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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1900 4 October - December

6 October 1900

ALDRIDGE, Mrs. J., Greyville, September 3, a son.
ANDERSON, Mrs. W. G., Durban, August 31, a daughter.
BALLINGER, Mrs. F., Cape Town, September 4, a son.
CARNELLY, Mrs. A., Durban, August 29, a daughter.
CROOKES, Mrs. S. F., Durban, August 30, a son.
GEILS, Mrs. J. B., Greyville, August 31, a son.
HAWKINS, Mrs. G. H., Woodstock, September 6, a daughter.
JOHNSON, Mrs. E. A., East London, August 17, a son.
KING-On September 29, at 8, Waverley Road, Southsea, the wife of R. P. H. King, of Johannesburg, of a daughter.
MYERS, Mrs. J., Cape Town, September 4, a son.
NICHOLL, Mrs. A., Woodstock, September 3, twins (son and daughter).
REILLY, Mrs. W. E., Durban, September 2, a son.
SCHARMBERG, Mrs. H., Maitland, Sept. 3, a daughter.
STEVENS-On October 1, at Victoria, Rhodesia, the wife (nee Rosa Soper) of H. E. Stevens, of a son.
WEEKS, Mrs. G. E., Durban, Sept. 1, a daughter.
WILL, Mrs. R. H., Cape Town, September 6, a son.

ASHBY, J. A.-STEYTLER, F. M., Cape Town, Sept. 4.
BURRARD-ARMSTRONG-On August 28, at St. Peter's Cathedral, Pietermaritzburg, by the Rev. W. V. D. Beresford, Harry George, Captain Army Service Corps, youngest son of the late Colonel Sidney Burrard, Grenadier Guards, to Mabel, elder daughter of the late Major-General Charles Armstrong, Bengal Staff Corps.
CROSBY, H. B.-PIKE, A., Durban, August 30.
DOMMISSE, Rev. E.-ROBERTSON, L., Petrusburg, August 28.
GORDGE, W. W.-CURRIE, A. S., Durban, August 28.
HIGGO, W. G.-DANCE, A. M., Cape Town, Sept. 8.
PRINS, W.-ROOS, G., Somerset West, September 3.
SMITH, A.-LOWDEN, E. M., Cape Town, Sept. 6.
STARTUP, J. C.-WIDDICOMBE, E., Eliot, Cape Colony, August 29.
UNSWORTH-MCCUBBIN-On September 26, at the Parish Church, West Derby, Liverpool, by the Rev. P. Stewart, M.A., vicar, assisted by the Rev. R. Unsworth, M.A., brother of the bridegroom, John, eldest son of the late John Unsworth, of Litherland Mount, Litherland, to Elizabeth Steven, eldest daughter of Alderman Hugh McCubbin, Millbank House, West Derby, Liverpool.
WATT-CROTTY-On October 4, at St. Martin's-in-Fields, London, by the Rev. J.
Thompson, 56, Bloomsbury Street, John Watt, Manager of the Bank of Africa, Limited, Durban, Natal, to Kathleen Crotty (nee Gordon), late of Yallambee, Harcourt Street, Auburn, Melbourne.
WINDER, R.-GARDINER, M. C., Wynberg, Sept. 6.

BURKE, P., Simonstown, September 5, aged 68.
DAVISON-On August 18, at Sterkstroom, South Africa, William Davison (late of Edward, Davison and Co., Glasgow), beloved husband of Maggie MacArthur, 17, Endsleigh Gardens, Glasgow.
FORD, A. E., Bloemfontein, aged 21.
HAINES-On August 21, at Salisbury, Rhodesia (suddenly), Kenneth James Haines, aged 23 years, stepson of Frank G. Haines, of 70, Seymour Place, Bryanston Square, deeply mourned and regretted.
HENDERSON, Mrs. G. P., Cape Town, Sept. 7, aged 81.
HOFFMAN, Mrs. F. P., Cape Town, Sept. 2, aged 31.
KENT-SMITH, Mrs. W. R., Addington, August 30, aged 41.
MELLER, G. H., Durban, August 30, aged 27.
MOGUS, A., Cape Town, September 4, aged 49.
POLLITT, M., Woodstock, September 6, aged 25.
PYNE-On September 1, at Halesowen, Cape Colony, of pneumonia, Arthur Augustine Pyne, younger son of the late Lieutenant George Pyne, R.N., aged 45.
THORNHILL, G. M., Ladysmith, August 31, aged 69.
THORNHILL, Mrs. G. M., Ladysmith, Sept. 4, aged 68.
WALKER, W., Durban, August 30, aged 32.
WORRALL, J., Woodstock, September 3, aged 50.
WOUDBERG, P. S., Cape Town, Sept. 9, aged 73.

