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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1900 2 April - June


7 April 1900

BELCHER, Mrs. I., Durban, February 27, a son.
BUDDEN—On March 31, at 21, Woodstock Road, Bedford Park, the wife of Herbert A. Budden, Paget’s Horse, Imperial Yeomanry, now in South Africa, of a son.
CARLOW—On March 3, at Tennyson Street, East London, the wife of Charles M. Carlow, of a daughter.
CROWDER, Mrs. S. A., Durban, Feb. 26, a daughter (prematurely).
ELDER—On February 10, at De Beers Road, North End, East London, the wife of James Elder, of a son.
HARDIE—On March 9, at Princes Street, Addington, Natal, the wife of John Hardie, of a daughter.
HARRIS, Mrs. G. D., Kimberley, March 5, twins.
HAYNES, Mrs. B. C., Durban, March 4, a son.
LOXTON, Mrs. A. C., Cape Town, March 5, a son.
MARRINER, Mrs. W. H., Port Elizabeth, March 3, a son.
MATTHEWS, Mrs. R. W., Durban, March 1, a son.
MIDDLETON, Mrs. F. A., East London, March 1, a daughter.
RAW, Mrs. R., Durban, March 5, a son.
ROBERTSON, Mrs. C., Grahamstown, Feb. 28, a son.
SAVILLE, Mrs. A., Durban, March 3, a daughter.
SHEARING, Mrs. T., Durban, March 4, a son.
SHEBRARD, Mrs. H. W., Durban, March 3, a son.
STEPHENSON, Mrs. H. J., Durban, March 6, a son.
THOMSON—On February 20, at Bethlehem, O.F.S., South Africa, the wife of Harry Thomson, of a son.
WATT, Mrs. D., Greyville, March 7, a daughter.
WHITE, Mrs. S., Kimberley, March 7, a daughter.

DON—PARK—On March 8, at the Presbyterian Church, Cape Town, by the Rev. John Russell, William McCulloch Don, Port Elizabeth, to Annie Ogilvy, eldest daughter of the late John Park, Clydebank, Dumbartonshire.
EASTERBROOK, W.—OWEN, E. M., Durban, March 7.
GUTHRIE—SICHEL—On March 6, at the Parish Church, Claremont, Cape Town, Frank Huntington Guthrie, second son of the late Professor Frederick Guthrie, F.R.S., of South Kensington, to Ettie, daughter of Mr. G. Sichel, of Claremont, South Africa.
LEDGER, J. H.—THOMAS, E. E., Port Elizabeth, January 31.
RAYNER, J.—VORSTER, J., Hanover, Cape Colony, February 27.
SADLER, E. B.—ASPINALL, J. M., Port Elizabeth, March 1.
WRIGHT, A.—BROWN, R. A., Durban, February 27.

ANDERSON, T. A., Ladysmith, January 29.
ATLAY—On March 29, of wounds received at Ladysmith on January 6, while serving in the Imperial Light Horse, Charles Cecil Atlay, fifth son of the late Bishop of Hereford.
BIRKETT, J. L., Ladysmith, February 13, aged 19.
BLAIKIE—On February 18, in Ladysmith, Tom Blaikie, eldest surviving son of the late Anthony Adrian and Helen Blaikie, aged 36 years.
BRODIE—On March 31, at Bethune Road, Stoke Newington, Frederick John Brodie, late of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, in his 77th year.
BROOKS, C., Cape Town, March 7.
CURRIE, Major C., East London, March 2, aged 65.
DAWNEY—On April 3, at “Nithsdale,” Bethune Road, Amhurst Park, N., after months of patient suffering, Lavinia, for 43 years the devoted wife of William Dawney, formerly of the city of Grahamstown, Cape Colony, aged 66.
DE KOCK, Mrs. S. J., Cape Town, March 10.
GREENALL—On January 28, at Ladysmith, of dysentery, Kenneth MacKenzie, Natal Carbineers, youngest son of the late Colonel James Fenton Greenall, aged 24 years.
O’HARA, L., Sandflats, aged 69.
RAPSON, Mrs. L. M., Gillitts, March 3.
RENEHAN, Miss M., Port Elizabeth, March 5.
ROSE—On March 30, at Ladysmith, of enteric fever, Bertram Temple Rose (Lieutenant Thornycroft’s Mounted Infantry), second son of Charles Day Rose, aged 25.
SCOTT, W., Cape Town, March 6, aged 64.
STEWART, B., Ladysmith, Dec. 12, aged 22.
THOMPSON, Rev. J., Kimberley, Nov. 13.
TOOGOOD, E., Cape Town, March 9.
VENTREAS, R., Cape Town, March 6, aged 57.

