie, chemist, a son.
OOSTERLAAK, Mrs. W. M. A., Durban, Sept. 2, a son.
PHILLIPS, Mrs. A., Cape Town, Aug. 31, a daughter.
PHILLIPSON, Mrs. W. R., Port Elizabeth, August 26, a daughter.
ROLLESTON, Mrs. P. L., Cape Town, September 4, a daughter.
ROBINSON, Mrs. A. E., Harding, Natal, August 31, a daughter.
ROBINSON, Mrs. J. H., Mowbray, Aug. 30, a daughter.
SCHEWITZ, Mrs. M., Cape Town, September 2, a son.
SCHNUGH, Mrs. P., Cape Town, September 3, a son.
SHERRARD, Mrs. H. W., Durban, Aug. 29, a daughter.
SMITH, Mrs. S. J., Woodstock, Aug. 29, a daughter.
STEIN, Mrs. W., Estcourt, August 28, a daughter.
SUTCLIFFE, Mrs. H., Cape Town, Sept. 2, a son.
TOTHILL, Mrs. A. E. A., Touw's River, Aug. 31, a son.
VLOTMAN, Mrs. M. A., Woodstock, Sept. 4, a son.
WESTBROOK, Mrs. F., Claremont, Sept. 6, a daughter.


AYTON-MCCLENAGHEN-On September 24, within Bluevale Parish Church, by the Rev. Andrew Miller, M.A., minister of the parish, Robert Ayton, of Johannesburg, to Agnes Stuart (Addie), daughter of the late James McClenaghen, Dennistoun.
BAKER, A. G.-MILLAR, K., Durban, August 22.
BARKER, N. F.-STEWART, A. E., Durban, Aug. 31.
BLACKMORE, Captain E. H.-RAYMOND, E. E., Rondebosch, September 3.
DEXTER, H. C.-CHRISTENSEN, E. M., Cape Town, September 3.
DERRY, B. G.-BLACKBURN, B. R., Rondebosch, September 5.
DONALD, Lieutenant A. J. B.-LEFEVRE, G. F., Durban, August 24.
EVANS, P. H.-KIRKWOOD, C. H., Durban, Aug. 31.
GALLIERS, W. E.-TILLBROOK, J., Grahamstown, August 22.
GIFFEN, J. A.-GOOD, M. A., Kenilworth, Cape Colony, September 3.
GODLONTON, D'U-HOOLE, A. F., Wynberg, Sept. 4.
HALL, C. G.-SAKER, M. N., Durban, August 28.
HALL, F. A.-STOCK, M. M., Durban, August 29.
HARPER, W. S.-HEPPER, E. S., Durban, Aug. 26.
HARRIS, F. J.-STEWART, E. M., Cape Town, August 22.
MIDDLETON, A.-HAZLEWOOD, L., Durban, Aug. 31.
MCLENNAN-GRAY-On September 26, at Barony Church, Glasgow, by the Rev. Thomas Martin, B.D., minister of the parish, assisted by the Rev. Andrew Miller, M.A., Bluevale Parish, John McLennan, Johannesburg, to Margaret Williamson, eldest daughter of Mrs. Gray, 9, Roslea Drive, Dennistoun, and granddaughter of the late James Gray, Weir Street, Coatbridge.
SMITH, E. J.-HUBBARD, L. M., Durban, Sept. 2.
WILSON, J. W.-LOVELY-SMITH, Mrs. M., Durban, September 2.