3 November 1900

ADAMS, Mrs. C. F., Eshowe, September 26, a son.
ARNOLD, Mrs. P. M. T., Cape Town, Sept. 28, a son.
BIGGS, Mrs. W., Cape Town, October 2, a son.
BROWNE, Mrs. H. H., Durban, Sept. 28, a daughter.
COX, Mrs. W., Durban, October 2, a son.
DOWLING-On October 28, at 24, Mount Park Road, Ealing, the wife of S. B. Dowling, of Johannesburg, of a son.
ELLIOTT, Mrs. E., Cape Town, Sept. 30, a son.
GIBBONS, Mrs. W. J., Cape Town, October 1, a son.
GOODWIN, Mrs. W. T., Durban, October 1, a son.
HOLM, Mrs. C., Cape Town, Sept. 29, a daughter.
KIDNEY, Mrs. J., Mowbray, September 30, a daughter.
MIDDLEBROOK-On October 27, at Durban, Natal, Mrs. Harold Middlebrook, of a daughter.
RACHMANN, Mrs. J., Durban, Sept. 28, a daughter.
RANDALL, Mrs. W. L., Claremont, Sept. 28, a son.
REYNOLDS, Mrs. A., Sir Lowry's Pass, Oct. 1, a son.
SEARLE, Mrs. J. A., Cape Town, Oct. 1, a daughter.
STEEDMAN, Mrs. J. J., Durban, September 26, a son.
TEWSON, Mrs. H. S., Cape Town, Oct. 2, a daughter.
WALKER, Mrs. P., Durban, September 26, a son.
WAUGH, Mrs. E. J., Woodstock, September 30, a son.
WILSON, Mrs. W. R., Durban, September 24, a son.

CHEVES, R.-DONALDSON, M. S., Durban, October 4.
CLARKE, F.-JONES, A., Cape Town, October 4.
COOK, R.-HARRIMAN, J. N., Cape Town, October 1.
DEN, J. D.-GIRD, M. M. B., Salt River, October 3.
EDWARDS, W. M.-EMMETT, G. M., Ceres, Oct. 4.
GRACE, F. L.-RUSSELL, J. J., Mowbray, October 2.
INCE, J. S.-MEIN, E., Cape Town, October 2.
LEWIS, C. W.-ST. JOHN-SHARPE, G., Eshowe, September 30.
MATHESON, D.-PRIDDLE, E. M. I., Tamboer's Kloof, October 4.
SHULDHAM-PERKINS-On October 27, at St. Mark's Church, Bath, Sidney Arthur Naunton, son of Colonel A. J. Shuldham, Upper Norwood, to Florence Kate, daughter of the late A. Perkins, Esq., of Cape Town.
STETSON, E. H.-DORT, H. C., Cape Town, Sept. 28.
TAYLOR, J.-JOHNS, E. L., Cape Town, October 3.
THOMAS, W. H.-TIMEWELL, M. J., Durban, Sept. 27.
WATKINS, C.-PILLING, A. E., Bulawayo, Sept. 18.
WEIR, P. V.-HEYMAN, A. B. M., Cape Town, Oct. 4.
WYNN, J. T. N.-GALLAUGHAR, A. C., Woodstock, October 4.

