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January 3, 1871

In the Estate of the late Charles WELLS
The undersigned hereby gives notice, that all persons having any claims against the above Estate, must send in the same to the undersigned within SIX WEEKS from this date; and those indebted thereto to pay up the respective amount of their accounts within the same period.
W T GILFILLAN, Executor Dative.
Glen Grey, December 13 , 1870.
In the Estate of the late William RYAN.
The undersigned hereby gives notice, that all persons having any claims against the above Estate, must send in the same to the undersigned within SIX WEEKS from this date; and those indebted thereto to pay up the respective amount of their accounts within the same period.
W T GILFILLAN, Executor Dative.
Glen Grey, December 13 , 1870.

We regret to have to record the death on Christmas day of W.F. LIDDLE Esq., C.C. and R.M. of Alice.

January 24, 1871

MARRIED – On the 19th of January 1871, at TrinityChurch, King W. Town, by the Rev. J.J. ROWE, Military Chaplain, EdgcumbeCORNISH, to Elizabeth Maude, youngest daughter of Edward DRIVER, Esq., of Fort Peddie.

DEATH OF THE HON. JOHN BARRY, M.L.C. – A private telegram was received this morning by Mr Advocate BARRY, conveying intelligence of the death of his uncle, the Hon John BARRY, M.L.C. - Eastern Star.

February 1, 1871

Mr W.R. THOMPSON, an old and respected citizen of Grahamstown, died at his residence in High-street, on Wednesday morning.

WHOLESALE MURDERERS. – At the criminal sessions lately held in Capetown, a Dutch farmer, named C J E P THJART and his coloured servant Pans, were sentences to death, for the murder of eight Bushmen in Namaqualandon or about the 1st May last. A memorial, praying for a reprieve, is going round for signature.

February 7, 1871

DEATH OF THE REV. MR. DAUMAS (French Missionary with the Basutos) – The following is an extract of a letter received from Natal this morning: - Natal, January 23. I have just heard that Mr DAUMAS is no more. He died in the course of this night. The Basuto war, followed by the breaking up of his mission station, the fatigue and failure of his mission to England, crowned by the terrible anxiety caused by two of his sons being in Paris have proved too heavy trials to be borne by one who had passed the meridian of life, and who was worn out in great partly by long and arduous labours in the mission field. The loss is not his, but to his poor widow and family; - what a blow to them! – Journal.

February 10, 1871

DEATH OF MR. BORCHERDS. – Another colonial worthy has been gathered to his fathers in the person of the venerable Petrus Gerhardus BORCHERDS, who died at his late residence, Stellenbosch, on Wednesday last, the 1st instant, at the advanced age of upwards of eighty-four years. Deceased was born in Capetown on the 8th July, 1786, and entered the public service of this colony in 1803, from which he retired in 1857; his services thus extending over the unusually long period of sixty years. His last appointment was that of Civil Commissioner and Resident Magistrate of Capetown, on relinquishing which the Parliament, on the recommendation of the then Governor, Sir George GREY, awarded him a retiring allowance of £600 per annum – a sum equal to his full pay when last employed in active duty; it had previously voted him a special gratuity of £2,000 in consideration of his long public services in the colony and of his claims upon the liberality of the legislators, arising out of the loss which he had experienced by the reduction made some years before in the salary which he had enjoyed.

February 14, 1871

DIED – Near Pniel, on the farm of Messrs C and F BREDEKAMP, on the 21st January, 1871, Patrick DOWDLE, aged 58 years and 4 months, deeply regretted by his wife and family.

February 21, 1871

DIED – at his own residence, Humnanby, District of Queentsown, on the 1oth February 1871, Mr Matthew WESTERBERG, aged sixty-eight years, eight months, and two days. Friends will please accept this notice.

DIED, at the Transkei on Tuesday the 14th inst., after an illness of six weeks, the second daughter of Henry James and Mitalda LLOYD, aged six months and seven days. Friends at a distance please receive this notice.

February 28, 1871

BIRTH – at Hong Kong, China, on the 14th November, 1870, the wife of M.W.R. RUSHTON, Esq., Assistant Commissary General, of a son.

