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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1898 2 April - June


9 April 1898

BRADLEY, Mrs. J., Kimberley, March 7.
BUNYARD, Mrs. C., Grahamstown, March 1.
DE VOS, Mrs. P. W., Kimberley, March 8.
EBSWORTH, Mrs. F. V., Durban, March 6.
SOLOMON, Mrs. B. J., Cape Town, March 9 (twins)
YOUNG, Mrs. J. C., Durban, March 7.

HANBURY-WILLIAMS—On April 3, at Newlands, Cape Town, the wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Hanbury-Williams.
MOORE, Mrs. D. J., Kimberley, March 8.
MURRAY, Mrs. A. M., Cape Town, March 11.

FORSTER, O.—IRVING, Mrs. M., Kimberley, March 5.
GADSBY, R.—VILLIERS, S. A. G., Durban, March 1.
SINCLAIR, D. K.—CHUBB, B. J., Cape Town, March 8.
SWAN, W. H.—ROBEY, K., Queenstown, March 7.
WILSON, G. W.—BUCKLEY, M. J., Durban, March 5.

BOALCH, H., Cape Town, March 8, aged 39.
BOOTHROYD, H. R., Grahamstown, March 4, aged 42.
BRETT, Mrs. F. J., Kimberley, March 3, aged 69.
BRIDGE, Mrs. A. T. V., Cape Town, March 8,
FARQUHAR, F. J., Delagoa Bay, Feb. 26, aged 48.
HOFFMANN, C. L. T., Grahamstown, March 4, aged 45.
MAHER, J., East London, March 5, aged 72.
LILFORD, C., East London, March 5, aged 71.
PARKES, R., Graaff-Reinet, March 7, aged 67.
ROBERTSON, A. R. K., Port Elizabeth, March 7.
ROGER—On March 24, at Simonstown, Cape of Good Hope, Cuthbert R. Roger, R.N., of H.M.S. Penelope, late of Renard, Colossus, and Plover.
VINE—On March 8, off Cape Town of remittent fever, Herbert Vine, M.B., C.M., aged 33, Surgeon British India s.s. Avoca, eldest son of Frank Vince, P. W. Dt. Ceylon, Retired, dearly loved and deeply regretted.
WILSON, Mrs. L. S., Durban, March 1, aged 72.

KETTLE—In ever-loving and grateful memory. On April 3, 1896, Mrs. Caroline Kettle, relict of the late George Kettle, of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, “Cast thy bread upon the waters, and thou shall find it after many days.”
REYNOLDS—On April 6, 1896, killed in action with the Matabele, at Shiloh, near Bulawayo, Ernest Edward Reynolds, second son of the late Edward Reynolds, J.P., of Paxton Hall, St. Neots. Dearly loved, deeply regretted.

30 April 1898

ASLINGTON, Mrs. E. A., Grahamstown, March 27.
BALWE, Mrs. J. H. A., Dresden, March 29.
KOTZE, Mrs. J. J., Cape Town, February 16.
LONGHURST, Mrs. C. A. P., Kimberley, March30.
MAIR, Mrs. T. J., Malvern, Natal, March 22.
RICHARDS, Mrs. H. W., Durban, March 26.
SELOUS-On April 21, at Barrymore House, Wargrave, Berkshire, the wife of Frederick C. Selous.
TREDREA, Mrs. W. H., Kimberley, March 29.

BROWNE, Mrs. B. J., Durban, March 28.
FRASER, Mrs. D. T., Indaleni, Natal, March 30.
FRIEND, Mrs. A. H., Mafeking, March 23.
REED, Mrs. S. E., Port Elizabeth, March 19.

CARR, E. J.-JOHNSON, C. E., Durban, March 28.
CHAMBERS-RAW-On April 25, at St. James's, Kidbrooke, Blackheath, by the Very Rev. Canon Rhodes Bristowe, Sydney Arthur Chambers, of Johannesburg, to Ivy Christian Theresa, eldest daughter of George Henry Raw, of East Neuk, Blackheath, and of Pietermaritzburg, Natal.
DRYDEN, A.-MUNRO, M. M., Durban, March 30.
FOX, G.-STILWELL, A., Queenstown, March 23.
MAGENNIS, H. DE R.-MURRAY, M. M., Uitenhage, March 25.
MURRAY, J. T.-FRASER, L. R., Durban, March 21.
RUNDLE-JOURDAN-On March 17, at Wynberg, Cape Town, by the Rev. Rice Thomas, Military Chaplain, assisted by the Rector, Lieutenant H. M. J. Rundle, R.N., H.M.S. Magpie, to Alice, daughter of the late Rev. W. Jourdan, of Wynberg, and niece of Sir H. de Villiers, Chief Justice of the Cape Colony.
SHARWOOD, S. E.-SHEPHERD, S. E., Kimberley, March 28.
CHAMBERS, F. J., Zwartenberg Pass, March 28, aged 48.
COOPER-On March 6, at Queenstown, South Africa, James, younger son of the late T. W. Cooper, Esq., of Great Bentley, Essex, and formerly of Bury St.Edmunds, aged 47.
DASHWOOD, F. L.,Queenstown, March 16, aged 77.
DINGWALL, W. T., East London, March 30, aged 53.
FINCHAM-On March 13, at Lancing House, Grahamstown, John Thornton Zachariah Fincham, only son of John Fincham, Roydon Hall, Norfolk, England, in the 62nd year of his age, late of Witte Puts, South Africa.
HEARNS, J., Queenstown, March 18, aged 48.
HERMAN, A. J., Queenstown, March 21, aged 39.
HIGGS, D., Durban, March 20, aged 69.
HILL, Mrs. C., Smithfield, O.F.S., March 28, aged 66.
JOHNSON, Mrs. R. W., Durban, February 25, aged 48.
MARGESSON-On April 5, at Blantyre, British Central Africa, the Rev. William A. Margesson, of the Universities' Mission, son of the Rev. Reginald W.Margesson, Rector of Blendworth, Hants, aged 31 years.
MELVILLE, W. R., Francistown, March 29.
MUNDELL, Miss, Tarkastad, March 12, aged 18.
REED, Mrs. S. E., Port Elizabeth, March 31.
SINCLAIR, R. J. G., Ladysmith, March 16, aged 42.
SMITH, J. B., Post Retief, March 18, aged 39.
STEVENS, Mrs. T. W., Bloemfontein, March 10.
STIEBEL-On April 23, at 47, Effingham Road, Lee, S.E., the residence of his son-in-law, Leopold Stiebel, of Natal, and late of Lewisham Park, in his 73rd year. No cards.
WALLACE- On March 31, at Northcote, Weenen County, Natal, suddenly, from snake bite, James Douglas, youngest son of John Henry and Letitia Wallace, of 18, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, Kent, aged 39.
YATES, Mrs. J. J., Kingwilliamstown, March 31, aged 34.

