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The Names and Genealogies of those involved in the Massacre at Zuurberg.

an appendix to his article on this subject.

This list of names has been compiled from various sources by Keith Meintjes as discussed in his article, The Massacre at Zuurberg. He has added genealogical information where he has been able to ascertain this. (information last updated 10 March 2011)

If you can add to this information or these genealogies, please contact him via eGGSA.

BOTHA, Philip (killed)

BOTHA, Piet (killed)

BUYS, Philip (killed) - Possibly a son of b3 c1 d4 Coenraad de Buys, see [DSAB 2, p. 163]. In the Dutch original of CO 2580 he is "een Bastaard", and in the English version he is "a Baster Hottentot". See also [SAG 1, pp.523-4].

DU PLESSIS, Jacobus (killed)

DU PLESSIS Paul (escaped) - Daniel Jacobs has provided an article [Jacobs 1, pp. 140-143] in which Paul Jacobus Erasmus says, "Myn grootvader Paul du Plessis had op vele kommando's gegaan en by Doornek is hy die enigste man die uitgekom is toen Landdros Stockenström met dertien vermoor is …". His parents were Carel Stephanus Erasmus and Sara Johanna du Plessis [Jacobs 2, p. 120], leading immediately to:
b1 c5 d5 e3 Paulus Jacobus du Plessis = Tulbagh 19.9.1779, son of Johannes Petrus du Plessis and Susanna Johanna de Wet [SAG 8, p. 135].

ERASMUS, Cornelis (wounded)

GREYLING, Johan Christiaan (killed)
b11 c2 Jan Christoffel, = 5.9.1779, son of Abraham Carel Greyling and Geertruy Botma. He married Magdalena Johanna de Wet. In 1814 she remarried Piet Retief, the Voortrekker leader. [SAG 2, p.543; Visagie, p. 195]

HATTINGH, Michiel (killed)

KRUGEL, Andries (wounded)

LYSTER, T. (informant) - Probably Thomas Lyster. In 1810 he was a Major in the Cape Corps. [Stockenström, p. 53].

MARÉ, P (official)

MEINTJES, H. A. (official) - Probably a1b4c1d3 Hendrik Adriaan Meintjes = 11.10.1772. [SAG 5, p.513].

POTGIETER, Jacobus (killed)
b7 c8 d6 Jacobus Christoffel Potgieter, = 6.4.1765, son of Jacobus Potgieter and Clara Isabella du Preez [SAG 8, p.276], and uncle of (d7 e2) Andries Potgieter, the Voortrekker leader. [SAG 8, p.284; Visagie, p. 168].

PRETORIUS, W. S. (official)

PRETORIUS, Willem (killed)

RABIE, J. B. (official)

ROBBERTS, Christiaan (escaped)  - Probably b1 c7 d10 Christiaan Stephanus Robberts, = 17.9.1789, son of Jan Hendrik Robberts and Geertruy Jacoba van der Linde [deV/P, p. 783].

STOCKENSTRÖM, Anders (killed) - Anders Stockenström, * Sweden 6.1.17 - 57, son of Anders Anderssen Stockenström and Catharina Margareta Eckman, married 1.6.1786 Maria Broeders [DSAB 1, p. 773]. At the time of his death, Anders was Landdrost of Graaff-Reinet and his son, Andries, was serving as his aide-de-camp. Andries was to become Lieutenant Governor of the Eastern Cape and, later, Sir Andries, baronet. He died in London and is buried there [DSAB 1, p.774]. See also [SAG 12, p. 270].

VAN HEERDEN, Isaac (killed)


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