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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Additonal Information

This is pre 1820 information mainly taken from actual images of UK parish registers and other primary sources which I have personally researched. Further information about the settlers and their families once they reached the Cape can be found at

Sue Mackay

AMOS, Henry - Extra Data


(member of MENEZES' Party)


(see notes for Richard BOWLES)


The AMOS children listed in the Settler Handbook were the step children of Richard BOWLES. Henry appears as an adult settler on the Muster Roll of HMS Weymouth (ADM37/6145 (National Archives, Kew) and the others under settler children, all with the spelling AMOSS. Henry AMOS died 6 May 1872 and his Death Notice (Cape Archives) said he was 69 and 11 months old. That means he was born June 1802 and was 18 when they sailed, doubtless why he was treated as an adult settler leading his siblings. His parents are listed on the Death Notice as Edward and Elizabeth


Canterbury Cathedral Archives


Edward AMES married Elizabeth TAYLOR on 1 January 1803 in St.Martin, Cheriton, Kent


Family Search


Henry son of Edward and Eliz'th AMOSS, of Acrise, baptised 12th June 1803 in St.Martin, Aldington, Kent


Baptism for Elizabeth not found but her Death Notice (Cape Archives) confirms that her mother was Elizabeth TAYLOR and places her birth around 1806.


Canterbury Cathedral Archives


Charlotte daughter of Edward and Elizabeth AMIS was baptised 6 January 1805 in St.Mary the Virgin, Elham, Kent

Charlotte daughter of Edward and Elizabeth AMIS was baptised June 22 1806 in St.Mary the Virgin, Elham, Kent

[It is possible that the vicar made an error and that one of these Charlottes should be Elizabeth]

Rebecca daughter of Edward and Elizabeth AMIS was baptised Oct 2 1808 in St.Mary the Virgin, Elham, Kent

Sarah of Edward and Elizabeth AMOS baptised Feb'y 10 1811 in St.Peter, Swingfield, Kent

Edward Taylor son of Edward and Elizabeth AMOS, Swingfield, Labourer baptised 18th July 1813 in St.Peter, Swingfield, Kent

Thomas son of Edward and Eliz'th AMISS, River, Labourer, baptised on Feb'y 18th 1816 in St.Peter and St.Paul, River, Kent


See the 1826 correspondence of William SHEPHERD at CO48/69 where Richard BOWLES requests a daughter, son-in-law and two children living "at Crab Oak, near Dover" to join him. The contact is given as Henry HERBERT. There is a marriage of a Henry HERBERT to a Mary TAYLOR in River, Kent in 1821, with the baptisms of two children, Ann and James, in 1822 and 1823. Mary TAYLOR may have been Elizabeth TAYLOR's daughter, born just prior to her marriage to Edward AMOS, and subsequently brought up as a sister to Edward and Elizabeth's children. The map of Dover here shows St.Peter and St.Paul Church, River, very close to Crabble Mill, so "Crab Oak" may have been in this area. Three further children, Elizabeth (1826), Mary Ann (1829) and Sarah (1831) were born in River to Henry and Mary HERBERT, after which it seems they did emigrate to the Cape. This is borne out by the Death Notice (Cape Archives) of their daughter Harriet, which says she was the daughter of Henry HERBERT and Mary Ann AMOS. It therefore seems certain that when Richard BOWLES requested permission for a daughter and son-in-law to join him he was actually referring to his stepdaughter Mary, the eldest child of Elizabeth TAYLOR.


National Archives, Kew, London 


ADM 103/468 PART 2 Register of British POWs Prisons L-V, France, 1787-1820

Edward AMES captured from the Tixel 24 October 1810


Lloyd’s List 1809-1810

No.4509 London, Friday, November 9, 1810 Marine List:

“The St. Patrick, Ross, from Newcastle to Guernsey, was totally lost near Calais, 24th ult. She had saved the Crew of the Texel, Maurice from Newcastle to Yarmouth, which was left in a sinking state. The crews of both vessels are saved and made prisoners.”


Canterbury Cathedral Archives


Edward AMISS buried 11 June 1818 in Capel le Ferne (near Folkstone), Kent

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