FINDLAY-In loving memory of George James Findlay (Findlay, Durham, and Brodie), who died April 26, 1897, deeply regretted by his widow and children.

11 June 1898


ALBRECHT-On Sunday, June 5, at Garvald Place, Uddingston, Scotland, the wife of John A. Albrecht (of Cape Town), of a daughter.
BRANDON-KIRBY, Mrs. R. L., Cape Town, May 9, a son.
BURGERS, Mrs. M., Pretoria, April 30, a son.
CROMPTON, Mrs. E., Durban, May 9, a daughter.
JARVIS, Mrs. W. S., Durban, May 11, a daughter.
KIRKWOOD, Mrs. W. G., Durban, May 11, a daughter.
LAWRENCE, Mrs. W., jun., Kimberley, May 9, a son.
OCKENDEN, Mrs. A. V., Middelburg, May 2, a son.
RIPLEY, Mrs. K., Fort Crusoe, Zululand, April 22, a daughter.
ROLLS-On May 13, at Cape Town, the wife of Walter Rolls, eldest son of Walter Rolls, of Bowes Park, London, of a son.
STEIN, Mrs. J., Kimberley, May 3, a son.
STEMMET, Mrs. P. A., Cape Town, May 10, a daughter.
VARRIE, Mrs. C., Kimberley, May 6, a son.
WINSHIP, Mrs. W., Durban, May 5, a son.

AUSTIN-ROBINSON, F.-JENKINS, L. A. R., Durban, May 10.
BOLT, G.-CORBITT, F., Kimberley, May 2.
BOWRING-SCHENCK-On June 2, at St. Bartholomews, Sydenham, by the Rev. R. C.
Joynt, Vicar of Christ Church, Gipsy Hill, assisted by the Rev. W. A.
Moberly, Vicar, John Bowring, of Natal, to Rosalie, the adopted daughter of Theodore Schenck, of West Hill, Sydenham.
COLE, J.-YOUNG, M. J., Olifants' Hoek, East Griqualand, April 28.
DAWE, J. E.-ROBARTS, M., Kimberley, April 30.
DOWNING, W. L.-GARNICK, S. F., Durban, May 10.
DREW, Rev. D.-MORGAN, M. M., Thaba 'Nchu, O.F.S., April 28.
EMMERSON-FITCH-On June 1, at St. John's Highbury Vale, by the Rev. J. B.
Podmore, assisted by the Rev. A. W. Gough, Vicar, George Emmerson, of Bush Hill Park, youngest son of the late Edward Emmerson, to Ethel Anne, second daughter of Arthur W. Fitch, of Grange Road, Canonbury.
WILLIAMS, G. H. P.-WIENAND, A. M. C., Bedford, Cape Colony, April 30.

BOOSE-On June 2, at 6, Fulham Park Road, S.W., Fanny Isabella, widow of the late Charles Boose, in her 76th year.
CLARK, Mrs. C. M., Estcourt, Natal, May 5, aged 64.
CURRAN, J., Grahamstown, May 10, aged 55.
HALL-At Pietermaritzburg, of enteric fever, Peveril Hall, Sergeant Leicestershire Regiment, younger son of the Rev. J. Hall, Edensor, Derbyshire.
HANDS, C. C., Claremont, May 12, aged 28.
HARRIS, R. W., Port Elizabeth, May 5, aged 42.
HOFMEYR, Mrs. J. H., Johannesburg, May 9.
MANSFIELD, A. T., Cape Town, May 14, aged 85.
MORRIS, Mrs. F., Kimberley, May 8.
WHITE, J. C., Grahamstown, May 13, aged 72.
LEWIS, J. S., Cape Town, May 9, aged 59.

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