21 April 1900

CLEMENT, Mrs. J., Cape Town, a daughter.
DENNISTON-On April 14, at Durban, Natal, the wife of R. F. Denniston, of a daughter.
GREENACRE, Mrs. W., Durban, March 20, a son.
HALL, Mrs., Bedford, Cape Colony, March 12, a daughter.
HARBORD-On March 5, at Salisbury, South Africa, the wife of Ralph Assheton Harbord, Esq., of a daughter.
HARPER, Mrs. J., Mpolo Forest Station, February 21, a son.
HARVETT, Mrs. J., Cathcart, March 6, a daughter.
HAYWARD, Mrs. H. J., Cape Town, March 23, a daughter.
JACK-On March 18, at Ravensleigh, Pretoria, the wife of John Jack, of a son.
JOHNSTON, Mrs. J., Kimberley, March 16, a daughter.
LAVENSTEIN, Mrs. L. H., Cape Town, March 22, a son.
MCKINLAY, Mrs. J., Durban, March 20, a son.
RICHARDSON, Mrs. J., Durban, March 21, a son.
RUSSELL, Mrs. W. Y., Cape Town, March 20, a son.
YOUNG, Mrs. G. W., Durban, March 14, a daughter.

BEVAN, E. H.-CAPEL, R. K., Kimberley, March 15.
CLARK, T. W.-MCCONNELL, M., Durban, March 14.
DE LA HAUPE, S.-MCDONALD, K. M., Zwart Kei, March 18.
HOBSON, M. D.-HOWELL, C. E., Graaff-Reinet, March 14.
KIDLEY, A. J.-CROSBY, M., Durban, March 19.
KIDWELL, A. C.-BARTOUCHE, B. M. De La, Kimberley, March 19.
LOVE, A. E. C.-FRANCKE, E. M., Durban, March 5.
LUCAS, W. S.-WILSON, M. A., Port Elizabeth, February 22.
MONEY-SPUNNER-On February 14, at Salisbury, South Africa, Charles Francis Lethbridge Money (B.S.A. Police), son of the late Rev. C. F. S. Money, Hon.Canon of Rochester, and of Mrs. Money, 9, The Waldrons, Croydon, to Lily Mary, daughter of Robert Spunner, Esq., of Ballyteague, Kilmeague, Naas, Ireland.
POOLEY, T.-MARCHANT, M. A., Kimberley, March 17.
SHAW-TROTTER-On March 22, at Yarrow, Woodside, Natal, by the Rev. Canon Burges, W. G. Shaw, Colbourne, Woodside, to Mary Isabel, daughter of John Trotter.
THOMSON-ROBB-On April 13, at The Mains of Kenmure, New Galloway, by the Rev.
B. Philip, Kells Parish Church, James Thomson, of Pilgrim's Rest, Transvaal, son of the late James Thomson, weaving agent, Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, to Mary Jane McKelvie, daughter of Wm. Robb, Esq.
WILLIAMS-PETTIT-On April 9, at Ramsbury, Wilts, by the Rev. W. B. Davis, vicar, James Vaughan, second son of the late Edward Vaughan Williams, to Edith Mary, second daughter of Robert Pettit, Despatch, South Africa.