ASSMUTH, C., Muizenberg, October 1.
AYLEN-On October 21, at sea, off St. Vincent, of enteric fever contracted in South Africa while serving with the C.I.V., Frederic Nance, the eldest son of Frederic M. Aylen, of 73, Victoria Road North, Southsea, aged 23. Would any of his comrades of the F Company knowing of his illness kindly communicate with his father?
BOSTOCK-On September 25, at Durban, Natal, Thomas Bostock, of Roodepoort, Transvaal (late Secretary of the Roodepoort Sporting Club), sixth son of the late Edward Robe Bostock, of London and Victoria, Australia, aged 37.
CAFFYN, R. W., Klip Drift, August 20.
CLIFFORD-On August 19, at sea, on board the s.s. Monterey, from New Orleans to Cape Town, Leigh, son of the late George Clifford.
CURRIE-On October 4, at Maritzburg, Winifred Jessie, daughter of Oswald James and Sara Currie, aged seven months.
DOUGLAS, E. M., Port Elizabeth, October 2, aged 34.
ERRIDGE, W., Mowbray, October 3.
GLASS, A., Durban, October 1, aged 62.
HAMILTON-On October 23, at Kroonstad, the result of an accident, Thomas Hamilton, aged 22, (of Glasgow Postal Telegraphs), beloved and eldest son of William and Helen Hamilton, 85, Taylor Street, Glasgow.
HENRY, G., New Somerset, October 3.
HESSLEWOOD, G., Durban, October 1, aged 77.
JOHNSTON-On October 24, at 29, Coltbridge Avenue, Glasgow, Janet Paterson, wife of Robert Johnston, sculptor, and youngest daughter of the late William Paterson, Allanton, Berwickshire, aged 55.
KATE, J., Somerset West, October 4, aged 82.
MCKENZIE, Miss C., Dundee, Natal, September 20.
MOORE, A. G., Glendale Estate, Natal, September 26, aged 70.
PIXLEY, Mrs. L. H., Lindley Mission Station, Natal, September 30, aged 67.
REGGS, I., New Somerset, September 30, aged 48.
SMAIL-On October 25, killed in action at Jacobsdal, Robert Smail, of B Company, Cape Town Highlanders (Volunteers), son of the late Thomas Smail, Inspector of Poor, Jedburgh, aged 34.
SMALL-On October 29, at West Hampstead, Eliza Ann, widow of Charles James Small, of South Africa and Berk Street, aged 63.
WARDEN, C. F., Durban, October 1, aged 63.
WENTZELL, W. F., Stellenbosch, Sept. 30, aged 70.

LLOYD-On October 31, 1899, Frank Russell Lloyd, son of Dr. S. Lloyd, 60, Bloomsbury Street, killed in battle at Mafeking.


