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Flagstaff Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Flagstaff, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Leanne Starkey. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (54 records)

  • 1907, 1908, 1909
  • 1910, 1911, 1912

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Civil Registration Deaths Flagstaff
19071MTSHOBANEN.n.abt 40y, married Pondo man of Swane Labourer
19072MNGAZANAN.n.25 y, single Pondo man of Mhlangana's
19073NAMKWALON.n.abt 20y, married Pondo woman of Mhlahlanja. No children
19074WARWICKJames Eric Flett3 y, born Natal. Father - J. WARWICK of Flagstaff
19075MANKOSIN.n.abt 21y, widowed Pondo woman of Lanqa's
19076BOBOKILEN.n.abt 7yr, Pondo boy of Nowalela's
19077VAN DER MERWEKarelabt 70y, married Griqua man, Farmer of Hontfontein?, Aflred Co. Natal. Son - Coenraad VAN DER MERWE. 4 children
19081MALIN.n.abt 45 yrs, single Pondo man of Emfundisweni
19082BASSONDecemberabt 60 yrs, married Griqua man, carpenter of Ndakeni. No.of children unkown
19083MBUMN.n.abt 19 yrs, married Pondo woman of Nkomazabantu's
19084MKENCEN.n.abt 28 yrs, married Pondo woman of Seketwayo's
19085NOMPUPUMISON.n.abt 2 yrs, Pondo girl of Seketwayo's
19086N.N.N.n.Request for information
19087DEZULAN.n.abt 30 yrs, married Pondo woman of Ntlenzi
19088N.N.N.n.Request for information
19089SIXINTIN.n.abt 16 yrs, Pondo man, wagon leader of Mangquzu
190810N.N.N.n.Request for information
190811LOVAN.n.abt 30 yrs, married Pondo man of Ntola's
190812NCWAYIN.n.abt 65 yrs, married Pondo man of Gosa, Lusikisiki district. No.of children unknown
190813JOUBERT born VERMEULENMaria 68 yrs, married Griqua woman of Kokstad. Born Philipolis, ORC. 10 children. Husband- Johannes JOUBERT
190814GABAN.n.abt 27 yrs, married Pondo man of Langasiki's.
190815BOLILIETJEN.n.abt 22 yrs, single Pondo man of Ntlenzi
190816HEMRODirkabt 56 yrs, married Griqua man, sawyer of Ponti. 3 children
190817N.N.N.n.Request for information
19091MANCIYAJane40 yrs, Divorced Pondo woman of Umqodini.
19092N.N.N.n.Request for information
19093MACMINM?Alexander50 yrs, married. Born in Ireland. Labour agent of Xopoza. 11 children
19095O'NIELBennett3 yrs, mixed race infant boy of Umzimhlava
19096CRANNEYWilliam Horace ?83 yrs, single general trader, born KWTown, of Emgodini
19097JOUBERTChristian25 yrs, married Griqua man, transport rider of Dedela, buried Mount Ayliff. Brother in law, B. NIEKERK
19099HUGHESRichard Percy Benstead28 yrs, single, engine driver of Tonti Saw Mills
19101LAWRENCEN.n.daughter, 7 d, born Pondoland of mixed race, living Emgodin's. Father - Gerald LAWRENCE
19102McGILLIVRAYJessie Elizabeth9m, born Bizana. Father Jno. P. McGILLIVRAY of Flagstaff.
19103PAGEEdwin67 y, single, Bookkeeper of Flagstaff
19111ROCKLaura Maude19 yrs, single european woman of Rockville, Flagstaff, born Emfundisweni. Father - H? ROCK
19112N.N.N.n.Information request
19113NQOKOMAN.n.abt 38 yrs, married Pondo man, waggon driver of Hlamandana's
19114BRICESydney Herbertabt 50 yrs, married european labour agent of Flagstaff
19115SALPHESTERMita2 yrs, mixed race girl of Puffadder. Adult relative - David KOOSNEL of Xopoza, Flagstaff
19116MAKULENIEmily37 yrs, married woman, born Bedford Cape Province, 10 children. Husband - S. MAKULENI of Flagstaff
19117N.N.N.n.Information request
19118ROCKHenry61 yrs, married, born in England, trader of Rockville, Flagstaff. 8 children. Wife - Emily ROCK
19121ROOIGert26 yrs, married Griqua man, born Kokstad. Mason of Puffadder. Mother-in-law - Elizabeth KOK
19122VAMKEREE?Adam3 mths, infant Griqua boy of Ndakeni. Father Hans VAMKREE?
19123KUZEKAN.n.15 yrs, Pondo girl of Ndankeni.
19124N.N.N.n.Request for information
19125KWESHESelina19 yrs, singe Pondo woman, born Emfundisweni. Sister - Rosalina KWETSHE
19126PRITCHARDHubertus Johannes Auret26 yrs, married european man, Attorney of Flagtaff. 2 children. Brother in law - John CAINE?
19127MALIWA?N.n.abt 30 yrs, single Pondo man, born Nqalweni?, residence Ralobile's, Flagstaff district.
19128ZOKWANAN.n.abt 40 yrs, married Pondo man of Langa's. 6 children.
19129MAKOTAN.n.abt 32 yrs, married Pondo man, cart driver of Emgusheni, died Brook's Nek, Mt Ayliff.
191210NDLOMBOYIN.n.abt 12 yrs, Pondo herd boy of Rxala's



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Flagstaff; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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