ANDREWS-On March 31, at Ladysmith, of enteric fever, William de Mey Mottram Andrews, last surviving child of the late Mottram Fellowes Andrews, and grandson of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Mottram Andrews, aged 26.
BUDGE, R. T., Kotana, Transkei, March 9, aged 19.
COULTER, E. B., Ladysmith, January 15.
DICKSON, Mrs. A., Durban, March 15, aged 54.
DORNWELL, A., Kokstad, February 17.
HALL, Lieut. A. W., Mooi River, Natal, March 20, aged 39.
HOBSON, D. E., jun., Fort Beaufort, March 5.
LITTLE, T., Ladysmith, February 24, aged 33.
MATHERS-On the 13th inst. (Good Friday), at 1, Kensington Gardens Square, London, Janet Young, wife of the late David Mathers, of Edinburgh, and mother of E. P. Mathers, of Glenalmond, Beckenham, Kent, aged 77. Interred at the Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh. Friends will kindly accept this, the only intimation.
METELERKAMP, Mrs. M. A., Cape Town, March 22, aged 84.
MILLIGAN-On March 31, killed in action within six miles of Mafeking, Frank W. Milligan, Lieutenant Rhodesian Frontier Force, second son of Lieutenant-Colonel Milligan, Caldwell Hall, Burton-on-Trent, aged 30.
MILLS-On April 16, at 45, Montserrat Road, Putney, James Spencer Mills, Esq., of Cape Town, aged 47, deeply regretted by his loving wife and family. African papers please copy.
MORTON, Mrs. S. D., Durban, March 10.
PARR, Mrs. A. R., Sterkstroom, March 15, aged 59.
PRICE, I., Ladysmith, March 17, aged 21.
RANDALL, Mrs. L. M., Kingwilliamstown, March 19.
REID-On February 12, in action at the Crocodile Pools, Rhodesia, Frank Herbert, second and dearly-beloved son of Mrs. Reid, of 11, St. James's Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W., and grandson of the late John Reid, of Inverloddon, Wargrave, Berks., aged 23.
SHEDDEN-On February 16, at Bulawayo, Samuel, youngest son of the late George Shedden and Mrs. Shedden, 27, Beaverhall Terrace, Edinburgh.
WOOLLAN-On April 11, at Orion, Dennington Park Road, West Hampstead, Isabel Temperley, youngest daughter of B. M. Woollan.

ELLIS-In dearest and ever-present memory of Captain G. J. Ellis, British South African Police, who died of fever in the Hospital, Bulawayo, on April 13, 1898. Tenderly loved and deeply mourned.

2 June 1900

BUSSMANN, Mrs. A., Durban, April 29, a daughter.
CARNEGY-On May 24, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, the wife of Robert B. Carnegy, Kimberley, South Africa, of a son.
CULLING, Mrs. A. E., Durban, April 14, a daughter.
DALRYMPLE-On May 31, at 3, Montague Mansions, Portman Square, W., the wife of William Dalrymple, of a son.
HERBERT, Mrs. L. H., Durban, April 27, a son.
HUSBAND, Mrs. A. J., Durban, May 1, a son.
LAUGHTON, Mrs. F. A., Durban, April 29, a son.
MILLAR, Mrs. T. L., Durban, May 1, a son.
O'FLAHERTY, Mrs. E. G., Durban, April 29, a son.
THOMPSON, Mrs. J., Durban, April 30, a son.
VOORTMAN-On May 26, at Fauresmith, South Africa, the wife of Dr. John Bernard Voortman, of a daughter.
WICKHAM, Mrs. J. R., Durban, April 29, a daughter.
WORMAN, Mrs. A. J., Durban, April 29, a son.

FITZGERALD, W.-STURGEON, M. F., Durban, April 28.
GEILS, J.-JONES, F. R., Durban, April 26.
UPTON, W.-JONES, A. M., Durban, April 26.

CARBUTT, F. L., Mattannana's Kloof, April 23, aged 29.
DALRYMPLE-On May 23, at Beira, East Africa, of enteric fever, Alan, younger son of William Charles Dalyrmple, Esq., of 135, Amhurst Road, London, N.E., aged 32.
GEDGE-On May 19, at Southampton, Percy Aubrey Gedge, of Lydenburg, Transvaal, only child of the late J. K. and of Mary Denham Gedge, of 78, Farleigh Road, Stoke Newington, N., aged 30.
HAMILTON-On May 1, at Tweedie Hall, Natal, of typhoid fever, James White Hamilton, aged 31.
JULYAN, B. S. O., Ladysmith, April 17, aged 22.
MARR, W. D., Umgeni, April 22, aged 16.
PIKE, C., Durban, April 29.
TUPPER-On May 19, at Base Hospital, Maritzburg, of enteric fever, Richmond Brock Tupper (South African Light Horse), eldest surviving son of the late Richmond Tupper and of Mrs. Tupper, of Hamlet House, Coggeshall, Essex, in his 22nd year.
WATSON-On May 20, killed near Vryheid, South Africa, Samuel Watson (Bethune's Mounted Infantry), aged 28, son of the late Isaac Watson, 364, North Woodside Road, Glasgow.

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