    In the midst of the rejoicings on the arrival of the C.I.V. in London came the sad intelligence of the death of the Queen's grandson, communicated by Her Majesty in one of those sympathetic messages that go straight to the heart of the nation. The message to the C.I.V. contained the following personal note of sorrow: "I, alas, myself have to grieve for the loss of a dear and most gallant grandson, who, like so many of your companions, has served and died for his Queen and country." It was characteristic of Her Majesty's thoughtful consideration that she did not hasten to make known the sorrowful tidings she had received. By her special desire, concurred in by the Prince of Wales and Prince Christian's father and mother, the news was kept back for some time, so as not to throw a premature gloom over the day's jubilation. The sad intelligence had been communicated in a message from Lord Roberts: "Prince Christian has just passed quietly away." The face of the Prince's illness was announced by the War Office only last week. It had been the intention of Princess Christian to travel to the metropolis to join in London's welcome to the C.I.V., but news of the Prince's death was received at Cumberland Lodge before Her Royal Highness had left her home, and all her engagements were immediately cancelled. The following expression of the Queen's sorrow was issued with the Court Circular on Monday night:--"The Queen had this afternoon the grief of receiving from Lord Roberts the intelligence that her beloved grandson Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein had succumbed to the attack of malarial and enteric fever from which he had been suffering since the 10th of this month. The Queen deeply mourns the loss of so dear a grandson and brilliant officer of great promise. She suffers doubly in the grief of his afflicted parents and family who were so devoted to him. The Prince, who was born at Windsor Castle, was in his 34th year, and was universally loved and respected. He had taken part in the whole campaign, and had gone through the greatest hardships and dangers. The Queen and all her family were looking forward to his happy return when suddenly his life is thus cut short."
    His Highness Prince Christian Victor Albert Ludwig Ernest Anton of Schlweswig-Holstein was the eldest child and elder son of Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. He was born on April 14, 1867, and received his education at Wellington College and Magdalen College, Oxford. Like so many other cadets of the Royal House, Prince Christian Victor decided to adopt a military career, and accordingly he entered the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, remaining there until 1888, when he received a commission as Second Lieutenant in the King's Royal Rifle Corps. Two years later he was promoted to be lieutenant, and in 1896 became captain with the brevet rank of major. His war service had been considerable. He served with the Hazara Expedition in 1891 as orderly officer to Major-General Elles, commanding the force, for which he was mentioned in despatches and received the medal and clasp; also in the Miranzai Expedition of the same year with the first battalion of his corps, including the engagements at Sangar and Mastan (clasp); and in 1892 in the Isazai Expedition. Again when, in 1895, it was found necessary to dispatch a force to Ashanti against King Prempeb, His Highness volunteered his services and was made Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Sir Francis Scott, who commanded the expedition. Another Royal member of the expedition, it may be remembered, was the late Prince Henry of Battenberg, who contracted malarial fever on the march to Kumassi and died on his way home to England. For his services in the Ashanti Expedition Prince Christian Victor received the Star and promotion to the brevet rank of major. He also served with the Soudan Expedition under Lord Kitchener in 1898 as Staff officer to the troops on board the gunboat flotilla, took part in the bombardment of the forts of Omdurman, and was present at the great battle which crushed the power of the Khalifa. For this he was mentioned in despatches, and given the Fourth Class of the Osmanieh, the British medal, and the Khedive's medal with clasp. In October last the Prince was gazetted for special service on the Staff of Lord Roberts in South Africa. He was a Knight of Justice of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, a Grand Cross of the Bath (conferred on him in 1890), and a Grand Cross of the Royal Victoria Order (1898).
    The late Prince was buried on Thursday at Pretoria. Simultaneously, memorial services were held at Crathie Parish Church in presence of the Queen, at St.George's Chapel, Windsor Castle-where the Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Christian, and other members of the Royal family were present-and at the Chapel Royal, St. James's where the congregation included the Duke of Cambridge, Lord Salisbury, the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Lord Chancellor and Lady Halsbury, and many members of the Diplomatic Body. Prince and Princess Christian are anxious it should be known that on leaving for South Africa more than a year ago their dear son expressed the wish that should he die during the campaign he should be laid to rest among his comrades.

1 December 1900

BOUSTRED, Mrs. W. R., Durban, Oct. 25, a daughter.
BURTON, Mrs. H., Aliwal North, Nov. 2, a son.
CLARK, Mrs. G. A., Cape Town, Oct. 23, a daughter.
FRIESLAAR, Mrs. J. J., Simonstown, Nov. 1, a son.
GIBOSN, Mrs. J. A., Kenilworth, Oct. 31, a daughter.
LEWIN, Mrs. W., Greyville, October 24, a son.
LYON, Mrs. W. G., Dundee, Oct. 27, a daughter.
MACKAY, Mrs. T. H., Durban, Oct. 26, a daughter.
MANCHESTER, Mrs. I., Cape Town, October 30, a son.
MIDDLEBROOK, Mrs. H., Durban, Oct. 27, a daughter.l
MILLER, Mrs. W. N., Durban, Oct. 28, a daughter.
MORTI MER, Mrs. A. B., Knysna, Nov. 3, a son.
MUDIE, Mrs. C. J., Maritzburg, October 28, a son.
RYAN, Mrs. W. T., Durban, October 25, a daughter.
STEPHENSON-On November 28, at the Rectory, Dromore, Co. Down, Ireland, the wife of Rev. G. A. Stephenson, LL.D., of a son.
STEVENS-On November 22, at Teya-teyaneng, Basutoland, the wife of George Lovell Stevens, of a son. (By cable.)
TOMLIN, Mrs. D. J., Jammarsberg Drift, O.R.C., October 26, a son.
WEBB, Mrs. G. W., Cape Town, Oct. 30, a daughter.

