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ao. 1680

Den 28 Jannuarii
[Swen] Sellensen van Fleckeren jonghman, en Margaritie Jo-
chems Ringels van Amsterdam jonge dochter.

Den selfden dito (28 Januarii)
Matys Michiels van den Luick stadt, jonghman en Catrina Of-
tinghs van Lubeck wed: laest van Lourens Cornelis

Jan van Briene jonghman en Catarina jongedochter (sic)

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Source: This transcription has been made from photographs of the Cape Archives Verbatim copies document VC 603 - Cape Town baptisms, memberships and marriages 1665-1695, which is a photocopy the original register, now housed in the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerkargief, Noordwal-Wes, Stellenbosch, as G1-1/1. This photocopy was made for the Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and a copy was donated to the South African Archives, a copy going to the Cape Town Repository (VC series) and to the Pretoria Repository (where it is part of the FC series).
The marriages cover pages 75 through 91 of this register.

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