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What do I receive as a member of eGGSA?

In addition to the benefits of membership of the Genealogical Society of South Africa (see below), members of the eGGSA Branch receive the following benefits:

  • Document Photographs: members can order photographs of documents from the South African archives at a reduced rate. See the FAQ for more details.

  • Help files and Books: members will find sections of our online Download Library which contain material available to members only: The members section with numerous aids to research and a number of online books in the Books section.

  • Genesis: members receive eGGSA's quarterly publication, genesis, containing articles by and for the members. Right Click on the image below to download one of the back issues:

genesis Issue 13, January 2007

  • Familia: as members of the parent body, Genealogical Society of South Africa, eGGSA members will also receive FAMILIA, the quarterly journal of the Society, published in March, June, September and December. Familia can be provided in electronic or printed format. the membership fee will vary depending on which format you choose to receive. Right Click on the image below to download a back issue of this publication:

Familia Volume 43 2006 Number 3

  • Help promote South African Genealogy: your annual subscription to eGGSA will help to fund the web site which makes available a huge collection of genealogical materials freely available to all.

  • Subscribe to more Branch journals: you will also be able to subscribe to the publications of several other GSSA branches if you so wish and at extra cost:

Capensis, printed edition, published by the Western Cape branch (not included as part of Western Cape Branch membership) Eastern Cape Branch Newsletter (included free as part of Eastern Cape branch membership) Famnea, printed edition - (available free to North West branch members and available on this web site in electronic format) GNUS, quarterly newsletter of the Natal Midlands Branch Northern Transvaal Branch Newsletter (included as part of Northern Transvaal membership)

Costs of each of the above journals can be found in the eGGSA online application form

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