BARRETT-On September 20, at Florence, Orange River, killed in action, Captain Rusland Tufnell Barrett, Thorneycroft's Horse, second son of the Rev. Tufnell S. Barrett, Rector of Teversal, and of Shorne, Kent, aged 42. R.I.P.
BLAND-On September 29, drowned in the act of landing at Seal Island, Cape of Good Hope, Sub-Lieutenant Horatio Skene Bland, H.M.S. Beagle, beloved and elder son of Fanny and the late Horatio Bland (Retired Captain of the K.O.S.B.'s), of Caunton Manor, Newark, Notts, aged 21.
DARROLL, R. G., Wynberg, September 6, aged 47.
DAVISON, E. M., Cape Town, September 6, aged 40.
FORD, H., Worcester, September 2.
HAIRS, A., Somerset, September 6, aged 27.
HANSEN, M. A., Wynberg, September 4, aged 71.
JACOBS, F. H., Somerset, August 31, aged 68.
JONES, Miss A., De Aar, August 31.
KENNEDY, J., Cape Town, September 5, aged 67.
LLOYD, F. P., Cape Town, September 1, aged 82.
MIERS-On September 25, treacherously killed by Boers near Heidelberg, Transvaal, Lieutenant Ronald Hill MacDonald Capel Miers, P.A., Somersetshire Light Infantry, and Captain No. XII. Troop, "C" Division, South African Constabulary Force, second son of Lieutenant-Colonel Capel H. Miers, late of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. R.I.P.
MOXON-On September 24, at 125, Warrender Park Road, Foster Parkin, youngest son of the late John Edward Moxon, in his 16th year.
ROBINSON, T., Durban, August 31, aged 67.
SHANKS-On February 24, killed in action near Spitzkop, South Africa (only now reported), Trooper John G. Shanks, Driscoll's Scouts, eldest son of the late Rev. Robert Shanks, Buckie, N.B., aged 37.
SHORE, R., Cape Town, September 1, aged 39.
SIMPSON, Miss M., Cape Town, September 2.
THORPE, C. W., Woodstock, September 2.
TORGIUS, S., Sterkfontein, August 14, aged 18.
TRENGOVE, S., Durban, August 29, aged 28.
UNDERHILL, Mrs. J. A., Durban, August 25, aged 67.
URE-On September 10, at Middelburg, of pneumonia, Thomas Ure, 2nd Scottish Horse, eldest son of Robert Ure.

28 December 1901


BURNETT, Mrs. C., Durban, Nov. 25, a daughter.
DOUGAL, Mrs. J., Durban, Nov. 19, a daughter.
FISCHER, Mrs. P. J., Stellenbosch, November 23, a daughter.
FULLER, Mrs. C., Maritzburg, Nov. 18, a daughter.
GOODWIN, Mrs. E., Kimberley, November 25, a son.
GREEN, Mrs. R. S. St. J., Jagersfontein, Nov. 23, a son.
JACKSON, Mrs. T., Wynberg, Nov. 30, a daughter.
LEVINE, Mrs. L. D., Glencoe Junction, Natal, November 25, a son.
LEWIN, Mrs. A., Cape Town, November 28, a son.
LEWIS, Mrs. A., Cape Town, November 28, a son.
MEGGY, Mrs. R., Cape Town, November 26, a son.
OLIVER, Mrs. H., Salt River, Nov. 28, a daughter.
RIDSDALE, Mrs. J., Durban, Nov. 17, a daughter.
STEEL, Mrs. A., Maritzburg, Nov. 18, a daughter.
SULLIVAN, Mrs. M., Cape Town, November 26, a son.
TAYLOR, Mrs. J. S., Durban, Nov. 23, a daughter.
TOD, Mrs. O., Durban, November 23, a daughter.
VAN DER RIET, Mrs., Stellenbosch, Nov. 25, a son.
VEAR, Mrs. W. H., Howick, Natal, Nov. 16, a son.
VILLET, Mrs. H. A., Rondebosch, November 23, a daughter.
VOGES, Mrs. F., Rondebosch, November 27, a son.
WILLIAMS, Mrs. W. E., Durban, Nov. 21, a son.
ZEEMAN, Mrs. C. W., Cape Town, November 30, a daughter.