ANZIANI-DAVIES-On November 19, at Pisa, Nobile Giovanni Anziani, Tenente, 25th Regiment of Infantry in the Italian Army, quartered at Pisa, to Clotilde, widow of the late Herbert E. M. Davies, late of 12, Hyde Park Gardens, and of Herringswell, Suffolk.
BRICKHILL, P. C.-GIBSON, M. I., Mooi River, Oct. 24.
COSSER-FRASER-On October 27, at Gwelo, Rhodesia, by the Bishop of Mashonaland, Arthur Walter, eldest son of S. A. Cosser, to Inga, daughter of J. Fraser.
COUSINS, C. W.-MURRAY, E., Cape Town, Oct. 31.
DORAN, C. H.-STEWART, M. E., Cape Town, Oct. 24.
GIBSON, H.-EDMONDS, M. S., Cape Town, Oct. 31.
HIMES, A. P.-COHEN, M., Cape Town, November 1.
HUNTLEY, A. J.-WARE, F. E., Cape Town, Oct. 31.
HYBINETT, A. R.-FREIMOND, C., Cape Town, October 23.
THORNTON, P. G.-MCNAMARA, E. M., Woodstock, October 24.
TREMEWAN, H. E.-BAILEY, F. E., Muizenberg, October 31.
WATERHOUSE, J.-GREETHAM, E. M., Cape Town, November 3.
WOODS, C.-HARDEN, M., Rondebosch, October 30.
ZUMBUSCH, L.-STOBIE, E., Durban, October 27.

BESSELL, H. S. G., Cape Town, October 30, aged 30.
BURGESS, W., Estcourt, Natal, Oct. 24, aged 29.
CRIBB-On November 7, at Bloemfontein, Ronald Hy. Cribb, Imperial Light Horse, aged 30, second son of the late Arthur J. Cribb, M.D., of Highbury, and of Mrs. Cribb, of Merstone, Haslemere.
CROESER, C. E. R., Malmesbury, Nov. 2, aged 47.
KEENAN, Mrs. J., Estcourt, October 26, aged 38.
KETTLE-On November 27, in South Africa, the Rev. Alfred Cooke Kettle, M.A., St. John's College, Oxford, third son of the late Sir Rupert Kettle.
LOUW, C. J. J., Paarl, October 30, aged 61.
LOUW, J. A. L., Newlands, October 31, aged 38.
MORILLY, C., Woodstock, aged 74.
MORRIS, E., Tafelberg, Cape Colony, October 19.
PARKER-On September 1, at Aliwal North, David Parker, late of Mann, Byars, and Co. Glasgow.
PEARSE, Mrs. S., Maritzburg, October 22, aged 77.
POPE, H. W., Jacobsdal, aged 26.
ROUX, D. J., Rondebosch, November 1.
SIM-On November 23, at The Hill, Colinton Road, Edinburgh, Patrick Sim, late of Kimberley.
STEWART, Mrs. M., Cape Town, November 2.
STOCKDALE, C. N., Rondebosch, Oct. 30, aged 17.
THORPE-DAVIS, H., Mowbray, November 1, aged 43.
THROSSELL, W., Durban, October 27, aged 72.
WEST, J., Ladysmith, October 25, aged 76.
WHITE, Mrs. A., Durban, October 27, aged 36.
WILKINSON, Miss E. I., Durban, October 25.
WILSON-On November 17, at Kroonstad, of enteric fever, James J. Wilson, second son of Peter G. Wilson, 5, Roseneath Street, Edinburgh, aged 21.

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