The marriage of Mr Thomas LANGFORD, of Grahamstown, with Miss Caroline FLOOKS, on Wednesday last, is announced in the Journal.

Publieke Verkooping!
De ondergeteekende, behoorlyk gemagtigd door de Executeuren Testamentair in den Boedel van wylen Jacobus Wilhelmus Marthinus PRETORIUS, zalin publieke Veundutie opveilen, op Maandag, Maart 6, 1871 Op de plaats ‘Leeuwfontein, ’Met aangreze de Landeryen metende 4880 morgen Op dese plaats is een Hechtgebouwd en Gemakkelyk Woonhuis, voorts Stalling, Wagenhuis en verdere Buitengebouwen, - Uitgestrekten Boomgaarden eene groote uitgestrektheid Ploegbaren Grond Onder Water. De plaats is goed voorzien van steeds-loopende Fonteinen, ende Weigrond is zoo goed als maar kan velangd worden. Op een afstand van omtrent twee mylen van bovengenoemdWoonhuis, is eene andere Woning gebouwd, waar ook alle noodige gebouwen zynopgerigt, zoodat daardoor de plaats zeer gemakkelyk in Twee Plaatsen kanverdeeld worden.

March 14, 1871

DEATH of Mrs MOFFAT – We regret to hear by the last mail of the death of Mary, the beloved wife of the Rev. Robert MOFFAT, late of Kuruman, South Africa. She died at Buxton on the10th January, aged 75.

March 21, 1871

VICTORIA WEST TRAGEDY. Full particulars are now to hand of the terrible flood which came down upon Victoria West some week or more ago. The account is most heart rending. Not only has the population of the village been decimated; but those who survived the terrible night of suffering and death are in great destitution. In another part of today’s paper we publish a list of the lives lost on the occasion; and of the property destroyed or damaged. No calamity of an equally distressing nature has perhaps occurred in the memory of the oldest colonist. The great bush fire which destroyed a few lives, and property to a large extent, only a couple of years ago, is not to be compared with it. It is certainly a catastrophe which calls for the deep sympathy and active relief of Colonists in general, and we have no doubt such will be given. The sufferers by the great bush fire were nobly succoured; in fact more was given than was needed. On this occasion we trust to see a similar spirit manifested. Port Elizabeth has already contributed a considerable sum. The Mayor of that town received an appeal for help from the Municipality of Victoria one morning at 9 o’clock, and by the outgoing mail, which left six hours later, he forwarded in answer £150, which he had collected from some of the principal merchants. This was giving relief promptly and deserves to be commended and imitated. Capetown we also notice is devising measures for the relief of the sufferers; other towns will be sure to follow; and we hope Queenstown, which has never yet been behind in any such good work, will also do her share.
List of lives lost.
Ellen MARNITZ and 3 daughters
Mrs Robert ARMSTRONG and child
Mr W WALTON, Miss Johanna WALTON, Master John WALTON
ROBERT’s son
Miss Rene E DODDS
Mrs Frans HUGO, Albertus HUGO, Frans HUGO, jun, Jacobus W HUGO jun, Magdalina HUGO
Thomos POTTSFRITZ, a German
Arnoldus EVANS
Michiel DE HAAN, Christina DE HAAN
Jacobus Louisa VILLET
Martha WARD, Carolina WARD, Alexander WARD
Louisa BRINK
Rachel Annie Delia ONTONG and 5 children
Annie, wife of FRITZ Malagas Kaffer
Sarah DEL PORTE and child Baatje
Sarah MULDER and child Pieter
Child of Delia SHEPHERD in service of A. DEVENISH, wife, and 3 children
Coloured man, name unknown
2 shepherds of F. HUGO
The above is a correct list of the bodies found and buried. It is presumed that some are still missing. Of the survivors, six have met with bodily injuries, but are recovering.

March 28, 1871

MARRIED, - At Commemoration Chapel, on the 22nd March, 1871, by the Rev. G.H. GREEN, Alfred BRITAIN, Queenstown, to Margaret WEBB, eldest daughter of John WEBB, Esq., Market-square, Grahamstown – No Cards.

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