BOOTH, H.-LUGT, A. S., Cape Town, November 27.
BOURKE, W. J. E.-STOCKWELL, A. M. M., Johannesburg, November 5.
BRERETON, H. J.-ROES, G. P., Durban, Nov. 23.
CALLAGHAN, P.-SLATTERY, E. G., Newcastle, Natal, November 18.
COLMAN, S. M.-WHITEHEAD, C. M., Durban, November 26.
FABER, S. F.-VAUX, C. E., Durban.
FAULL, J. H.-CALCRAFT, E., Cape Town, Nov. 28.
FISCHER, P. U.-JOOSTE, A., Cape Town, Nov. 28.
FRIEDMAN, B.-VAN HAGHT, R. J., Cape Town, November 28.
FURSEY, S. W.-FINDLAY, W., Johannesburg, November 24.
GAYER, A. E.-JACKSON, A., Maritzburg, Nov. 16.
LOOS, W. P.-ORMOND, A. J., Newcastle, Nov. 27.
MARWICK, J. S.-ROWE, E. H., Maritzburg, Nov. 27.
PATERSON, W. A.-TURNBULL, L. M. E. R., Maritzburg, November 26.
PULFORD, C. J.-GILLON, E., Maritzburg, Nov. 18.
REID, E. R.-COLTSON, E. K., Maritzburg, Nov. 23.
SMITH, N. A.-VAN ALPHEN, A. C., Malmesbury, November 25.
WOODCOCK, G.-GROGAN, H. L., Cape Town, Nov. 7.
WRIGHT, G.-VAN RENSBURG, C., Cape Town, November 30.


BROOKES, J., Pretoria, November 21, aged 60.
COETSEE, Rev. M. P. A., Klerksdorp, Nov. 18, aged 53.
GALANT, Mrs. A., Durbanville, Nov. 19, aged 89.
HADDON, Mrs. T., Bulawayo, October 27.
HARPER, Mrs. D. T., Newcastle, Natal, Nov. 3.
HARPER, J. J., Newcastle, Natal, November 21.
HONEY, Mrs. A., Woodstock, Nov. 28, aged 83.
LAING, R. H., Durban, November 22, aged 54.
LAMB-On December 18, at Boscombe, the Rev. Robert Gumbleton Lamb, late Colonial Chaplain and Incumbent of Trinity Church, Cape Town, in the 92nd year of his age.
MILNE, D. F., Johannesburg, Nov. 15, aged 37.
RATTRAY, Mrs. S. F., Worcester, Nov. 28, aged 65.
STRINGER, Mrs. E., Cape Town, Nov. 1, aged 83.
TOD, W., Durban, November 18, aged 30.
WALKER, W. C., Howick, Natal, Nov. 27, aged 29.
WILKINSON, Mrs. A., Ottawa, Natal, Nov. 23, aged 68.
WRIGHT, J. C., Hope Town, Nov. 24, aged 78.

Miscellaneous articles on the same page:


H.M.S. Good Hope, the magnificent new war vessel which the Cape Government has presented to the British Navy, dropped anchor at Spithead on Sunday afternoon, having been safely brought from the Fairfield Shipbuilding Yard on the Clyde by a specially selected navigating party from Portsmouth. She will undergo finishing touches in Portsmouth dockyard. With the exception of the Powerful and Terrible, she is the largest cruiser that has ever steamed into the historic anchorage. She displaces 19,100 tons, draws only 28 ft. of water, and has an indicated horse-power of 30,000, against the 25,000 of the Powerful and her sister vessel. She is also designed to steam a knot faster -viz., 23 knots an hour. Her defensive power is immensely superior to the cruisers named, and she is more formidably armed, being capable of hurling at an enemy several tons of shot and shell a minute.

Mrs. M. M. McD. Sceales, of 14, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, writes that, in a letter from South Africa, an officer asks for field glasses, as they would be invaluable for his non-commissioned officers. He added that the great danger in the war was that they never knew friend from foe till he was right on them.

The following extraordinary advertisement appeared in the Standard: "A little Briton would like to negotiate for an exchange of Prisoners with Free State. Christmas would be a good time or sooner.-G. F. P. not G. H. P." "Can this be," asks the Globe, "a desperate attempt to get rid of Mr. Lloyd-George?" The Globe also says: "A suggestion was made at the St. Asaph Guardians' meeting that he should be employed to discover the whereabouts of certain persons wanted for deserting their wives and children. He will, perhaps, realize the humour of the situation more fully when he is asked to
break up a crowd of pro-Boer rioters on Peckham-rye or remove the Vierkleur from Limerick Town Hall."

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